Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've been bitten!!!.... (239 things you can do with your Cuttlebug / Big Shot and counting...)

Unique techniques with a Cuttlebug
(or a Big Shot or other embossing/die-cut machine)

This is a Simple card, no fancy tricks (details below),
BUT here is nifty trick or two that you can do:

Provocraft Blog (info on new product)
Stack Matrix (Lots of Sandwiches for the Bug)

Click the pictures or linksto go to those tutorials/posts :O)
The newest tutorials are at the bottom of the list.

The ones with the photo thumbnails are my posts. I update the list every so often, but please forgive any doubles--'the old gray matter ain't what she used to be'; my memory's failing, LOL.

My #1 favourite thing to do with a Cuttlebug Machine...

...make homemade embossing folders from cereal box cardboard
(and emboss with them using a tan rubber mat)
Click to see photo tutorials

You can also make real embossing folders with the Provocraft Kit
& a Cricut digital cutting machine.

Pressure Embossing ink Resist tutorial:
Pressure emboss resist lanterns mel stampz

And some examples here:
bats in the window card mel stampz...&...lamp hanging pin hole stars mel stampz

How to use thickers (foam alphabet stickers) as an
ultra affordable reversed background stamp to get heat-
emboss alphabet on pressure embossed cardstock:
Skipping Stones Designs HB small

Cut out pressure embossing pictorial

(and general embossing pointers)

And another cut out
pressure embossing example:

Acrylic paint fresco tutorial
(over copic or with ink wash):

Bold Copic colouring with paint,
sanding, & clear heat-embossing (tutorial):

Embossed fresco flower tutorial:
(embossing, colouring, painting...)

Glassy Cuttlebug technique:caardvarks Studio Calico TUESday melstampz

1. Use a rolling pin on embossing folders if you have no cuttlebug
2. Or Valita found out a pasta machine works with embossing folders!
3. Distress it with ink (on the poppy card above: white craft ink)
4. Emboss Ribbon & transparencies! (Video) (I'm going to use laundry spray starch-since that's what I have)
5. Put chalk ink on the folder, Lovely!
6. Partial cuttlebug technique (instructions)
7. Hammer your embossed page to distress
8. Layer your embossing
9. Faux Watercolour & then emboss

11. Cuttlebug Crayon resist (faux metal look):
Tutorial .............and....... another example

15. Emboss designer paper
16. Emboss metalic sheets
17. Emboss heavyduty aluminum foil or pop cans (for him?) Annapurna made a gorgeous example here
18. Aluminum foil (for her)
19. Aluminum with alcohol inks
20. Emboss Vellum
21. combine patterns
22. Inking the negative
23. Colour with chalk pastels
24. Chalking the cuttlebug (video)25. Use the reverse (negatively embossed) side
26. Colour with Prisma pencils
27. FAQ about cuttlebug on scs
28. Emboss & spray with glimmer mist
29. Use with nestabilities
30. Tape your nestabilities in place from Cathy (Genius!)
31. Nestability tutorial
32. Video tut for nestabilities
33. Emboss with nestablities
34. Amazing sandwich recipes
35. Paper-piece with it
36. Glue fabric on chipboard & diecut
37. Emboss chipboard tutorial
38. Emboss shapes
39. Make frames
40. Make faux metal
41. Fancy folder storage
42. Make a tapestry
43. Cuttlebug Smoosh
44. Cuttlebug over the edge (love it!)
45. Get the cuttlebug glitter look find the tutorial here
46. Make photocorners or other elements (oulala!)

48. Emboss textured paper, paper primas, & your envelope! by Jessica at Gina K

Three ingenious techniques by Jay:
49. Partial cuttling
50. diagonal cuttling
51. Creative Cuttling (WOW!)

52. Cuttlebug leather & other great textures

53. Julie's ink embossing video tutorial

54. Hot cuttlebug smoosh (craft ink & e.p. & heatgun):

55. Waxy cuttlebug example here & instructions here & also here
& a great PDF here too!
ETA: Godelieve's gorgeous Wax Paper Cuttlebug Resist Tutorial & another stunning sample
56. Janet's spray with glimmer mist & emboss (especially Black-brilliant!)
57. Don't forget you can add cuttlebugged paper to 3D projects: Kim's tall box (WOW!)

59. Lynda's lovely cuttlebug frame tutorial

60. Michele's cool cuttlebug, sand & faux stitch
61. Dry emboss brass stencils (Oh man this ROCKS)
62. Make your own embossing folder with glue! (Smartie pants!) :0)

66. Ink Swipe & Emboss raised edges

67. Use the C plate as a large stamp block
68. Ellen's Emboss Brass stencils, with letters as the 'embossing folder,' fiskar's texture plates
69. Michelle's versamark & pearlex the texture
70. & she repeats little elements (Formal Squares 2" embossing folders) a gorgeous look!
71. Marlou uses milk jug plastic to make a sweet embellishment
72. Suzy's pretty foil flowers
73. & her sheer black felt one (WoW!)
74. ScS forum on cutting felt
75. Cuttlebug rubons card by Cindy
76. M.A.D. Stamper's great Brayer tip
77. Craft Critique Cuttlebug article by Melissa
78. Boss cut dies in the bug (video)79. Cuttlekid dies in the Big kid Bug (video)80. Emboss flowers/primas (video)81. Use Fiskar's texture plates (video by Cherryjewel) & ETA her new video (better sound)

82. Fun foam Solid background stamp (made with embossing folders)& 83. in the same post: Covering large cards with embossed cardstock:

84. Cuttlebug gesso papers (bottom of post):

86. Continuous cuttlebugging embossing (for larger paper by Julie)
87. Heather's clever things to do with cuttlebug folders
88. Jen's No more flat die cuts (WOW!)
89. Valita's cuttlebug embossing with plastic stencils!
90. Julie's beaded Cuttlebug Embossing tutorial! (How Amazing!)
91. Beth's faux rusted metal coffee can lid (TOO kewl!)

93. Annette's textured Cuttlebug pages (Pure art!)
94. Sherrie colours sections to use as a design element (gorgeous!)
95. Sheila's Cuttlebug embossing & alcohol inks
96. Lovely Leaves off the Side (with flowers) by Jessica
97. Leslie's Crystal Clear Cardstock box (WOW!)
98. Michelle's unbelievably kewl painted acetate
99. Karen's amazing cuttlebug acetate & marker it
100. & Betty's beautiful black & white version of it
101. Valita's Cuttlebug & a plastic tablecloth (WOW!)
102. & her pastels on embossing (pretty!)
103. Donna's layered cuttlebug: stamp,lumiere paint & emboss (Amazing!)104. Julie's gorgeous flower card (cut out leaves from embossing folder)
105. Valita's brilliant embossing with sequins
106. Hetty's background with glimmer mist (stunning!)
107. Julie's yummy sandwich for Big Shot fun foam ornaments

tutorial.......and.........another example

109. Patty's Big Shot premium crease pad tutorial
110. & her great die labeling tip
111. Christine's video at CHA 2008 of Big Shot basics
112. Becca's astoundingly brilliant circular embossing (with those teensy folders) WOW!
113. Jody's using sticky sheet with die cuts & microbeads (wicked sweet!)
114. Libby has some amazing ideas for the Bug. Here's a great post detailing how to make long embossed strips for scrapbooking.
115. Libby's cutting & embossing felt (she's got mad skillz!)
116. Melanie's astounding watercolouring on embossed paper (the gorgeous grass)
117. Libby's Acetate embossing and Magic with bling (melted crayons. SO cool!!!)
118. Rose-Anne's awesome Cuttlebug texture paste Impasto medium

119. Melanie's brilliant cut out pieces of embossed cardstock
120. Libby's funky metallic markers & embossing folders
121. Jennifer's awesome text covered embossed grungeboard
122. Cool Cuttlebug Offset by Jay
123. Cuttlebug Offset Crayon Resist by Libby
124. Jay cuts out the house (embossing folder) & makes a sweet ornament
125. Rose-Anne's nifty "make a stamp" stamping with embossing folders
126. & Her neat Embossed Napkins/Serviettes & other
lovely examples here
127. And Rose-Anne's brilliant folded metallic cardstock embossing
128. And her embossed sequins too

130. And if you have a Cricut you can use these to make your own embossing folders!!!!
found thanks to Molly!
131. Stampinhands video on how to use the long sizzix dies in your Bug
132. Jay gives us the lowdown on Sizzix die cuts in the Cuttlebug!
133. Jay shows us how to use Sizzix XL dies in 'da Bug
& more here too

134. Wax Paper Fresco

(Mod Podge makes for deep embossing!)

137. Makeshift letterpress with a cuttlebug Part One by UnlessSomeoneLikeYou (WAY kewl! but I don't think you'll catch me cutting my folders up til I win the lotto. I'm too broke & too covetous of new things! LOL.) & Part Two is here
138. Cuttlekids video showing how to cut felt (Martha of Cuttlebug-itis Yahoo group fame taught me to sandwich felt in copy or printer paper for great cutting. Ingenius!) The best trick I've EVER seen is the
staggering plate technique in that Cuttlekids video.
139. Godelieve embosses metallic cardstock & it looks SO cool!
140. And her nestabilities flower is stunning
141. Godelieve also Cuttlebugs one corner (Clever!)
142. Make your own buttons with Nesties by Kim (WOW!!!)

(DIY using cereal box, stamp/image, & mod podge)

144. Jennifer's adorable Haunted house invite (with opening door!)
145. Lori's Weave technique tutorial (TOO cool!)
146. Tracy's Embossed metal Frame Tutorial (funky!)
147. Banners (Emboss a stamped image-INGENIOUS!) by Christine & Cassie
148. Wet embossing details of dry embossed images (Kewl!) by Jenn & Allison's shrink plastic in the Cuttlebug! (Sweet!)
149. Jay's clever double 'bossing technique!
150. Cuttlebug Quilting (embossing) by Sarosa
151. Cuttlebugged Mailbox by Sue. SO sweet!
152. Nesties Information from Nichole (She is such an incredible crafter!)

154. Eileen makes a stunning Nestie Flower
155. Eileen also does gorgeous double embossing
157. This is too kewl for school. Ikki's tutorial for a partial embossing with her modifying folder pad. Pure genius!!!
158. Eileen/Ikki's amazingly detailed tutorial for a Nestabilities frame. WOW!!!!
159. Billie's video tutorial embossing fantasy fiber & film paper. Kewl!
160. Mrs. J's yummy cupcake with fantasy fiber icing.
161. Libby's coloured acetate cupcake. Brilliant! :O)
162. Ikki (Eileen's) embossing with Nestabilities shapes
163. Erum's cutting out and watercolouring dry embossing. Pure Art! :O)
164. Homemade plastic embossing folder (WOW!) by Sanisi (no machine need!)
165. Cuttlebug Serendipity technique by Brigitta
166. Jennifer's cuttlebug embossing video (with heat embossing)
167. Rose-Anne's gorgeous fabric embroidered Cuttlebug flowers
168. Jennifer's sanded & coloured embossing video (too clever!)
169. Ikki/Eileen's stunning aperture card tutorial (with Nesties)
170. & Ikki's die-cutting, embossing, & stenciling with Nesties (love how she uses a stylus to deepen the embossing: Pure Genius!
171. Kimberly's Rocking Impressabilities tutorial (as a stencil)
172. GinaK's StampTV great videos for Wax paper in the Cuttlebug (2nd tutorial down)
173. Martha Rose (of Cuttlebug-itis Yahoo group fame) introduced me to the idea of friendly plastic in the Cuttlebug. Here's a video from
JenLoweDesigns on die cutting it.
174. Spellbinders products in other embossing machines (Cuttlebug, Revolution, Original Sizzix press & Big shot and Big kick)

175. Squished embossing (to de-emphasize it)

another project with squished embossing:
Curvy-topped Luminary:

From Nth Degree (podcast videos):

176. DIY Custom Cuttlebug embossing folders video (with Cricut Expression) COOL!
177. Cuttlebug basics
Cuttlebug cutting plates
178. Cuttlebug alphabet sets

180. Metal embossing (with no cuttlebug, but would work great with provocraft folders!) from paper wishes
181. Emboss & Deboss with Nestabilities by the fabulous Ikki
182. Keeping Nestabilities in place (SCS thread)
183. Cuttlebug flower pounding by Jay (too cool!)

185. Wax Paper Cuttlebug Resist tutorial by
186. Faux Wood frame (with nestabilities) by Kim
187. Claire uses Nestabilities as a guide for acrylic stamps (no bug used here but sheer Brilliance!)

188. Faux Fresco with wax paper & Border folders
(& links to other ideas with borders too):

192. Embossing ribbon &
the finished fresco card:

193. Hot Cuttlebug embossing caught on! (maybe?) ;O)
Jennifer created a great video of it here.

194. Embossed fun foam (as sketchbook pocket):

196. Nestabilities Box:

My fave of all the weird experiments I've made messes with:
199. Gesso swiped on embossed papers:

200. A great Waxy Cuttlebug tutorial here by Katie
201. Stamp with Cuttlebug folders (WOW!) by Cassie on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog
202. Stunning butterflies by Jacki
203. Mirror stamp distressing on dry embossing by Susan (clever!)
204. Beth's stunning reverse Cuttlebug technique
205. Patty's cut outs from embossing folders. Cool!
206. & Patty's no cut version. Cool!
207. Spike's gorgeous take on Peggy's glittered cuttlebug look
208. Cuttlebug quilt embossing by Diana

Cuttlebug Challenge tutorial here

212. Core'dinations round gift bag
(made from a ribbon spool)

213. Turn a Cuttlebug embossing folder
into an invite or pocket card:

214. Cuttlebug altered desk set:

215. Cuttlebug label shaped box
(with Core'dinations) template & tutorial:

216. Cuttlebug Critters box (with homemade
cereal box embossing plates):

217. Cuttlebug altered round sewing box
& 'bugged mini bucket handbag boxes:

218. Cuttlebugged purse box tutorial:
with embossed acetate & a fabric handle

& Heat embossing over Cuttlebug embossing

219. Watercoloured Cuttlebug background
(an a round CD box)...tutorial & template:

220. Altered circus box
(with Cuttlebugged Core'dinations)

221. Constructing a gatefold belly band
card with Cuttlebug embossing (tutorial):

222. Corkboard calendar with Cuttlebug
embossed backgrounds (faux tin tiles):

223. Cuttlebugged side panel box
(template & tutorial):

And last but certainly not least Wendy asked me if she could do a video tutorial of my Cuttlebug crayon resist technique. She tweaked it in some really original ways & adds her unique way of making fantastically gorgeous flowers too. Check it out here: It was her first video, but she did an incredible job! It's a blast to watch her work. She's got tricks!

Card Details & some Chatter I wrote
when I first caught the 'bug:

So, I've been bitten by a cuttlebug! Charles surprised me with it this morning. It was on my computer desk with a note (and a Cadbury thin.) A big stampin' toy and chocolate. Am I dreaming? hehe My birthday isn't even until next month! :0) Of course, he joined those legions of men who bring them home without folders...I know, I sound like an ungrateful jerk. Trust me, I'm very grateful. I was just dyin' to use it! :0) quick trip to Michael's and one folder later (spots n dots) I made this:

The poppy is an image I drew from this great how to draw site. Then I did glue pen embossing over the image.

Card ingredients:
Cardstock: Ruby Red, Naturals White, River Rock; For watercolouring: Watercolour wondercrayons Real Red & Old Olive & aquapainter; Inks: Ruby Red (to stamp Paisley on the Ruby Red c.s.)White craft to distress the cuttlebug embossing; Accessories: hodgepodge hardware brads, making memories eyelet, silver wire. S.U. twill dyed with purely pomegranate, word window to punch tag. Sentiment: from Wonderful You

Thanks for lookin' :0)

P.S. Many thanks to all of you who have emailed things to add to this list! &If you know of something to share with us please do. :O)

P.P.S. Linda sent me an email with this fabulous no-slip tip: "...My worksurface is a wooden desk and the bug can't grip to this surface. Always sliding around and miserable to use. I use my C-plate and grip the cuttlebug on this c-plate (or you can use another piece of hard plastic) then I put the cuttlebug with the C-plate gripped to it, on a piece of non-slip matting on my wooden desk. And whala a non sliding bug on my wooden desk." Too clever! Thanks Linda.


Kira said...

Thanks so much for compiling that list of all sorts of fun things to do and tutorials or places to find info! I just got a Cuttlebug as well (although I won't get to play with it until May! :( ) so this is great. I've been hunting around myself to find info but getting a list like that is fab!

Donna Baker said...

wow - your DH is sweet!!! Lucky you. Thanks for compiling all the cb tips on one're awesome! LOVE your card too! Great job

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I love your watercoloring!!

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I love all your tutorials and tips!!

Your card is fabulous too! Wow, nice drawing of the flower. You are a true artist!!


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Wow! A new Cuttlebug and from your DH no less! Wonderful example of playing with it, so love that green and white. I will NEVER be able to do all of those techniques on your list but I'll have fun trying!!!

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LOL - my DH did the very same thing! Thanx for sharing all the links - I've just begun to scratch the surface of checking 'em out!


Excellent list Mel.Thanks for compiling it

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Hi! I found this as a link somewhere else, what a fantastic list! Thanks so much, I've just gotten a cuttlebug and want to get the most out of it- this is SUCH a big help, you ROCK!!!!

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Wow, how sweet of your hubby. . .it's so nice to get a surprise! Your card is very pretty. Love the fact that you drew it yourself!!

Thanks for the links. . .I do need to use my CB folder more often. I will be back to check the links!!


Tonniece said...

I just got my brand spankin new cuttlebug and going to try as many of these as this m/c can handle.

Thanks so much for all the links, as always this is the place to be for info.

Happy almost Monday

Learn to Stamp and Scrap with Lynn said...

FABULOUS post, Mel. This is a great reference that you obviously put a lot of time and research into. Thanks so much for sharing. This will definitely come in handy!

Lynn (SBS2)

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Can you add my tutorial?

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WOW!! I just got my Big Kick this weekend, and just discovered your blog. Now if I could only find time to go back to work, when all I want to do is try ALL of your techniques and can only HOPE they would turn out a small percentage as well as yours!!!
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Thanks for the enjoyable afternoon of idea hopping! Appreciate your taking the time to put this together. Here are a couple of Cuttlebug ideas for Cricut users if you want to take a look.

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