Friday, October 30, 2009

Random links & Stuff :o)=

A project peek:

(Well to be honest, it's more of a "when-will-the-sun-come-out?-I-burned-myself-all-badly-on-a-lamp -taking-photos-on-this-dark-day-Had-a-sucky-baby-moment-Gave-up-and-posted-this-close-up-photo" peek. ROFLaughing at my clumsy self.)

Wanna win stuff?
Patricia and the Gang have lots of Anniversary surprises
over at Paper Temptress!

Cathy's having a bling challenge at Paper Garden Projects.

...and Uh Oh Enabler Alert:
Purple Onion's overstock sale has LOTs of goodies!
You can read about the sale here & see all the goodies on sale here
(And their new stamps are here! With an introductory special.)

Linkage of Crafting Genius:
(random things that are SO clever!)
Happy Halloween weekend! If you celebrate Halloween, I hope you have some delightful frightful fun!


Gabriele said...

Hi Mel and thanks for all these links... I think, they`ll make my Saturday and half of the Sunday *gg*.
And... this close up embellishment is sooo brilliant again!
Hope both of you are a bit better,

Beth Norman said...

Me, you are such a darling to link up my tutorial. Thank you from the bottom of my heart GF!

Dawn said...

mmmm, that's a beautiful medallion! sorry to hear about your lighting experience...may you have SUNSHINE today =)

tinac said...

oh I can not get the fabric link to work for me... thanks for all the other links.

martha velasco prieto. said...

muy bello!!me gusta,es un adorno para el arbol?se ve hermoso, gracias por tus bellos tutoriales!

Kim Nath said...

Hope the sun comes out for you soon! Love that snowflake thingy, want to see more!

Betty Benton said...

So sorry to hear that you burned yourself -- heal quickly, please! That medallion is absolutely gorgeous -- can't wait to see the final project!

Warm n Wonderful said...

Thanks so much for gathering all this wonderful information. I love links, and spend way too much time checking them out.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Wow-a peek? I'll be DROOLING over the real deal I'm SURE! This looks gorgeous! Hope you are on the mend? Thinking of you!

Merry said...

Love the look of the peek. Thanks so much for those fantastic links.

Wendy K. said...

That's a beautiful snowflake! I'd love to see a how-to!