Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Carrot Tree

heeheehee... made these Easter treats-ies for my sweetie. Love you C! OXO

Charles loved the baby carrots & asked if he could have one, so I made him a carrot tree; everyone needs one of those, right? The eggs are in an embroidery floss nest (fast but fun.) Tomorrow, I'll post on a template & tutorial for making that big embroidery floss carrot---it's on an acetate cone box. :O)

New stamps aren't really in the ol' budget,
but when I saw this bunny set I just had to have it.
[i willy willy WUV wabbits!]:

It's called "Easter Bunny Clear Stamp Set" (really high quality acrylic)

To make the cloud shape I just traced part of the cloud template from this post. (The top of cloud number 2)

Happy Easter to You!
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Bunny-shaped clouds in middle photo are made with Photoshop Cloud Brushes created by Pixlpusher (I just used a small one to draw bunny ears on...)Thanks for making such fun brushes Pixlpusher!


Yvonne said...

LOL, i lo0ve this , so funky .. how you come up with these things i will never know .. but so much fun , and so clever

Francien said...

Dont they grow on trees????? are so your work!!!..and looking at it...over and over again!!
Happy Easter
hugs Francien.

Nancy said...

Oh what a beauty;O) I just love your work, beautyful details, and lovely finnish, so clever..

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Mel! Your work is always so 'eggceptional'! Many blessings and hope you have a beautiful day.

smallcity said...

Your work is wonderful, everything you do amazes me. YOu are so nice to share with everyone. This little rabbit is just adorable.
Happy Easter, hope you have a wonderful day.


lisa808 said...

Happy Easter, Mel!

Charles' Carrot tree is fab. Another outstanding creation!

Anonymous said...

I'd give anything to spend just one day with you, watching you create! And your bunny love I can totally relate to Ü I won't even get a dog or cat because I love my wild bunnies on our land so much Ü Took the screen off my kitchen window so I can feed them from the "drive-thru" my Husband calls it. Happy Easter, Mel *Ü*

Elena said...

Very cute! I love your carrot tree! Very creative, Mel!!!
Thank you for sharing your idea!

Elaine said...

Oh my lord! You are incredible, girlfriend! WOW!~! How fun is that!?! Happy Easter and you make my day with all of your fun projects..I just wanted you to know how much you add to my happiness :)


Anonymous said...

Now this is just as sweet as can be!! :) Love the carrot idea and I hope your Easter was wonderful!! TFS!

Bonnie said...

Very Fun Mel!! What a cute Easter treat.....(is there chocolate?)

Kim Etherington said...

Where's the mini rabbits to eat the mini carrots? ;o) Cute bunny stamp!

C said...

I love your bunny...shame on you enabling us like that! I treated myself to paper stackers so no stamps for I don't have enough already...but......always room for one more.

Hope you're feeling better...such a creative mind you have!!