Saturday, December 16, 2006

Esther & Jay's Christmas Card

Esther & Jay don't have my blog yet either ;0)
This is their Christmas card using the same stamp as Denise's. Just goes to show you how different techniques can create completely antithetical looks.
Charles picked the colours. The Scan is an odd one; the ribbon is actually a light Burgundy (as are the eyelets and the thin mat). You can't see it in the scan, but the white area is textured and has dazzling diamonds sparkling all over it (adhered with heat'n'stick powder). Feels Christmas-y.

We're looking forward to visiting with Charles's family after our romantic birthday get-away in Ucluelet visit this link to see our cabin 3:
Wish we were loaded, so we could fly all my family from Ontario and have a BIG party there! (after our three days alone, of course) ;-)



Mary Rose Gurica said...

wish you were loaded too but you are with talent and the love shines isn't always the you too , mom a.k.a. lady