Thursday, August 30, 2007

Orange Ya Glad it Isn't Blue?

Okay, it's NOT blue! (though it does have turquoise--heehee). I made myself do something a little colourful. (Charles and his awesome Mum Esther have been worried about my "blue period") ALL of those hundreds of primas and water coloured images I have been making are blue. I've decided to give selling cards a real full-time go this fall (for the first time) and my kind-hearted critics are concerned that blue, blue, blue will be boring boring boring. They're so right, but they'll be happy that I have secret (code name "diverse") plans, muhahahahaha! ;0)

So, I assured them that I do plan on making other colours (if I MUST!) Now, I'm moving onto warmer colours: orange, red, and I may even go to therapy about my unnatural aversion to pink. Maybe...

:-) Thanks for looking,



Princess Matilda said...

Oh, I love this! That dress is gorgeous!! And I do so love orange!

Kathy W said...

Love turquoise and orange together. I made a lot of spring and summer cards with this combo. This is a very cute card, and I like the sentiment following the curve of the dress. Thanks for sharing.