Sunday, November 1, 2009

Caardvarks Creative Cuts & More tag card (& tag) Pictorial

Here's that pictorial for the tag card
(in today's Caardvarks' Creative Cuts & More Blog hop.)

You can catch the hop & a couple more ideas for this
die cut tag card in this post (if ya missed it).

Caardvarks CCM tag card mel stampz

It has trees made from collage paper & a bunch of beading. I really love the tag shape of the Creative Cuts & More die-cut tag card...

...the smaller tag that comes with the CCM die cut made a handy dandy tag
on the inside--tied into the card, as a wee gifty:

Caardvarks CCM tag card inside mel stampz

Please click these if you'd like to see the details more close up:

I'll have a pictorial for this later this evening,
if you want to pop back in sometime.

...tag inside a tag card:

CCM Card base, paper, & embellishments:
  • Buggle beads & seed beads, swarovski crystals
  • Needle & thread, organza ribbon
  • Fringe is made with cut pieces of embroidery thread
  • Tombow monomulti & double-sided tape
for the trees (collage paper made with):
  • White cardstock, Book text, & sewing pattern
  • Mod podge
  • White acrylic paint & brush
  • Quickie glue pen (Sakura) & Martha Stewart glitter

Step 1} Trace the tag card onto a piece of cardstock & cut out the shape. Add patterned papers (a background for the sky & a torn piece for the hill.)

[If you don't want to sew, you can skip the tracing part & simply cover the card front. That step just gives you a way to hide the stitching.]

Step 2} Cut triangle pieces for trees and glue them on. (These were made by gluing book text paper and a sewing pattern--with mod podge--and painted with a little white acrylic paint.)

Step 3} Pierce a line along the snow (for the buggle beading).

Step 4} Thread a needle (make sure it's not too big to fit in your beads--been there done that) ;o) Adhere the end of the thread to the back of the tag shape and....

Step 5} Sew on the buggle beads.

Step 6} Pierce holes for beads of snow.

Turning over to look at the back is a good way to really see if you like the eveness of the piercing:

On this tag (for the inside of the card) I pierced randomly. But on the front of the card, I pierced the blue dots in the patterned paper.

Step 7} Stitch on the seed beads:

A) Come up the front of the cardstock with your needle & thread
B) Place bead on your needle
C) Go back down the same hole you came up. :o)

Step 8} To glitter, write around the edge of your trees with a quickie glue pen.

Step 9} Glitter the glue. (In hindsight it'd be less messy if I did this step before the trees were actually on the card, but I didn't think of that until after.) ;o)

Step 10} If you're messy, like moi, brush off extra glitter...

Step 11} If you're really messy & glitter bits are stuck on the glue, a pair of scissors works well to gently scrape it off.

Here's the messy back of the stitching & the fringe detail:

Step 12} Add a fringe:

A) Cut a bunch of pieces of embroidery thread
B) Apply a strip of good double-sided tape to the bottom of the back of your card mat
C) Stick the embroidery thread pieces to the tape
D) Adhere the card mat to the tag die cut shape
E) Trim the threads with a nice sharp pair of scissors:

The neat thing is that you can make this embroidery trim as long or as
short as you like & all kinds of colours.

Step 13} Adhere crystals to the tops of the trees.

On the card front, I added crystals in the sky too:

Caardvarks CCM tag card Detail mel stampz

And that's it... :o)

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Anonymous said...

Your creations are amazing!! Just beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

martha velasco prieto. said...

una hermosisima card!me encanta el tema y sobre todo que cosiste con canutillos !tiene un toque vintage que me encanta!gracias por el tutorial!

Jan Scholl said...

I'm too lazy to do all the beading as pretty as it is. But the glittery trees are what reall caught my eye. I really like that as even a backdrop behind a colored image. I will be trying that for sure.

Kathlene said...

Omigoodness, this card is just PERFECTION! I love everything about it--the trees are beautiful, the beading is an awesome touch and (oh my) the fringe. I so love all your work, Mel and appreciate all the time you put into sharing. You are too generous, but we love you for it.

Mari said...

You know Mel, I just love everything you do....
But this, *this* was just the very best thing EVER.
I can't even really say what it is that pushes it over the top for me. Perhaps the colors? The beading? The text type paper that I would never have thought to use that way? Those gorgeous trees with glitter? Dunno.
What I do know is that you're genius. Pure, unadulterated genius.

Leslie Hanna said...

Good Gawd, but that is a lotta work! I applaud your patience. I am much more of an instant gratification gal. ;-)

Holly Young said...

oh Mel, so many things about this I love! First of all I love the jeweled snowflakes, and the trees are really cool looking! You have such patience when you craft!

Unknown said...

Your creations are amazing and your tutorials are fantastic!

Meda said...

Thank you Mel, I am going to try and case this one :P
I think I only managed this "performance" twice in my cardmaking life. I really love the color scheme, the vintage look and the sewing is just something that works so well for me!

kksb said...

Wow Mel!!
Your work is incredible!
I find myself in awe of your skills and imagination. I am almost textless! Love it all.

Michelle Wedemeyer said...

One word....Wow! Okay, two more. Love it!

lilscrappers said...

I am sure that I missed this post the first time. Phenomenal work! I am going to try embroidery fringes once I master the beading thing....and get a needle that works, heehee. Thanks Mel for being so willing to share what you do so well.