Monday, July 27, 2009

Two Peas videos by Jennifer--Link Index (inspiring for any product)

And that's it for 2009 Thinking Inking class updates...

Had to share these with you a.s.a.p.
Some wicked technique videos!

WHAT: Technique videos (Jennifer uses Distress Inks & other product by Ranger, but you can use other types of supplies for many of the techniques, of course.) The videos are loaded with inspiration-no matter what materials you have.

WHO: Jennifer & Two Peas have 9 weeks of free video classes sponsored by Ranger Inks (and Tim Holtz) HERE. (Found 'em thanks to the Fab Martha Rose of Cuttlebug-itis Yahoo group fame.)

WHY: (am i linking them here?) I was finding them rather difficult to track down, so I thought I'd post a link list of them here in case any of you were having the same troubles...

WHERE: The two peas message boards (the forum threads for them also has chatting & goodies (prizes etc...) In case any of you missed it, or want to see it all pulled together, here it is:

Edited to add: The original links to the 2 peas forums are defunct, so here are new links to the videos:

Week #1:
Part 1: Distress Ink -
Part 2: Distress Ink Stamping -
Part 3: Distress Ink – Watercolor Backgrounds -

Week #2:
Part 1: Embossing Powders - Video
Part 2: Multi-powder Embossing -
Part 3: Distress Embossing Powders - Video

Week #3
Part 1: Paint Dabbers – Backgrounds - Video
Part 2: Paint Dabbers – Stamp with Paint -
Part 3: Paint Dabbers – Resist -

Week #4:
Part 1: Distress Crackle Paint -
Part 2: Distress Crackle Paint & Stamping -
Part 3: Distress Crackle Paint – Adding shine - Video

Week #5:
Part 1 : Alcohol Inks – Creating backgrounds -
Video #1 & Video #2
Part 2 : Alcohol Inks – Clear embellishments - Video
Part 3 : Alcohol Inks – Using embellishments -

Week #6:
Part 1: Dimensional Pearls and Stickles - The basics :
Part 2: Dimensional Pearls and Stickles - Stamping : Video
Part 3: Dimensional Pearls and Stckles - Creating Background :

Week #7:
Part 1: Canvas and stamping -
Part 2: Canvas and stamping - Video
Part 3: Canvas & stamping - More ideas -

Week #8:
Part 1: Perfect Pearls -
Part 2: Perfect Pearls -
Part 3: Perfect Pearls - Additional Techniques -

Week #9:
Part 1: Favorites – Distress Inks -
Part 2: Favorites – Alcohol Inks -
Part 3: Favorites – Everything -

Older links (these links below
are not working now):

Week 1:

A) Week 1 Part #1 here (basics of distress inks) & week 1-1 Forum here
B) Week 1 Part #2 here (stamping with distress inks) & week 1-2 Forum here
C) Week 1 Part #3 here (watercolour backgrounds w. distress inks) & week 1-3 Forum here

Week 2:

A) Week 2 Part #1 here (embossing powders) & week 2-1 Forum here
B) Week 2 Part #2 here (paint dabbers) & week 2-2 Forum here
C) Week 2 Part #3 here (distress embossing powders) & week 2-3 Forum here

Week 3:

A) Week 3 Part# 1 here (Paint Dabbers/Acrylic paint backgrounds) & week 3-1 Forum here
B) Week 3 Part #2 here (Dabbers cont'd-Stamping with acrylic paint & resist & week 3-2 Forum here
C) Week 3 Part #3 here (Dabbers & Resist) & week 3-3 Forum here

Week 4:

A) Week 4 Part #1 here (Crackle paints-adding colour basics) & week 4-1 Forum here
B) Week Part #2 (Crackle paints-combined with stamping) week 4-2 Forum
C) Week Part #3 (Crackle paints-shine & metallix) week 4-3 Forum

Week 5:

A) Week 5 Part #1 (Alcohol ink backgrounds-2 videos) week 5-1 Forum
B) Week 5 Part #2 (Alcohol inks & clear elements) week 5-2 Forum
C) Week 5 Part #3 (Alcohol inks on embellishments) week 5-3 Forum

Week 6:

A) Week 6 Part #1 (Dimensional & Liquid Pearls and Stickles) week 6-1 Forum
B) Week 6 Part #2 (Using Dimensional & Liquid Pearls and Stickles with stamping) week 6-2 Forum
C) Week 6 Part #3 (Backgrounds with Dimensional & Liquid Pearls and Stickles) week 6-3 Forum

Week 7:

A) Week 7 Part #1 (Sticky-back canvas & Claudine's Paints) week 7-1 Forum
B) Week 7 Part #2 ( more of Claudine's canvas & paints with stamping) week 7-2 Forum
C) Week 7 Part #3 (additional techniques with canvas & stamping) week 7-3- Forum

Week 8:

A) Week 8 Part #1 (Perfect Pearls) week 8-1 Forum
B) Week 8 Part #2 (Perfect Pearls with water) week 8-2 Forum
C) Week 8 Part #3 (Perfect Pearls additional techniques) week 8-3 Forum

Week 9:

A) Week 9 Part #1 (Favourites: Distress Inks) week 9-1 Forum
B) Week 9 Part #2 (Favourites: Alcohol Inks) week 9-2 Forum
C) Week 9 Part #3 (Favourites: Everything) week 9-3 Forum

What a treasure trove! Thank you Jennifer for sharing your astounding talent (and Ranger for supporting that brilliance.) :O) I have got to get me some of those Distress Inks already.

edited to add: contests & additions to the series are all done now

Hope you have a colourful day! :O)


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Thanks so much for sharing with us!
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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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love, love, love my Ranger products! thanks Mel=)

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Wow Mel! Thanks for passing these links along. The videos are really helpful and creative. Gave me all sorts of cool ideas to work with!

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Thanks for sharing these. After watching some of the videos, I got inspired and made a tag! :o)

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