Friday, January 25, 2008

Two RAKs. How Lucky am I? AND Technique Junkies Newsletter!!!

Yesterday was a formidable day for mail. I received my beauty of a secret Sister card and this gorgeous card too! *GUSH* It's made by Pat Huntoon (of Technique Junkies Newsletter fame.) :0) I got the newsletter too. I've heard a lot about it and drooled over the idea of a subscription; now that I have one I can see for myself what all the fuss is about: it is really an incredible resource. I thought I'd at least heard of all the techniques out there (though not tried most of them...) NOPE!

Don't you ADORE this layout with the funky d.p., the fresh colours, the sweet details of stitching, the bag, and the glittery centered blooms on the bottom? I'm super flattered that this card is made with my magic patterns technique. I was ecstatically shocked when Pat asked me if she could feature the technique it in her newsletter. I still can't believe it! My first "publication." And I certainly didn't expect to get such a stunning card with my subscription! I can't wait to start trying the techniques in the newsletter...

Thanks Pat! You made my year!


Alhambra Club said...

This card is great.

Maria said...

Hi Mel!

Lucky you to receive such a lovely card. I was looking into subscribing to the Technique Junkie newsletter! I haven't done so yet but I think I will soon!

The card is fabulous and congratulations that your technique will be published!! Whoohoo!

Your SBS2 sis,