Friday, April 4, 2014

Housekeeping - changes for downloading my free papers on Flickr

Looks Like Flickr has changed things around again (Whyyyyy!?!) ;-)

Anywho, here is how to download now... (It may seem convoluted in these directions, but
it really is much easier and faster to do than it sounds.) :)

Here's a summary of the steps: 

1)   Navigate to the main page for the image of the paper you want.
2)   Scroll down through the description of the image until you see some icons
3)   Click on the three dots icon: "..."
4)   Choose "download all sizes"
5)   A box with sizes will open, select "Original" & click "download"
6)   Click "OK" to save the file.

General Navigation:

Then just look around until you find a paper set that you like. 

Click on the thumbnail and it will open the page for that particular set. 

It will look something like this:

Then click on the paper you like & it will open a page for that particular image.

It should look like this:

Any time you're on a main page like this you can download.

Download (step by step): 

1) On that main page, to the right of the patterned paper, you will see a little circle with my face
(that sounds odd but you'll see what I mean...) ;-) under that avatar there is a whole lot of info 
about the terms of use. Just scroll down until you see some icons in a row (a star, a speech bubble,
an arrow in a box, and three dots .... Like this:

2) Click on the three dots (or ellipses) and it should open a drop down menu with more actions.

Five options down is the option "Download / All sizes":

3) Click on "Download / All sizes" and it will open a window with boxes that contain opitons for the 
different sizes available, as well as a download button:

4) First, select the box that says "original" to get the largest size of the paper (letter or 12.5 inch or whatever it might be for that particular paper...) 

5) Then click the download button. A save file window will open & then you can hit the OK button to save:

That should do the trick. (It's faster than it seems, honest!) 

Not sure why they made it so difficult to download now, but what do ya do? Hope it works for you, if not please just let me know.  It may be different on a Mac so if you have one and download anything I would be ever so grateful to know how to do it. :-)

 Happy Creating!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Well hello again!

traced doodling hello card

It's been so long since I shared a card that I almost forgot how to do everything!
Anywho, here's some yadda-yadda about the bits & pieces that went into this one


The birds were made using this teeny little 'Resting birds' die from Memory Box which I cut out of Glossy Photo paper & coloured with a black copic & a white gel pen.

The wire that they are sitting on is thin floral wire coloured with a grey copic marker & stapled on with a Tim Holtz tiny attacher.


The 'hello' speech bubble is a sweet lil'

...made by Christine Newman (Listgirl)
(I can't stop using it on everything!)


The turquoise & beige stamped background is made using Hero Arts & BasicGrey Sweet Threads stamp, white ink & a prismacolor pencil.

The white debossed dot background is made by embossing this Seeing Spots Cuttlebug folder and then tracing inside the dots with a silver prismacolor pencil.

The silver background is made by adding silver-leafing to Silhouette's printable sticker paper then sanding it and adding black ink & doodling to distress.

Traced Doodle Butterfly Card 
(the striped paper is there as a freebie, if you like it)

By the by, Miss Mouse is doing well. We're still not sure what it was that was bothering her. Odd! And though I'm still having computer troubles, I do hope to blog a couple times in April. I'm writing final papers and exams for a University course (and oh how I would rather be here with You!) ;-)

Hope you & yours are doing wonderfully!

Monday, February 10, 2014

An update on our Miss Mouse...


Thank You all so very much for your sweet words of support about our Miss Mouse! I have some good news to share with you now, but there is not as much news to report as we would like...since after all this time we are still not sure what is ailing her.

The new specialist Vet now thinks it is her liver that is irritated, and can't rule out cancer of the liver yet... but has thankfully ruled out lung cancer. What looked like a tumour on her lung was a blood vessel! All we know right now is that she has asthma (hence the blood vessel in her lung) & that she'll need to use an inhaler. But she is coughing much much less & she does seem to be feeling up to playing and cuddling and eating like a wild ravenous beastie!

I just can't thank you all enough for your kindness. I read all of your kind comments with such gratitude (though I was unable to answer each one as I would have liked to) and I feel for those of you who have lost your fur babies or who have sick ones at home. I'm sending my love & hopes & hugs right back to you all, people and animal-loved-ones alike! ox

Much Love and Thanks,
Mel & Charles & Miss Mouse.

P.S. my computer is semi-salvaged so I hope to be able to do a post soonish. :-)