Thursday, February 18, 2010

And now we bring you... today's short delay (Google storage for Blogger) ;o)

Ooops! Hit the big wall of photo-overload again!
That time of year, I guess...

(Time to pay for the Google storage again, so that Blogger will let me upload photos.) I have to wait for our credit card update info to process before I can post that Squigglefly tutorial.... harumph! ;o) It's always something, isn't it? Well, it keeps life from getting dull, hey? And is sure is worth it for the techno-magic of getting to hang out with you guys!

So, here's a sneak peek of one of the steps of making the card:

The image is Squigglefly's Baby Bathing.

Hope you're having the happiest of Thursdays!


Dawn said...

bummer! I can tell it's going to be another Melvolous card!!!

Kim Etherington said...

Ultra fab colouring and love the details from the tiled floor to the 3d look of the water on the floor. Those stickers are hot!

JAN said...

wow this card is amazing i am stunned at all the hard work you put in to perfect this fabulous creation..

Noreen said...

Wow! Your details are great!

Anonymous said...

So cute Mel! Love the towel, tile, basket and bubble details!!! Adoroable! Mary

Anonymous said...

wow! you are very artistic =)
i hope to see more cards from you =)

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Godelieve said...

How SUPER cute! Love every detail! The hair made me smile ;)
You have the best ideas!