Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Silvered Distress

It's been a short lifetime since I've blogged (oh the shame!).

This is a card I made using a technique I invented. (Really it's just a version of emboss resist.) I used glossy card stock, on which I sponged a couple of colours in the turquoise family. Then I embossed in clear e.p. (overlapping images is fun.) After the embossing set, I sponged black ink over the works and I added silver with the zigpainty. When that was dry, I sanded the whole card. The metal seed beads are glued on with my glue of choice: Crystal Effects. (Burn brain cells with too much of that one, I tell you!)

The stitching is faux-though I've recently borrowed a brand new sewing machine that I need to learn to use :0). The background is the "weathered" stamp in silver ink.



Maggie said...

Hi sweetie,
what's new? Did you see me & H & L on Cityline last week?

Mary Rose Gurica said...

nice work as always love mom