Saturday, May 23, 2009

Impressabilities Resist technique & Inspirational Links

Don't try this at home!

It was a dumb idea. LOL. Well, not so hot with Microglaze, at any rate. Thought I'd share the process of this messy adventure with you, though so you can laugh at my insanity, ynuk ynuk.

I really loved the results of using the Impressibilites for a resist, but the clean-up with microglaze was ultra difficult. Very tricksy Precious. We hateses the microglaze for this. Nasty horrible haze it leaves and makes Impressibilities stick to our paper & mis-shape on us. SO, nice hobbits should not go there! It's hurts us--it does Precious! (sorry re-reading the Lord of the Rings Trillogy and lovin' Gollum) heeheeheeheehee.

Long story short: this will be the Lady of the Resist Trillogy,
since I'm going to try some other resist mediums out
(we thinks Acrylic Gel Medium is lovely, Precious.
Like nice fishes, so juicy sweeeet!)

1-Technique: How to create a mess with Impressabilities resist (this version uses Microglaze)
2-Links to some wicked things with Impressabilities (not done my messy me) ;o)

create Impressabilities resist
(with Microglaze)

The nifty thing about Impressabilities is that they act as a stencil, so i thought they might be a neat tool to use to create custom papers with embossing and resist techniques. This is my first attempt (using Microglaze as the resist agent) While I was tickled with the distressed look, the mess that microglaze left was not so hot...

  • Impressabilites & machine (I used a Cuttlebug
  • Relatively thin paper for best embossing (thin patterned papers work really nicely)
  • Microglaze (or other resist agent)
  • Makeup sponge (or dauber or other)
  • Ink (I used water-based dye ink)
  • Paper towel/rag
  • Optional: Copics to touch up

Step 1) Emboss paper with Impressabilities; leave it on the paper

[BUT don't do what I did! ;o)---> I was silly and left it on the tan mat for this tutorial (and it made a big bad mess--even the dye ink stained and pressure of the Cuttlebug can transfer that ink to papers.) In hindsight, I'd carefully remove the Impressability from the tan mat (keeping the paper with it) & place it on a scrap piece of fun foam (won't shift around on you)]

Need to clean your tan mat? and you wanna be environmental & healthy-minded? Baking soda & elbow grease works wonders!

Step 2) Cover a make-up sponge in a thin coating of microglaze

Step 3) Scape excess microglaze off on the lip of jar

Step 4) Dab microglaze onto the paper (through the Impressabilities) holding it in place. Pounce up & Down to cover the whole cardstock

Step 5) To get coverage in areas with fine detail-lay the sponge on & press well all around it

Step 6) Lift off the Impressabilities--after the exposed paper is fully covered with microglaze.

Step 7) Let it dry (does that stuff even dry?...I dunno! Can't hurt though... It won't look like much at all until you add the ink

Step 8) Apply ink. I used dye-based black reinker (Black)

Step 9)
Wipe excess ink off, using a clean area of paper towel each time you wipe to lessen the haze of ink

Step 10) If you have any missed areas with no ink: you can touch them up with Copic markers

Cleaning Impressibilities after the Microglaze is on them turns out to be quite tricky (it left a haze). I think the resist might end cleaner & work better using gel medium (Like I said before, I love semi-gloss gel medium for resist.)

A) apply versamark with Impressabilities on the embossed paper
B) remove the Impressabilities
C) add embossing powder
D) heat
E) ink & wipe

I'll let you know how it turns out. :O)
If you have experimented with this (or you end up experimenting),
I'd love to hear what works for you!

Interested? You can check out Impressabilities here:
(click any pic to go to Paper Garden Projects)

1) Cathy has some great pointers for using the Impressabilities on her blog. I'm extraspecially going to try cutting them out of the frame.

2) How to use Impressabilities in a Cuttlebug (Great Crop Stop video)
3) CHA product demo video
4) Great video that explains how to use your Impressibilities CUT up (magnetic sheet is the key!) :O) & Wendy's 'Impress'ive blog tutorial for the flowers is here
5) Susie B shares some incredibly ingenious tips for using Nestabilities (great cardstock weight experiments!)
6) Scads of info here (& reviews) thanks to SplitCoastStampers
7) SCS gallery search "Impressabilities"
8) Kimberly's clever tricks with them (especially brilliant for baking!)
9) Great tutorial by Spike
Spellbinders blog Impressabilities category
10) Beate's terrif SCS tutorial for letterpress with Impressabilities
11) & her SCS tutorial for embossing with them too
12) Jackie achieves some stunning results with different inks. WOW!
13) & she bravely cuts the Impressabilities up to use the butterfly as an embellishment (uses yummy metallic cream too)

Hope this was useful to Ya!

Here's the finished card post:

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Elena said...

What a fun way to use this impressabilities! Thank you so much for sharing!

Peggy said...

It might have been tricky for you, but the end product is simply beautiful!

Mary Director said...

Thank you for the specifics on this technique. Love all the photos too.

CreativSpirit said...

Another great and informative tutorial, thanks Mel. I am so glad that I found your blog, I love what you do, but especially the way you write it up. Thanks so much for sharing your art and yourself with all of us. I feel as if I know you personally.



Anonymous said...

What a treasure trove of crafty goodness! Thanks for all the cool links, you must have such a fun studio to play in, we should be neighbors!

CindyLouMe said...

I loves what you've done with the Impressibilities. I immediately heard Gollum narrating your instructions. Huh-larious! When I started reading, I was thinking,"Why didn't she try a gel medium?" and there was my answer at the end. Oh well! Next time, Precioussss.
Thank you for a great tutorial! And thanks for sharing your oops! It helps to be reminded that everybody does it.