Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Fun with the Scanner

This week I discovered the joy of scanning! Who'da'- thunk'it? (Everyone else, I imagine) ;-)

This card is made from a magazine clipping I saved from some (long unremembered) magazine years ago. Unfortunately, I can't credit the sculpter (sorry mystery artist, you are long unremembered too, though worthy of remembering)...
I scanned and softened the image, printed on cardstock, aged with a used teabag, and then assembled the rest of the card. (The twill tape ribbon came with the phase and is hand-dyed.)

My favourite thing about scanning images is that you can play with the colour. Notice the original image above altered to be turquoise (love that colour; can you tell?) and burgandy pink. Couldn't be easier.
Thanks for looking, Mel