Thursday, September 13, 2007

Itsy Bitsy Bear Lonely in the Chair

Another armchair card; I'll probably do a million of 'em before I get tired of this stamp (or you do!) :0) I tried adding baseboard; it looked too stark and took the focus away from this teensy weensy itsy bitsy bear. ["Isty Bitsy Bear" can be found here; the armchair can be found here; Eat Cake Graphics, of course.]

The paper used on the chair is retired S.U. designer series, though the pattern "Le Jardin" (page 171) is still available in different colours. The chair's legs are water-coloured with classic chocolate chip ink. The wallpaper is Basic Grey (Pre-169 Phlordilee aged & confused Phresh & Phunky) again.

The phrase is just hand-scrawled with a black stamp'n'write marker, not sure that I'm happy with my handwriting, but what'ya'do? The wood texture is printed from a download on white cardstock (from this super-duper website.)

Thanks for lookin'
:0) Mel


Princess Matilda said...

That is so sweet!! Makes me feel sad for the little bear in that great big chair!

~* Tracy *~ said...

Makes me feel sad for the little bitty bear too!
I think your handwriting looks great and until I read that is was actually your handwriting, I had assumed it was a stamp!! There you go, I always think my own handwriting looks icky, but other people say that it looks lovely ~ go figure!

Melissa McCarthy said...

Thanks guys! Yes, I feel guilty for puttin' that lil' bear there all by his lonesome.So glad that my handwriting passed for a stamp, woohoo! :0)

"Princess Matilda," I keep meaning to ask if your first name is a secret. (I know it from our emails, but it's not on your blog, so I haven't been using it.) :0) Smart to keep it off the net, Mel

Ijsbeer said...

aw love love this card!

Ijsbeer said...

Too cute! I went awwwwwwwwwwww

trulycanadiangirl said...

This card is awesome now i need some cake (eat cake stamps tahts is) tanks for the idea

shea-shea said...

Oh baby this is good!!!!