Thursday, August 30, 2007

Loads of Love set & Stampscapes stamps

This is a bit of a departure for me: more masculine cards. This is also the first card I've made with my "Stampscapes" stamps (Click the link here if you're curious). The stampscapes stamps are true to their name landscape stamps; they're also very popular for fantasyscapes. The ones used here are the Cracked Earth 181G (foreground) and layered Aurora Borealis: Rays 001G with cloud (Altocumulus) 194G (sky). So, I'm learning the names of cloud types... I've also changed my card size for a little variety with this one.

I got the idea for the trailer from page 52 of the Stampin' Up catalogue. I added a few silly little details (got carried away!) :0) This truck has chrome detailing, a trailer hitch (made with silver seed beads) and a little window part way rolled down. The window is easier to see in person. It's made with an overhead sheet.

I also added crystal effects to the body of the truck for more depth. The next one will have people and dogs in the truck and something in the trailer...but I needed to whip this one together quickly.

Thanks for looking,


Anonymous said...

Love the tyre tread pattern!!

The compact card goes great with the phrase too!

Anonymous said...

everything is beautiful as always what is that looks like pebbles behind your cards in the pics. love Mary rose Gurica

Melissa M.M.M. said...

It's the pavement outside LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the tire treads!! This card is cute and fun!

Anonymous said...

Love the whole thing but the tire tread takes the cake.

shea-shea said...

The truck reminds me of the Yukon - love this one!