Friday, March 27, 2009

Still time to enter the Birthday Blog Bash Challenges!

Hi All,

I'm missin You, but I am enjoying the time off (well I'm mostly sleeping it all away & recuperating, in between some work for a client, but I must have needed sleep more than I knew...can't shake the snooziness....zzzzz)

But..... While I snooze, I didn't want you to lose! There's still time for you to participate in the Blog Birthday Bash challenges for Paper Garden Projects and win the nicest goodies (The competition is slim, ;o) so you may wanna go for all of 'em!) Cathy made them very open-ended, so everyone could join in the fun.

You still have until March 30th
(you can play all the challenges!):

Click the pictures or links to go to Cathy's blog post for each challenge:

Hmmm... 4 days left (including today) and 4 challenges. How perfectamundo!

No time to do the challenges, but you want to see some gorgeous work?
Check out these blogs:
See you all soon,


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,
As always thank you for the great inspiration. I have a questions, how do we 'link' to your blog in the 'writing' part of our blog? (I'm new to this blogging thing)
I hope you are resting :)

liannallama said...

Thanks for the reminder! I did two but forgot to post them. Hopefully I can get to the other two this week!