Thursday, March 19, 2009

ISC Delicate Roses Basket

The Rose Stamp:

I knew as soon as I saw Claire's basket template (deets below) that I had to make one with the lovely new rose stamp sheet from ISC! The set is called Delicate Roses and in case you're not familiar with ISC, they are Innovative Stamp Creations. You may wanna check em out! The rubber of their stamp sheets is exceptionally thick quality & deeply etched.

I love how this rose is a beautifully stylized but still realistic flower & it's got the nicest combo of solid leaves but with a bloom that's done in line art. The perfect design that lets you marker (or double-colour ink it) and then lets you colour it in too. (me likey that ususal combination; usually it's one or t'other--solid or line...)

The stem makes the perfect little wave too. Wouldn't it be sweet repeated for a band of roses across a large card or scrapbook pages?

You can find the whole
Delicate Roses stamp sheet here.

Claire's Beauty of a Basket Template:

Claire has created the most brilliant template I've ever seen. When Claire makes a template she perfects it. I was blown away by her other templates too.

This basket template is so clever and easy to use. She made both a basket & a liner. The original template (a 2-pager) is sweetly mini. I enlarged it to print at 179% for the basket & 178% for the liner to make it honkin' big. You can find the template & her great tips for using it here on her stunning blog.

Here's how I embellished this basket & card...

The Basket:

Step 1)
Create the embossed Roses:

A) Cover Delicate Roses stamp with Versamark
B) Colour stamp with markers
C) Huff on it & stamp
D) Sprinkle with clear detail embossing powder
E) Remove excess e.p. & heat gun it

Step 2) Colour rose blooms in. I have been loving blending my copics with water based markers. (I have two sets of them & only a couple dozen Copics.)

To colour with a blend of
markers & Copics:

A) Just scribble the water-based marker on an acrylic block (or any plastic/glass surface that you don't mind getting Copic-y)
B) Pick up the scribbled water-based marker on your copic (a close colour works well or your colourless blender.
C) Test colour on a scrap of paper
D) If you're happy with the colour, apply to your image
E) Work the colour in with a mid-tone (of another Copic or water-based marker)

Obviously, this can add some colour & other marker to your Copics; I find most colours clean of like magic when you apply Copic refill to them. Copic purists everywhere are cringing! But I feel like the savings & the flexibility in colour possibilities amazing [I'm a crazy Copic colourer though and probably don't do it the "right way" Good thing I don't believe in one right way, huh? ;o)]

Step 3) Cut Rose out (no need to cut too close) if you add them white on white...

Step 4) Cut handle (a band 12 inches long by 1 and 2-8 inches wide)

Step 5) Pierce holes in handle for stitching

Step 6) Stitch handle. (I love that you can stitch the handle once & it will show through both side of it.) To hide the ends for this project, just follow these steps:

A) Make sure to thread your needle with long enough thread to go all the way across you handle (double the length of the handle is a safe bet)
B) Adhere your thread end on one of those ends
C) Stitch away...

Of course, you could always just faux stitch or not stitch at all if you like...

Step 7) Glue Roses onto handle

(as you can see by the pics, I did the steps backwards: stitched after gluing (since I never create with a strict plan) but it's probably more logical to glue them on after sewing so I've ordered them that way here, blahblahblah huh?) :O)

Step 8) Print basket template cut score & assemble. Isn't it so cool how the dotted lines on Claire's basket's template are hidden by the liner!?! Claire ROCKS! (please note: I've printed her mini template for the basket bottom at 179%)

Step 9) Create the liner: Print liner, cut, score & scallop it. [If you print Claire's liner template enlarged to 178% as I have here, you just need to measure out even lines for your scalloped edges (since they print off the edge of the paper.) This is Basic Grey's new Porcelain Designer Paper: Chintz Porcelain Por-1614.

Step 10) To add the handle, make slits in sides of the liner (anlong the dotted line about 1 and 1/2 inches long)

Step 11) Slip handle ends through slits & adhere

Step 12) Adhere liner inside basket

The Matchin' card:

Step 1) Stamp Delicate Roses background onto card

Step 2) Create tag shape mat & stitch it

Step 3) Adhere rose to tag

Step 4) Add sentiment (also from the Delicate Rose's stamp sheet.) It fits perfectly in the word window punch from SU. The whole tag is adhered with foam tape for dimension. :O)

Thanks so much for checkin' this out!

P.S. Last but not least, Thank You all SOOoooh very much for all of your fun & super sweet comments about my lil' piggy-sty Stamp room, hehehe. I'm lovn' all you kindred stampers who are huricaners too! I'll be postin' again on Saturday (Still digging out! hehehe.) :O)


Jennette Warren said...

Its Darling! I love roses! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration Mel!

mudmaven said...

Love the basket! Keep diggin'! ~chris

Jamie W. said...

This basket is so sweet, but I can't take my eyes off the rose tag. Your coloring is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thanks, Mel!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Mel! Another great creation!


KayellWY said...

It's all just gorgeous!! You do such beautiful work with everything! Thanks for sharing. :)

Janine said...

Mel you are one wonderful woman!! This is amazing!!!

Anesha said...

Wow, this is so beautiful! Great job.

Ramona Michaluk said...

WOW Mel, what a gorgeous little basket. Just love the way you've coloured the roses and added the stitching. Fantastic job - thanks so much for sharing. Will have to try this out and have a look at those beautiful stamps!!

Claire Brennan said...

Mel - this is just fabulous - I'm stunned by all of your lovely details!! Wonderful, and thanks for your lovely comments too!!

Tonya said...

Very Pretty! thanks for sharing!

Etha said...

ohhhhh this is SO beautiful!! wonderful basket :)

Tonniece said...

As always this is stunning Mel.
Love those papers you used, yowsers.

Have a great weekend

Kim Etherington said...

The basket looks way better IRL. I love the basket liner paper, so pretty! Hope you're not stuck under that stamp room pile. ;o)

Elena said...

The basket is gorgeous! I love how you stamped the roses and colored them!
Thank you for the wonderful tutorial, Mel!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I love the techniques you used with the stamps as well as the basket. What great ideas!


Anonymous said...

I've given you a blog award.

Ikki said...

Another just super project. ikki

Maria said...

Hey Mel! Thanks for sharing the link to the template! I may just have to try this one out. I love making baskets but many times have difficulties choosing which one I want to do. Too many choices is not good. . .for me, that is.

Love your dainty looking basket with the matching tag. . .very pretty. I love how you added that rose. . .wow, lots of cutting but the results are fantastic. beautiful job as always!


Anonymous said...

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