Monday, April 20, 2009

LPS sneak peek {Growing Old} (and Mod Podge Faux Copper verdigris)

This is a sneak peek at the new LPS sentiment set {Growing Old} It releases tomorrow at Little Paper Shop, so you can see the whole thing then. This sentiment says:

"Don't worry about wrinkles, they're just antique smiles"....

I cut it up to fit this layout. That cute girl on a book stack (Jena Book) is one of the sweet digital images at LPS here.

She's printed on wrinkle paper too hehehe

click to see the texture...

Wrinkle paper?
Nah, it's actually White Leather cardstock from Paper Temptress. I think it's my new mission to find different papers that you can emboss digital images on & this leather worked like a charm. It wasn't shiny (has a classy smooth finish) and it let the ink stay wet enough to emboss. It's a pleasure to colour too.

The other papers used here are from Paper Temptress POP Tones:
The patterned paper (punched with SU's notebook spiral punch) is Tim Holtz (Distressables 0733 "time")

I knew I wanted an antique strip (the dark old- metal looking schtuff ...along the left like a book spine) to go with that great "antique smiles" sentiment, so I messed around with some Faux Copper Verdigris...

...make mod podge texture paper

This is similar to Gesso textured cardstock, but different LOL. It's messy fun that gives you a fancy paper with nifty texture.

  • wax paper
  • mod podge
  • cardstock

Step 1) Cut piece of cardstock to desired size (half sheet size (5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches) is nice to work with)

Step 2) Paint mod podge (matte*) onto a piece of wax paper

*Glossy mod podge might be neat over patterned papers & then embossed, but I might worry about whether it has enough tooth to accept any ink colours...)

Step 3) Let dry a little until tacky but not wet (about 30 seconds to a minute; you can test a corner of your paper to see if it has the desired effect by trying a bit of the final step which is...)

Step 4) Press the cardstock onto the wax paper & pull it off again (it creates a great texture)

Repeat the pressing & pulling off process as much as you like until the texture is how you want it. You can also brush more Mod Podge on & press and pull it some more. It will look something like this:

Step 5) Allow to dry to the touch and set under a book to flatten (if it curls at all)

Step 6) Colour how you like (alcohol inks work well but the blending solution seems to make the mod podge melt.)

...get faux verdigris colouring

Since this is mod podge & waterproof it won't take all inks. You should be able to use any ink that suits a slick surface, like solvent inks. Alcohol inks were fun with it...

mod podge paper (above)
sand paper
alcohol ink
any waterproof ink
walnut ink
paper towel
Optional: spray sealant

Step 1) Make the Mod Podge textured cardstock (as above)

Step 2) Sand it well with fairly course sand paper

Step 3) Create base colour with alcohol ink (or something akin to it) for good vibrancy & coverage. I used "Stream" alcohol ink from Ranger. Other inks (like Stampin' Up!'s classic dye based ink) will give you dark colour where the paper was untouched by the mod podge in the texturizing process, but it won't colour the Mod Podge very much. [You might like 'dat look though]

Step 4) Add dark aging: Spray with walnut ink and wipe it with a sponge to spread the ink (I used Java's walnut ink)

Step 5) Add metallic embossing: Sprinkle on a little copper embossing powder (from high up for an even light coverage) & Heat set it (gently without breathin' in too many fumes of course)

Step 6) Wipe extra ink off (following the grain of your piece seems to work nicely.) :O)

Step 7) Spray with sealer like Krylon matte finish (the walnut ink may stay wet otherwise)

or...seal (and add more texture at the same time) with another coat of mod podge:

A) Brush on a top coat of mod podge quickly (it'll look a little muddy, I found i had to be wary of overworking)
B) Then fold your piece inside a sandwich of wax paper so that the wax paper pulls some of the mod podge ink mix off of the cardstock.
C) Reveal colour if you like by using a paper towel to blot it & pull off more of the mod podge top coat.
D) Let dry to the touch (flatten under a book if needed)

Alcohol ink Application Pointers: Sponging or spraying on fairly quickly is good...with no blending solution since blending solution seems to make the mod podge too tacky/sticky (and blending solution should never be sprayed because the resin in it can get in your eyes.)

and that's it....

Whew that's a lot for one day, hey? :O)
Thanks so much for stopping in!

You can win this set here!
for another chance to win that sweet butterfly set
make something inspired by this cute cake:

submit your card by Sunday, April 26th at 11:59 CST
If you choose to upload to SCS or PCP, use keyword LPSC12.

For other sneak peeks at this {Growing Old} set, visit my talented Little Paper Shop peeps:

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Bonnie said...

Absolutely fantastic Mel! Another wonderful tutorial and of course your card is phenomenal!!

Elena said...

Really love the idea with this paper, Mel! Thank you so much for the tutorial and inspiration!

Diana said...

Wow, this is fantastic. Great instructions!

Anonymous said...

That paper is so cool looking and you rocked the digi stamp go you!

Erum Tasneem said...

ooh damn! The paper looks marble-y! Seriously, its like hmmm granite? Love it genius mel!

Maria said...

Oooh, such a pretty paper. Wow, you sure make use of all the different stuff out there! I have a ton of liquid stuff that sort of dry out after a while because of non-use.

Your card is fantastic and I love that Mod Podge Faux paper. So cool and so different! I love it. Hey, I bought a few of the Little shop digi images and actually colored a few of them recently!! They are so adorable.