Monday, May 25, 2009

LPS preview of {Flower Frenzy} & FABRIC (embossed, stamped, & with gesso & Copics)

The ol' mojo needed a colour challenge in a BIG way; know what I mean? (Look Ma! no turquoise!) hehehe ;o) New colours for a new stamp set, oh joy of joys...

Can't wait for you all to see this lovely set from Little Paper Shop that releases tomorrow (!!!) It's called {Flower Frenzy} Turns out it's also a frenzy of my faves: flowers, sassy flourishes, & flexible sentiments.

The flowers in the set are really flexible technique wise too. They cut up nicely (this card has the same flower cut three ways), but most excipating of all, there are both solid & outline blooms, so you can do all your faves 2 step, paper piece, do the wet into wet reinker painting technique that's so hot right now.

Well, why am I listing techniques to YOU? You all know a million things to do with two varieties of stamps at once, LOL. BUT... hopefully today's post has something you might not have tried yet: embossing & faux watercolour on fabric with Copics. Yup, it's Mod Podge & Gesso to the rescue again! ;o)

1-Little Paper Shop Colour Challenge
2-Emboss fabric (Cuttlebug folders or other method)
3-Stamp on fabric & Copics on Gesso
4-Cheap tricks: Create a custom chunky Scallop
5-Jazz up black & white patterned papers
6-New curvy tab with SU's round tab punch


LPS Colour challenge

Inspired by these soft spring colours? Come play along with us!
You can read all about the challenge
& enter to win {Flower Frenzy} (!) on the LPS Blog here.


...emboss fabric
(with Cuttlebug folders or other methods)

  • fabric
  • mod podge or other adhesive
  • cardstock
  • embossing folder (and rolling pin/machine)
  • Optional: template & scissors or die cut
  • Brayer & pigment or metallic ink (heat gun to set)

Step 1) Make fabric piece

A) Glue fabric to cardstock. I used Mod Podge.
B) Leave as is or coat in matte medium (reduces shine) ink it or paint it...
C) Trace template onto cardstock backing (or try Nestabilities)
D) Cut the shape out out

Step 2) Emboss Fabric piece

Step 3) Directly ink or brayer fabric piece & I would add a step & heat set it (I forgot & the white ink all rubbed off)


...stamp on fabric
& Copic faux watercolour on Gesso

  • Scrap of fabric (i like fine weave thinner fabric)
  • Gesso (or other primer)
  • Paint brush (clean well after use) :O)
  • Stazon ink, clear embossing powder; white pigment ink & white e.p.
  • Heat gun
  • Copic markers (B13 Hydrangea Blue, and RV11 Pink, shade with bit of R-29 Lipstick Red)
  • Scissors, paper piercer, needle & thread
  • Zigpainty pen for dots
  • Perfect Plum & Pink Pirouette SU cardstock
  • Glass brad from Creative Imaginations

Step 1)
Paint fabric with gesso

Step 2) Stamp colour & cut flowers, then repeat process for leaves

The {Flower Frenzy} blooms are stamped in Stazon & embossed in clear. The leaves are stamped & embossed in white.)

Colouring with copics on Gesso: Copics are really great over gesso; it keeps the fabric from sucking up all your ink. The gesso lets you get a faux watercolour effect with Copics (and it's easy to blend other water-based markers without any of that pilling you can get on Copic papers.) Letting the Gesso cure very well (over night or more) means less transfer of gesso onto your Copic markers.

Step 3) Adhere flowers & leaves to embossed fabric shape

Step 4) Pierce to create lines for stems

Step 5)
Stitch stems, mat image & embellish


...create a custom chunky Scallop
& jazz it up...

Use anything round (in whatever size you like) to make big chunky scallops. me love free!

  • Anything round in the size you like
  • Patterned paper (or not) This was a gift from the lovely sweet talented Maria.
  • Pencil
  • Tim Holtz Design ruler (or your fave)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Paper piercer, needle & thread
  • Gems
  • Markers (SU: Perfect Plum, Pale Plum, Pretty in Pink) & a water brush.

Drawing the Scallop shape:

Step 1) Mark the center at the base of your paper using a ruler

Step 2) Trace one circle centered in the middle

Step 3) Draw a straight line across at the depth you want your scallop to stop curving at (to guage where to put side circles.

Step 4) Draw the remaining circles (however many you like) on either side of your middle circle

Step 5) Cut along your lines to create the scallop shape. Stopping at the line.

An Nifty Option? If you're really liking your custom scallop, you can make it into your own template: After you cut it out, trace it onto a scrap of cardstock before you add it to your card--to save for future use. If you're like me & things get lost on you, consider scanning it and filing it on your computer. (i lurve u my leetle compuker!)

Embellishing the Scallop shape:

Step 1) If you like to paper pierce, you can create a guide line on the back of your paper:

If you created a template in step one up there, just trace it. If not just trace the same circular object again higher up. :O)

Step 2) Pierce along guide line through the your scallop paper (flatten the raised piercing holes on the front, with a bone-folder or your finger nail, if you want them to show less.)

Step 3) Stitch along scallop (beads are neato too) :O)

Step 4) Add some jazzy colour! To paint papers using markers: rub colour from markers onto an acrylic block or glass plate, or whatnot, and then pick up colour with a water brush.

I love black & white papers since you can add colour to just sections:
(no duh huh?) ;o)

Step 5)
Paint the edge at bottom of the stitching.


...jazz up
black & white patterned papers

It's fun to use whole coloured sections of Black & White pattered paper for matching originality-ness (really, so people can see the differnce and know how hard you worked for them. MUahahaha.) ;o)

Coloured with Stampin' Up! water-based markers: Perfect Plum, Pale Plum, Pretty in Pink)

I love your ruler Tim!
(Tim Holtz Design ruler for lining bits up)


create a new c
urvy tab
(with SU "round tab" punch)

Well this may be old hat to you guys n galz, but it's new to I thought I'd share it with Ya. I like the curvy little shape that this Round Tab punch has for a nifty little shape for a tag:

It's just a strip of cardstock punched from the side:

The word love is from that loverly {Flower Frenzy} set. :O)

Ironically enough, it's the one card that uses this same image layout (flourishes as plant leaves) & the same stem technique. I'm repeating myself, LOL.

And there you have it...


My friend Allison has always been an inspiration on so many levels.
Please read her moving & purposeful post HERE
and help Eric de la Cruz in his battle with CHD and red tape.
(Isn't it amazing that we can try and make a difference,
no matter how powerless we may feel sometimes?)

And you can check out the gorgeous creations made by
the LPS design team by clicking icons in the side bar -->


P.S. On the silly side of blogging. There was a hair in my candy! ;o) For those of you who actually read my incessant rambling, did you notice the weird line in yesterday's email update, where it said hair a couple of times with Copic colours? I mistakenly left it there when I was pasting the links for the Copics I'd used (saves a smidgen of time.) Had to laugh at myself for that one. Ick, hair in a candy post! Snort!

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linda said...

Wow - so much to absorb! Thank you for all your great tips and tutorials...really you are an inspiration! :P

Becky said...

WOW-is right.. You do the most awesome stuff, I love this card it is fabulous. I learn so much from here,that is why you are on my blog list, I do not want to miss anything :).

Bonnie said...

ANother wonderful preview and tutorial Mel!! Tell me, where did you get your clay flower pot??!! hehe.....looking for one or two or three.......

Elena said...

So beautiful, Mel! I love your idea with a little flower pot as a template! Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas!

Annapurna said...

Simply GORGEOUS!!!!

Is there such thing as a simple card anymore for you? Does it take 24 hrs to make each card? When do you sleep and eat?

Questions, questions, questions.

That armoire you made, made me fall off my chair. Only you can beat your own creations.

Now, I mean it when I say take it easy :-)

Diane Davies said...

All the detail you put in your beautiful cards always amazes me. Just wanted to let you know that I loved the idea of how you used the tag punch and I'm going to put that on my blog with a a link to this post. Also, I've been wanting to post about some free coloring pages I found that can be used as images for cards. Then a few days ago you put down some links to free digital images and I thought I'd put a link to that post in addition to the info I give. I don't comment often but ALWAYS admire your talent and work that you produce. Thank for all the time and effort you put in to your blog to share with us. : )

Anonymous said...

You are freaking amazing and generous and give me way too much to take in at one sitting. I love your style.

Kim Etherington said...

Pretty in Pink. This is so gorgeous. Love that blk and white outlined flower paper. Pretty flower stamps. LPS is extremely lucky to have you on their team. Your release projects are stunning!

twinkletoe said...

I can not believe how much work you put in to 1 card. You are amazing and this card is stunning. Thanks for sharing your card and all the tips.

Creations by Patti said...

Wow - another great one (or shall I say many) - are there enough techniques in this one card? Love the ginormous scallops and all the textures are yummy, too. Using a small pot is much better than waiting for a punch to come out and then paying almost $20 for it when something else can be used that is far less cost. Very clever! Thanks for sharing this and other techniques used for a great combination of a card. This one needs to be framed for sure! hugs....xoxo

Jessica Diedrich said...

You are one amazing lady, you know??? WOW! This is STUNNING, and you had me rolling w/ the hair in the candy story LOL!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring with all your paper ART. I always look forward to your next project. This card is so lovely - one of you BEST.


Jessie/knightrone said...

Wow, this is so lovely!!

Cindy Haffner said...


Nadia said...

WOW! Fantastic!!!

Unknown said...

Mel, as usual, love your tutorials! Very awesome. I learn something new from you all the time :D


Emily said...

I'm totally in love with this card Mel! Thank you so much for the great tutorial! I am in awe of your artistic creativity and talent, but mostly for your generousity in sharing all of it with us. You are amazing! Loved your funny postscript too!

Chantell said...

Mel, just want to say thank you for a great blog and that you are sharing on how you make your fantastic creations. Keep up the great work.
Chantell - South Africa

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

thank you for all your tips they are a great help

and the card is stunning

hugs shell xx

Monika/Buzsy said...

Wow! You are one busy crafter! So many neat details on your card! It's beautiful! Thanks for the pictures and alld the tips!

Deepa Gopal said...


You are one lady full of inspiration...I can feel it pass to me:)

Very Arty:)

Marilyn said...

You are AMAZING!!! What an awesome idea and such clear instructions.
I am always left speechless when I visit your blog and today is no exception... THANK YOU MEL!!! :o)

Unknown said...

Love this. So poaching the idea of just using part of the flower like you did! Great part on the bottom where you used the flourishes as leaves. I wish everyone of my cards looked like little works of art. I am afraid I don't have the patience though!

NinaB said...

Wow, how do you come up with all these fabulous ideas? I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! This is just gorgeous!! I love watching what you're up to!! You always have something really fabulous to show!! Thanks for all your hard work...and I know it's not easy doing all of that!! Great tutorials!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh MY....a GORGEOUS card!!!!! So beautiful!!!

Hugz~Dixie said...

Wonderful card. Thanks for the instructions.

Maria said...

Wow such a gorgeous card, Mel! I love the embossed fabric. wow, I didn't know you could do that but with you, anything is possible. I just love the elegant design of your card and the pink/black color combo is fantastic. . .everything about your card is simply gorgeous and beautiful!


Michele Kovack said...

Thanks for the tips! Your card is jaw dropping gorgeous!!! So many pretty details!

Me Myself and I-N-K said...

Awesome card and tutorial! You are so innovative, Mel! I just love how much you share your frugal findings using things around the house! I am so sorry you have been suffering from migraines - not fun at all! Hope you are feeling better soon, my friend!

Alma =)

Kendra said...

OMG... I just found your blog and I feel like I hit pay dirt!!! You are one HUGE wealth of knowledge and I'm giddy about all the stuff I'm going to learn stalking your blog... LOL This is fantastic, thanks so much for sharing!