Saturday, December 16, 2006

I went a little wild with this one. The coffee cup has crystal effects on top (heated it looks like bubbles). The foam has real cinnamon sprinkled on heat n stick powder. The foam is put on with dimensionals, so I could add a piece of a cinnamon stick (smells SO good).
The background is painted with vanilla and I've hand drawn some steam in with the signo gel pen.The little coffee beans look so real embossed (though I see a spot I missed up in the right hand corner, oooops!I used the rectangle hand-held punch to add details in the corners cuz it needed something (Also, it's too late at night to add noisy eyelets, and I don't have brown ones--TRAVESTY!!! where is the 24 hour craft store when you need it??? ;-)
Mmmmmmmmmmm... me want something hot n cinnamony


Mary Rose Gurica said...

all the cards are gorgeous do you work on them when you have a migraine?i can hardly wait to see mine lol