Monday, September 10, 2007

Excitment is Mounting! eat cake graphics

Admittedly. I'm the only one excited about this, but I hadda share. My big 100.00 order of eat cake graphics stamps arrived today. Holly is super quick with shipping, even though it took a short lifetime for my paypal echeque to clear. Here they are in all their glorious rubber splendiferousness, sighhhhhhhhhhh of joy.


P.s. The red rubber (non adhesive amazing quality) is available at Above the Mark Stamps; if you order more than six you pay only exact shipping.

P.s.s. side-note of "how stupid am I?" humour: I accidentally flagged my own artsy-fartsy (other) new blog (of nude figure study collages) as having objectionable content, duh! (And I haven't even started yet with the really objectionable stuff?!? Apparently, many have gone before me and I don't have to worry, but if I disappear look for me in blogger prison. ;0)


dasimonds said...

WOW...Great stamps !
Thanks for sharing..Just checked out the site..ready to make an order..

Melissa McCarthy said...

Aren't they just the cat's pajamas? :0)Mel

If you're buying unmounted & you're looking for a fantastic source for foam sheets check out above the mark stamps:

Ijsbeer said...

Great stamps. Lucky you. Love the name too.

I really laughed of your inner prude story. I love Etsy so have a policy that says its not mature content when its art:D And your collage is very very cool!

Melissa McCarthy said...

Thanks Isjbeer! Ya, I had a good laugh at myself, heehee :0)

Kim Etherington said...

Hilarious... you so needed new stamps, eh. Not enough in your 4 drawers. hee hee. I can't wait for my halloween and xmas tag ones.

Melissa McCarthy said...

Never enough!! heehee ;0) Mel