Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Digital Grooviness (enabler alert: digi shopping is highly addictive!)

Thought I'd share a couple of miscellaneous snippets of digital thingies I've started on & haven't had time to finish. (One is a sneak peek for my project for this week's Cuttlebug Challenge Blog, but I'm not tellin' which one, hehehe. ;o) Can't wait to show You the whole thing!) :-D

[By the by, if it matters, I'm not part of these design teams or anything, I just like this stuff muchly (and had to buy it, because I am crazy for the instant bliss of digital downloads. Plus doesn't it feel great to support artistes?) ] :O)

1...Emma Mermaid by Fred She Said
2...Mark's Paper digital kits: Old Fashioned Courtship
3...My Grafico - Zenware Circus & other nifty digis
4...For multiple project starters: ziplock baggie project organizing


Tracey (also famously know as Fred She Said) is SO ultra talented! I love this little face (though I think I made her a tad splotchy-she forgot sunscreen. YA that's it!) ;o) Aren't her wavy hair & her mermaid tail perfection? Emma mermaid has all kinds of cutie patootie buddies that I can't wait to print & colour. The beading was a hoot & I have a shaped card in mind for her home.

I also had to buy some Fred Flowers & Paper Pricking Patterns, 'cause who can resist!?! :O)


Old fashioned Courtship (the red one) :O)

Saw this flower in that Mark's Paper kit and had to get my hands on it. It comes in red (hot) when you buy the digi set, but is easily converted to black & white (even if you just print it that way.) I horsed around with gel medium on the blooms and vellum over DP. Love the big papers that come in the kit reduced to print card-sized too.


Thanks to Martha, I just re-discovered My Grafico. They have some hip designs! I had to buy and this sweet circus set (linked up there)--The seal & elerphant made me do it! Also, I clearly needed zis stunning floral panel & zeese Chandelier lovelies.

Are you a-scared of digital? Don't worry. They have 3 pages of gorgeous high quality freebies here. Not intimidated by digis? They're having a contest too.

The My Grafico blog shows off all their goodies.

Project Storage:

This is cheap, but it sure has made me cheerful! I've started collecting the elements of all the projects I start & don't get around to finishing up (in big ziplock baggies.) They hold large format cards and 6x6 papers nicely & all the bits for each individual project are in one spot.

Best part, of course, is that none of the weensy parts get lost & you can put them aside to finish later. Waiting is so helpful for me, since I often rush a layout in the heat of the moment, and then I'm not happy with it. (Layouts frusterpate me to no end!) I keep them stacked in this Ikea paper organizer.

Hope there was somethink interestink in here for Ya!


Anonymous said...

hi mel glad to see you are still at it plz call,lady

Kryssi said...

Aww thanks Mel!! You have no idea how much your words mean to me! I was feeling so lost and discouraged when I started crafting again just 2 weeks ago!! I even thougth about quitting, lol!! I'm always a huge fan of your work, of course!!! Thanks and hugs again!!

Maria said...

Hey Mel! How ya' doing! Finally found my way back to your blog! Ugggh! I have been neglectful with commenting on blogs. . it's either I create a card or comment. . .not much time to do both nowadays!

I've been using digital images often lately as well. I still love stamping but it's fun to have a stock pile of digital images.

That mermaid is a cutie! Lovely job with your coloring. I'm the same way . . .I have stuff I colored, stuff I created that I didn't quite like and have been collecting them in crop folders. Once in a while, I'll go through them and use them. . .like a year later. LOL!

Hope you're doing well!!

Kim said...

Wow this is all great enabling. I have never seen the freebies at my grafico - off to download :) Thanks for the organization tips too.

freckleface said...

Hey mel, some one left me a comment on docrafts about your miss anya haircut!! ive looked through your blog and decided your as mad as cheese therefor i need to follow you closely lol you have such a fab attitude and your work is very inspiring, thanks for just being you , love Debs x x x

PaperTree Designs said...

Hiya Mel,
Wanted to say thank you for the digial freebie a few posts back. I combined it with a digi stamp I made and thought I would stop back to say Hi and thanks!
Hugs from Australia

Cindy Haffner said...

Hi Mel, Love love love your work you rock!!!

Stamping Mutt said...

Love those digi images you colored in...can't wait to see the finished product! I use ziplock bags too if I wasn't able to finish a project. I put all of my cardstock scraps in one bag and patterned paper in another bag until I can sort them by color and manufacturer at a later date. I also use it for digi images that did not come out the size I wanted for a project to use for something else.

Glad you are feeling better these days!

Alma =)

Susan (rainy) said...

Love all these cutie images and fun! The mermaid is so adorable. And you cracked me up with the sunscreen comment! lol Thanks for sharing so many great ideas.

Anonymous said...

If you like digital check out He has a freebie every Wednesday! Otherwise the images are only $2.50 each or sold in sets at a discount. He comes out with stuff every week!! :)

Thanks for always sharing all of your great finds and ideas!

Charlene said...

Just found Fred she said...I'm still learning how to manipulate the digis but love the ability to do so...Your mermaid ROCKS! Hope your head has stopped hurting.