Saturday, August 25, 2007

My 2 cents Worth (snaps = money sense)

Okay, I should work at Dressew... I am in LOVE with the place. These snaps gave me an epiphany: use 'em as an embellishment! Someone out there has already thought of this, I'm sure..but I've never seen it. They are 25 cents for 24 of them. That price is making me actually enjoy math (and that is saying something!)

Here's why I'm so stoked:

Eyelets are 5 cents a piece.
Brads are 6 cents per brad.
Gem brads are 23 cents--each!

It takes a male & female pair of snaps to replace all of those. So snaps are only 2 cents each time you use them! Okay, now I haven't totally flipped my lid; I still plan on using brads, eyelets, and gems but snaps offer a super affordable alternative.

These are homemade primas that I embossed and water-coloured with aqua-painters and diluted reinkers.
The center of each one has a snap. [Click on the picture to see the details close up]. The middle one has black seed beads glued around the snap (With crystal effects gluing is a snap. OH GROAN! Sorry couldn't resist that 'knee-slapper').

Adding the snap is easier than you can imagine. Just punch a hole in the center using a 1/16 inch hand held circle punch. Then put the flower(s) over the "male" snap. The "female" holds everything together--of course ;0). With a double flower the snap lets you turn it to the right spot. See the middle bloom on the bottom though? It slid out of position on me. When I saw that, I was tempted to start this post all over again with a new picture (me, a perfectionist? maybe...) but then I thought explaining might be useful to someone so: if you want the flowers to stay in the place you set them up, then just put a little bit of adhesive between the layers.

Two great things about snaps is that they're in any notions department: dirt cheap--'just the way I likes it' And they can be used late at night when hammering is prohibited :0).

Now snap to it! heehee,


Anonymous said...

You are brilliant!!!
Clever girl.

Anonymous said...

that little lightbulb is a container?!!M.R.G.

Anonymous said...

nice explanation of using brads...