Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Sneek Technique...Beaded Score Pal grid & a Sneak Peek

A sneak peek of a project made with this delight of a stamp set from Paper Garden Projects: Miss Anya by Greeting farm (and my new Cricut Expression (!!!!! YA!!!!!)... which I have had no time to play with, 'cause I'm still ill, but how lucky am I? Too lucky.

If you're waiting for an email, please don't loathe me. ;O) I'm so behind from being sick. They call me "broken record Mel." Thank you all for your constant support & sweet messages, BUT no one is allowed to worry, pretty pretty please. I think it'll just take some more time to get back to 100%

Beaded Scor-Pal Grid:

The little black dots up there on the green paper are beads sewn on. It might seem tedious, but I find it fun & different.

Speedy Version: If you want to try this out, but don't have a lot of time, then smaller areas like a strip for faux ribbon could add a nice touch... (maybe?) :O)

Step 1) Start with a piece of patterned paper that suits the grid or dotted design the beads will make (or make your own grid with a Scor-Pal.) Cut however you a square or rectangular mat or round or whatevah...

Step 2) Line up lines in pattern paper along the grid lines of Scor-Pal (or make grid on plain/stamped paper.)

Step 3) Score along the grid lines of paper (sometimes it requires moving your paper between scoring each line, if you want it "just so")

Step 4) Pierce holes where the lines intersect (points of diamonds)

Step 5) Thread a fairly fine needle that will fit in your beads (I find bead sizes vary even within the same package, so test a couple maybe?)

Step 6) Put needle through to the front adhering it to the back (Here that's the white with flowers; it's retired SU Christmas paper, but works all year, no?)

Step 7) Place a bead on your needle tip & thread through hole on front (no need to move the bead down the thread at all. Just sew as you normally would)

Step 8) Stitch across the back, to come up another hole.

Step 9) Repeat to bead the whole thing-a-ling-ding.

Here's what it looks like from the back:

(oh so schloppy, but nifty where it counts) :O)

Step 10) As I stitch, I like testing how taut the stitches are (ever few stitches.) To tighten them use a needle or a paper piercer. It ensures that there's no loopy threads or loose beads (but you can always come back & fix any later too, if you forget like me.)

Limited Supplies Version: If you don't have a Scor-Pal, but you wanna try this, you can omit the grid. Just pick a patterned paper that already has dots on it, or a grid (or stamp a pattern) and then pierce in places where you want to add the beads. :O)

on a jacket style envelope
(Crystal Lacquer to glue beads on)

Maria (who wows me with her Gorgeous creations) made an incredible no-sew microbeaded Scor-Pal grid here.

Hope you are having a delightful Easter weekend
full of love & blessings,

P.S. You would not believe the amazing things Cathy has on her blog. Her colouring is sublime! And the store is loaded up with CUTEness, if you are feeling the need for a lil' treat.

The photo collage (with the 4 pics at the very top up there) was made in seconds with Pic Nik. Pic Nik is the speediest & most user friendly photo editing I've used (& it's free) I found it thanks to the mega talented Julie who pointed the way to this Sis TV video.


Cynde said...

Mel Love your cute little beaded box. Well what I could see of it! Love the beading you did, Thanks for the instructions. I am so happy for you, that you got an expression. You will have a ball with it, if anyone would, It would be you!!! As much as you do and explore, your going to have a blast ! I love mine...and keep learning more all the time. There is so much you can do. One of my very favorite cartridges is one called "Storybook". It's FABULOUS....has sooooo much in it to work with. Only one bad spoils you into believeing that all the cartridges are as loaded with cutouts!! LOL
Have a great weekend.....hope you heal some more and get over your sickness. I had pnuemonia and a very bad infection and scar tissue a few years back, and it took me a very long get to a place where I felt better. I wish you a speedy healthy return. Thanks again!

liannallama said...

wow! It looks super--thanks for the great pics and tutorial. Hope you feel better soon!

KellyRae said...

Love the beaded grid Mel! Thanks for giving the deets so we can try it.

Anita said...

Mel, You amaze me again. I want to say I enjoy seeing your amazing creations. You have such patience to make such beautiful projects. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

You are incredibly creative and always have such beautiful details in your work. I can't wait to hear more about the cricuit... and I hope you feel better soon.

Nancy at said...

Mel, That is just beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

Hey Mel!! I've been behind on my blog visiting too. Not for the same reason as yours. . .I've been busy reading the Twilight books! LOL! It's taken over all my blog hoppin' time! I almost can't wait to finish the books so I can get back to life!! I don't even want to craft. . .I squeeze in just enough time to make a card and I'm back to reading! I'm starting another blog. ..a book club! Can you believe it? Like I don't have enough blogs already! OH, well!

Awww, your Anya card is so darn cute. I love the beaded scor pal grid. I fell in love with it the first time you created the tutorial!!

Whoohoo! A cricut expression! I wanted one of those but I already have a Craft Robo and I don't use it often enough to justify buying a cricut!! Have fun with your new toy!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


Nancy said...

I just love the beaded grid, thanks for sharing, super tutorial, Isimply have to try this!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This is so very cool!! I don't know if I have the patience of what it takes though!! LOL!! TFS!

Elena said...

Wow! All of the sneak peeks looks so interesting!!! I really love your idea with the beads!

Cindy Haffner said...

WOW I love it!!!!!!!!!!