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Felt-covered MFT 3x3 Easter Basket (a pictorial)

First off, Thank You Thank You Thank You for your sweet well wishes.
You are simply THE best readers on the planet!
(and I'm so thankful that you're still out there after all that time...)

...and without further ado a big ol' extra long 3D tutorial...

...fuzzy wuzzy wuz a basket:

MFT felt easter basket mel stampz

This basket was too much fun to make fuzzy wuzzy with felt!

Let me tell you, I have been going stir crazy wanting to share some samples with you that I made using this MFT Basket Template (the very first "professional" template that I got to design for My Favorite Things) !GRIN! :-D

It has a coloured liner inside:

MFT felt easter basket LINER mel stampz
(made with the MFT Easter Daisies digital paper
designed by Stephanie Fizer.)

...The basket template is sized to hold 3x3 cards (and envelopes):

MFT felt easter basket What's Crackin' 3x3 CARDS mel stampz
(Of course, you could fill it with Easter treats, instead
--or both treats & a card!) ;o)

The cutie pie Easter images are from MFT's
What's Crackin' set (perfect size for 3x3 cards)

1...Summary of the felt panel process (basically, just glue it to cardstock & cut)
2...How to make a felted MFT Easter basket: a) the main basket; b) the outside felt panels; c) the patterned liner; d) the 3x3 cards.
3...Cheap tricks (Hatching or Cross Hatching Scratching for texture)


A felt basket is as easy as ABC to make (as a no sew project, if you like)

A) Just print the template for the liner panels (that come with the MFT basket template) on one sheet of cardstock.

B) Glue some felt on the blank backside of the printed template cardstock.

C) Cut the felted panel pieces out, and use the rest of the templates to make a basket to stick them to.

(Being a sewing fiend, I added some stitched edging around the felt panels & sewed the buttons on, but you could glue some lacy trim on for added texture if you prefer not to sew.)


make a Felt-covered MFT Easter Basket:

Hope the tutorial gives you some ideas for how you can use the different
liners and/or panels that come with the MFT basket template...

This uses these three parts that all come with the MFT Easter Basket template:
  1. The main basket
  2. The liner (the version that's all in one piece )
  3. The liner/panel pieces & handle
In other words, it uses the main basket template & both of the two varieties of liners that come with it (one of the liner types to decorate the inside and another one as felted panels to embellish the outside.)

Other materials:
the main basket:

Step 1) Create the basic basket:

1A) Print the basket template on white 100lb cardstock. (I usually prefer the version with no dotted lines, but since this basket is lined, you could use the version with the dotted lines--there are both options available when you buy the template.)

1B) Score the template & cut it out. Fold along the score lines.

1C) Assemble it--with the tabs on the inside of the box.

the outside (felt) panels:

Step 2) Print the liner template & add felt to it:

2A) Print the liner/panel template (the one with separate pieces) onto more 100lb cardstock

2B) Glue a piece of felt to the back of it (the plain side.) I used Mod Podge & dried it under a big book to flatten it.

Step 3) Cut the felted panel pieces out. Tip: Pierce the template before cutting the pieces out, through the felt, if you'd like to stitch it.

Step 4) Create an extra overlapping felt piece 2/3 the size of the front
(to make it look like those cute fabric wrapped Easter baskets.)

4A) Trace one of the long sides onto the left over felt scrap (leaving a long strip for the handle.) 4B) Draw a straight line down the template with a pencil--approximately 2/3 of the way along it
4C) Cut it out (along the shaped template edge & the straight line you've drawn.)

Step 5A) Embellish the panels:

5A) Stitch with embroidery thread along the sides of all the felt panels.
5B) Stitch little buttons down that straight cut edge of the smaller piece made in step 4.

5C) Glue the 2/3 piece with the buttons to the whole felt front piece.

Stitching Tip: to make it easier to stitch felt, hold the piece up & use a bright light to show you where the holes are from the felt side. Light colours of felt will show where you pierced. Here are the 4 finished sides:

Isn't felt so quintessentially spring? It just feels all sheep-y or fuzzy-bunny or baby-ducky like, doesn't it?

Step 6) Adhere the handle to the basket inside. (Pierce & add a brad, if you like.)

Step 7) Adhere the felt pieces to the outside of the basket--using a good strong adhesive.
the patterned liner:

The beauty of digital papers is that you can print them on one side of the paper & print your template on the other side for a speedy coloured liner. All the patterned digital papers here are from MFT's Daisies Digital paper, but this would also work with your favorite patterned papers, of course... :o)

Step 8) Print the MFT Daisy Easter digital paper onto white cardstock.

Step 9) Turn the MFT patterned digi paper into a basket liner:

9A) Flip the MFT digital paper over & print the liner template on the blank back side (In other words, print the liner version that's all in one piece on the blank side of the MFT digital patterned paper.)

9B) Score the liner & cut it out.

9C) Pierce with a paper piercer & hand stitch it--or sew by machine--if you like sewing.

Step 10) Add the liner to the inside of the basket (covering the handle ends.)

10A) Put the liner in the basket (with no adhesive on it, yet.) It needs a little tuck to get in between the handle & the lack of adhesive makes that easy. This dry fit method also means you can take it out & trim it if need be.

10B) Adhere the liner--I like to add a line of tombow Monomulti & hold for a few seconds while it dries--especially around the handles so the fit is nice & tight:

the 3x3 cards:

This photo makes these look a "hare" larger but they're just 3 inches by inches...
such an economical size of card to make as part of a gift set. (Cheep Cheap!)

the main 3x3 card (base):

Step 1) Create the main card & panel:

1A) Cut the pieces:
  • For the main 3x3 note card, cut a piece of white cardstock to measure 6 inches by 3 inches.
  • For the patterned panel: print a piece of MFT Daisies paper & cut a piece to measure 2 7/8" square
1B) Pierce & stitch around the outside edge of the daisies panel, if you like sewing (or faux sew it instead.)

1C) Adhere the daisies panel to the white folded 3x3 card.

Step 2) Make a matching decorative strip with a bow:

2A) Print & cut a strip of matching polka dot paper (also in the MFT Daisies kit). This one is cut to measure 2 and 7-8" wide x 1" high.

2B) Adhere bits of organza ribbon to the back of the panel of MFT digi paper strip.

2C) Stick the strip with the ribbon onto the front of the folded 3x3 card:

Step 3)
Tie the organza ribbon into a bow & stitch a wee button onto it (or glue one on.)

Step 4) Add the Easter animals from the MFT stamp set "What's Crackin?"

the What's Crackin? chick:

Step 1) Making a paper-pieced What's Crackin' chickie to match the liner:

1A) Stamp the Chick in the shell from the MFT clear stamp set "What's Crackin?" onto Perfect Paper Panels & heat emboss it in clear. Colour it in with Copic markers & Prisma Color Pencil crayons (or using your preferred colouring method.)

1B) Paper piece his little egg shell.

Little TIP:
Another one of the lovely things about digital papers is that you can print them in different coordinating sizes. I printed the MFT daisies digital paper at a smaller percentage for paper piecing with teeny smaller scale patterns (and then it matches the larger papers perfectly):

To print different sizes easily, you can use your printer settings (print at a percentage) or print in photo software that lets you print a number of photos on one page. It will give you different sizes and save ink too.

(I swear this pinky-purple is going to be the next hot colour.)
It's what all the hip "chicks" are wearing:

heeheehee ;o)

Paper piecing: I've embossed the stamped What's Crackin' image on the smaller scale MFT Daisies paper. Then, cut out the two halves of the shell & adhered them to the coloured chickie.

the What's Crackin? bunny:


(Scratching paper to make fur "hatching")

Scratching fur? huh!?

No I haven't gone wild (well maybe) but I find "Hatching" (or "Cross Hatching") to
be such a fun sculptural way to get a unique fur texture (and it's free.)

To get Hatching: Just scratch lines of fur onto your image using a paper piercing tool (or the tip of a needle (one that's not overly sharp so it doesn't scratch your image up.) You can colour before or after you texturize the fur, to achieve a more subtle or a more bold fur look. Of course, it works for grass or other textures too...

For Cross Hatching: (which gives a texture effect like basket weave or checker board) just go over your initial scratched texture (against the grain that you created with the first scratches) to get texture that looks more like scratch-y squares. :o)

Thank You so much for 'hopping' by!

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P.S. Wanna make your own basket? :-)
Here's a quick link to the MFT Easter Basket Template
The templates get emailed to you, so it would be in time for Easter, if you like.

(I would just flip out to see what you make with it!)
If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. :o)


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