Friday, September 14, 2007

Smooth Sailing: little notecard

This is a practice card (like a little maquette for a bigger better version.) It wants to be a real card when it grows up. ;0)

This tiny little sailboat (which can be found here) captivates me so much that I wanted to have to stand alone. The water stamps offer a really easy way to add fine detail. The boat was stamped in black Stazon so it didn't bleed when water-coloured. (Gotta get me some watercolour paper, though, 'cause plain cardstock buckles/bubbles and drives me bonkers!)

I'm not too pleased with the phrase (it stands out too much and becomes the focal point.) I think I might use my tiny rough edges alphabet to stamp out the "Smooth..." of 'smooth sailing' so it's more subtle and looks like newsprint. Also, next time I'll be fussier about what the newspaper says. This one talks abut "weeks in the lead up to the Fall TV season" BLAH! Nothing relaxing about that!


Corie said...

This card is just stunning!!

Erin K said...

this is beautiful, I love the text print in the layering. :)

Princess Matilda said...

I love this card! To make the sentiment less the focal point, try dulling it. Maybe rub black ink (or grey) over it, make it not so shiny?

Melissa McCarthy said...

Dulling the sentiment is a brilliant! I would have never thought of that;I'll have to try it. Right now. ;0) Mel