Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Starving Artistamps & a little personal nostalgia

Ever wanted to join a design team? Then check this out!
Starving Artistamps Design Team Info

If you just want funky new stamps then keep reading.
Don't miss: the Artful Inkables Blossoms and Petals (right); the uber-fun Doodle Factory Halloween stamps; their awesomely priced "Positive words"; their stitch stamps: Trimmings
and some funky Creatures.

Their Seed Series I and Seed Series II struck the most personal/emotional chord with me. My "Bam Bam" (nick name for my Grandma that has stuck through 10 grandkids, 2 great-grand-kids and counting...) will LOVE these (when I make her the Christmas card series, teehee). She has collected over 8000 varieties of seeds in film containers. When I was young, she helped me do a science project on seeds, and she brought her collection--when it was only 4000-- :-) to my elementary school. She was featured in the local newspaper. It is beyond description when art-stamps move you like that, but I'll try: it's that shiver of the quick breath of your youth. It smells of playing outside and feels like the familial attention we all vied for: "Looook what I can do!" :-)

To find your own uncanny inspiration, here's Starving Artistamps home page:
and Gallery link:

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Anonymous said...

These seed designs are pretty neat...would make some fun Fall or Thanksgiving cards!!


Margaret McDonald said...

when I saw the stamps I immediately thought of Bambam too. How wonderful to read your message to her. She has taught us all so much. Lisa is being taught lots of stuff in school that she knows from me & I learned from my Mom. cool eh?

Margaret McDonald said...

Ya missed a couple of kids somewhere. My count has 10 grandkids for Bam Bam.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Thanks Maggie!
OOps forgot to count me and somebody else, my DUH.

OXO mel

Michelle said...

Aren't these stamps delicious? I just love their big mum - I have colored it all different colors and just haven't posted them anywhere (don't want to bore people with the same image, ya know?). But gorgeous stamps, and thank you for the link!

Anonymous said...

lovely nostalgic inspiring, naturally nifty, from Bam Bam and Lady

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

"Princess Matilda"

I love the little flower-shaped cards made with that mum in their gallery (they're all in different bright colours). I know what you mean... I am bad for posting the same images anyway. (get stuck with a favourite for a while). Bet you've seen a gazillion "Doodle This" flowers on here, lol. :0)

Hope you don't mind that I recycled your colour question for blog candy.


mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Bam Bam and Lady!

They're great stamps, hey? Bam Bam: Guess your Christmas gift is no longer a surprise, huh? heehee


Note to all: Curious what variety those seeds are? Ask my Bam Bam (she recognized them all!) :0)