Monday, June 18, 2007

Emboss Resist

I made a lot of cards while I was up in Squamish visiting with Shea. (Almost a week of lazy fun with my favourite cousin--Sorry, gazillion other cousins: but she's everybody's favourite; isn't she!?!?) ;-)
This one was ANOTHER variation on the emboss resist, in "cool caribbean." The stitching is faux; the ribbons are real. I'm trying to use more ribbon. I get hoardy with it. On top of the emboss resist is more embossing for variation.
The stamp set is "carte postale." Hope it makes it into the new catelogue (even if "cool caribbean didn't: the bastages, lol).
I finally found a tool to save me from ratty fingernails and paper cuts: the distressing tool set is wicked. (After a hundred cards, you look like you've been tortured...)