Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today's the LPS Release! (And Fancy Card Feet templates...) :O)

It's new release day at Little Paper Shop! These sets are so fun. Couldn't resist another card with the tree theme using {Forest Critters} & the sentiment from {Beauty of Nature} ("Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best" Beautiful, eh?)

1...Caardvarks Crew Inspiration
2...New & Nifty LPS sets!!! (on sale) & prizes too!
3...Some new templates/Digi freebie
4...Felt Grandee paper
5...How to make fancy feet for a card

Those Caardvark ladies have mad skillz! I especially admire how they've all mastered that look of beautiful artistic simplicity (which has me pulling out my hair when I attempt it) so this is my go at an homage to my fellow Varks (As clean & simple as I can get. Note to self: practice clean.)

Got the perfect trees? You can enter a card (using any tree themed thinger) here:

Don't have the perfect trees? Here's your chance to get some. :o) (I find these LPS trees to be perfection. They gave me paper pieced poplars in seconds! LOL.)

I'm so excited for you to see these sets, the whole kit & kaboodle!
You can check out all the Little Paper Shop new releases at a glance here
(or click the pics & links):

They're on sale, EVERY SET so don't miss that if you want 'em!
Want to win all 3 new releases for free?
Enter to win at this LPS blog post.

These look like unhappy mustaches, yes?

But no-no, mes ami(e)s, they are curvy card feet!
Just as silly, you say? Maybe you could use them if we called them
label-shaped card cut outs. (Heehee, I have the sillies) ;o)

I also used this tree tidbit scanned from an antique dictionary:

The other template for the label sheet can be found in this post:

...make some fancy feet for your cards

This is as easy as "1, 2, 3 you have feet!"

  • Cardstock
  • Writing implement (pencil/pen/marker/crayon/stick with a burnt end)...;o)
  • Scissors or hobby blade
  • Optional: Double-sided tape, Paper piercer (or fat needle)
  • metallic pen, Copic or other markers

Step 1) Trace a shape you like to make a curvy footed card.

As you can see in the pic with the turquoise template, you only need one side of a symmetrical pattern (just flip it over to do the other side, of course... or you can use a full shape. Any shape will do (even a square or rectangle...oval...circle...an isosceles trapezium) ;O)

Step 2)
To cut front & back evenly: add a little double-sided tape to the spots you will cut away & stick front & back of card together. It won't budge while you cut.

Step 3) Cut it out (no need to be perfect, right? It's handmade!) ;O)

To make more than one card, trace the first one you cut

To pierce two items at once (for instance, two card fronts, you can use three pins in a homemade fun foam pad as anchor & pierce)

A quick way to highlight your perty card feet: a white close to my heart marker or any marker you like...

Something nifty with Copics (metallic pens seem to resist them, so the metallic prevents bleeding. (The faux stitches here are a silver metallic pen) :O)

Want to make your own cut out shape?

I love things that are free but let you express your own style! Here's the process I used to make the shapes, in case you want to make your very own:

1) Fold a scrap of cardstock in half (any scrap, with one straight edge)
2) Draw a shape on one half (curvy lines seem to work nicely)
3) Fold it in half again & cut it out, then you have a template to trace

This type of template can be used top or bottom...
from head to toe! (toe to head?)

The tent topper shape of this card was made by tracing the same shape I used for the card feet.

[That grey flower is a vellum debossed flower edged in silver Zigpainty & coloured with Copic. With a bead in the center. I can't wait to make more of those (and maybe a tutorial?)]

When paper is this yummy it qualifies as a tool, don't ya think?
I'm hooked on the watercolour paper texture & luxurious weight of

Grandee Felt cardstock (à la Paper Temptress)

Hope your tuesday is happy & crafty!


Chookarooni said...

great idea Mel - was thinking maybe I could use my top note die from SU to do this to bottom of my cards - will give it a try and let you know.

marciad said...

Very cool idea. Now to go through my "stuff" like scrapbook tools that have interesting edges.

Beth Norman said...

There's no stopping you. OMG this is awesome. The smaller pic is totally outstanding as well. Not only do I love the feet on the card, but the way you put the cards together. TFS. You're the best!

C said...

You, my dear, are the absolute Queen of Imagination, Generousity and Creativity. I have declared it as so. Thank you sooooo much for making us better crafters, giving us FREE templates and so much of your precious time.

Catherine said...

OMGosh, Mel! I am loving this card!!! And of course, all the how-to you share! Amazing!

Annie said...

Mel you have the most amazing blog - saw your comment on Dustin Pike on Inspirational and came to have a nosey - like you do. Have just spent ages scrolling back through your amazing work. Wow!! So many fantastic ideas. I'm coming back with a cup of coffee and a couple of hours (or maybe days to spare).

Ann xxx

Unknown said...

You are again and forever brill! When I don't have Charlotte chirping at me and Ave demanding to be held, I will read it at length!

Unknown said...

What a great post! So much good stuff! LOVE those card feet!

(-: Heidi

Emily said...

How clever Mel! You are amazing! I love that you tell us all your secrets for free:)))

Etha said...

WOW! love the "fancy card feel" thing, thanks for the tut! what a great idea. Sweet photography, love it :)

Elena said...

Very beautiful and elegant card!
Love your idea with the curved edge! Thank you for sharing it with us, Mel!

Donna Baker said...

WOW! what a cool HUGE tree! thanks for linking me up, your creations are so unique & you have the greatest tips ever!!

Susie M. said...


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Hey genius...don't you just love reading through the comments that are gushing praises? Makes me grin from ear to ear to read these since I know how true they are about you and your generosity and creativeness. I want to be like you when I grow up. Ü

Sherry said...

Mel you are one FAB-ulously Creative gal!! I just love that you can figure these things out, put them to use and then you share them with us!! You ROCK!! I think I might even attempt making your armoire which is so cool btw! I also think you should send your Tent Topper shape to Spellbinders for their next Die set! I would use that shape ALL the time! Ü

Sherry said...

I have to add to my previous post ---> The shape with the "Use what talents you possess" was the shape that I think you should sell to Spellbinders (can you do that?) it would make a really awesome die set .. and it works so well with the Tent Topper shape! Ohhh, I know.. sell them both!! Ü