Friday, July 31, 2009

Susie Surprise at Paper Garden Projects: Woo hoo!

Susie just makes you happy, doesn't she?
That smile is a contagious one! :O)
Maybe it's that sentiment?--"woo hoo!"...

This was inspired by the fabulous Elena, who rocks the copics and has made some sweet cross stitch cards. I can't colour as beautifully as Elena or cross stitch, but I certainly am inspired by her! :O)

Making this card really made me appreciate Copic markers, not just for colouring, but also for all the bits'n'bobs. In all honesty, I would buy Copics even if you couldn't colour on paper with them! It was a hoot custom colouring different embellishment jazz for this: microbeads, flower gems, ribbons--oh my. ;o) Hope there's something here to add colour to your day!

1...Enabler Alert: Susie Surprise @ Paper Garden Projects to... embroidered copic coloured image on fabric cardstock
3...paper pieced cupcakes with some copic tricks tricks with ribbon


Can you resist the cute? ;o)


...make an embroidered copic image
(on homemade fabric cardstock)

Basically, this image was done by: gluing fabric to cardstock, stamping, colouring lightly with copic markers, then piercing & stitching. It took a while, but I love stitching & that retro texture it gives you. :O)

for homemade fabric cardstock:
  • fabric (this was a worn out pillowcase)
  • adhesive (I used Alene's tack it over & over)
  • cardstock (any will do-I used 80lb scrap cardstock)
for the image:

in this photo: darkening areas of the stamped
Susie Surprise image with a Copic multiliner

Step 1}
Create the image:

A) Tear fabric & fray edges (just pull threads until you're happy with the fray)
B) Glue fabric to cardstock (I used Alene's tack it over & over)
C) Stamp Susie Surprise (using an ink that will be colour proof is a good idea. Heat setting helps.)
D) Colour (Copics will bleed a lot on fabric so a very light touch is good. You can always go back & fill in more, of course.
E) Pierce around the edges of the image (for embroidering)
F) Stitch with Embroidery thread
G) Darken the stamp areas (that are left un-stitched) with a Copic multiliner
H) Lacquer the balloons

Step 2}
Embellish the image: pierce & stitch a frame around Susie (I used black thread)

For sneaky faux stitches
in between (in multiple colours without having to thread a single needle) I filled in with Souffle pens & various markers...sneak sneak sneak!


I want to gobble these little cupcakes right up. I love the design of them
and with microbeads they look crunchy & sugary, mmmm sugar!

Step 1}
Go over the Black cardstock with an anti-static bag (this is SU's embossing buddy)

Step 2}
Stamp & emboss cup cakes in white (for the bottoms)
Step 3} Cut out the black cupcakes...

Step 4} Paper piece for some colourful tops...

A) Stamp cupcakes on patterned paper
B) Cut out tops
C) Glue tops to black cupcakes

Step 5}
embellish them:

cheap tricks for embellishing cupcakes

A) Cover the icing tops in Crystal Lacquer
B) Add clear microbeads
C) Shade microbeads with Copic markers for depth

Colour rhinestone flowers any hue you like with Copic markers and then glue them onto the cupcakes with a little dab of Crystal Lacquer...

the cupcakes are attached to the card with foam tape. Foam mounting tape comes in white & black to match your project (but you can be sneaky & colour in the sides of the white foam with Copic markers so that it is any shade you need!)


(with ribbons)

Don't you get a kick out of making something that matches your projects perfectly? What is it about customizing things that is just so irresistible? Here are a couple of ideas for saving cash-ola by custom colouring ribbons...

Two things for this.... 1-Copic markers

Click to go see the "I want it white" collection

Step 1}
Tie a bow. I used the May Arts sheer dotted swiss ribbon (I prefer to tie as the first step, so I know exactly where to put colour in the next step) which is....

Step 2} Colour the dots. This feels like pure magic. You don't have to be careful at all! The black hides any over colouring & the white dots show off Copic colours beautifully. TOO fun, I tell ya! :O)

Then I wanted black ric rac, so I took the white stuff from the kit...

If you want to get rich black died ribbon, you can press it onto a really black ink pad. I used a Stazon pad & pressed with the end of a glue stick (WITH the cap on it) LOL.

Tim Holtz ruler to the rescue! (for centering that ric rac on the card.) I think my brain is lop-sided with all this heat lately, but Tim keeps me in line, teehee. The card also has speedy faux stitches drawn on with a copic multiliner.

& that's all I could think up to blather on about today! ;O)

Thank You so much for stopping in &
I hope you have an amazingly wonderful day!


Maggie said...

my you r up early. catch that worm did ya?
Auntie in wet Ontario

Ann said...

Cute, cute, cute! Seriously, how could anyone resist her? ;)

E.T said...

hey Mel! Lovely card!

Martha said...

all I can say is wow!

kim-paperbabe said...

Woo Hoo super fun Mel, love the copic colouring on fabric. Gorgeous card and fabulous details TFS!!! HuGs Kim :)

Maureen said...

Another awesome post! I especially loved the microbeads on the cupcakes and coloring the spots on the ribbon - genius!!

Cathrine said...

Too cute Mel - I bet that girl throws awesome parties! Love the microbead frosting!

Isn't it fun to color embellies? It makes me feel creative and thrifty all rolled into one!

Elena said...

Thank you so much Mel for saying very kind words about me! I am so happy that I can inspire you, because for me you are my INSPIRATION always!
I liked your idea with stamping on the fabric and stitching! Wow! That is fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing everything you do and thank you for being my blogging friend!