Monday, July 6, 2009

You Rock Allison! (LPS sketch challenge)

This post is inspired by & dedicated to the Fabulous Allison (whose birthday is this week--I won't say the day, just in case I shouldn't) ... I'm so grateful that Allison is one of my longtime blog friends. She has been nothing short of a hero of mine ever since I met her online & she continues to wow me with her extraordinarily rockin' personality--no exaggeration!

1...the Birthday Girl's rockin' sketch challenge
2...layered stamping on a wierd label shape (& a lacquered guitar)

Happy Birthday Allison!
You just plain ROCK!!!!!!

(and here's a hot sketch she made that proves it)

Lurve how it uses the rule of 3rds perfectly! (and how it makes me feel all smart for a change, since it's perfectness lets me talk about the only design rule I know, ynuk ynuk!)

...create layered stamping & a weird label shape
(plus making a lacquer guitar)

  • Black & turquoise cardstock
  • Sharp scissors
  • White pencil crayons & SU markers (turquoise & teal)
  • Waterbrush
  • Stamps (used here: LPS {Rock Star})
  • White craft ink
  • Heat gun
  • embossing buddy (or anti-static bag/ol' dryer sheet)
  • Silver embossing powder
  • Crystal Lacquer
  • Green seed beads
  • Silver marker (dollar store)

Step 1} Create a funky mat shape- A) fold a piece of paper in four & cut a shape in it B) Cut & unfold and recut until you like the shape C) Trace it on your cardstock

Step 2} Cut the (weird) mat shape out. ;o)

Step 3} Stamp an image (I used the skull from the Little Paper Shop set {Rock Star} in white Craft ink (from S.U.)

Step 4} Dry the ink with a heat gun (so it won't pick up embossing powder with the next layer

Step 5} Rub the cardstock with an anti-static bag (aka embossing buddy) to prevent extra embossing powder sticking)

Step 6} Stamp a second image on your mat--over the other layers. I stamped 2 guitars (one for the whole guitar and one to use just the strings & guitar neck for dimension)

Step 7} Colour with white pencil crayon to make a base for the image colour

Step 8a} Add marker colour over the white pencil crayon (this may look a little sloppy now, but it looks better later, honest.)

Step 8b} Shade with a second colour, if you like

Step 8c} Water-based markers will let you blend shading with a water brush

Step 9} Cover the guitar with Crystal Lacquer

Step 10} Adhere the silver embossed guitar neck to the lacquered guitar.

(I also glued on some green seed beads on for the tuning pegs & splattered silver ink from a really wet dollars store marker.)

Thank You for taking time out of
your busy busy day to check this out!

P.S. I'll re-take better photos of this & post them on the blog later today, so you can actually see the details. The light was bad, but I just didn't want to miss the Little Paper Shop Monday mornin' post. :O)


Bonnie said...

Fabulous!! Reminds me of the electric guitar hubby used to serenade me with (ouch!! me ears)I am so glad you are up early too! Makes my morning so much easier and it is all about me right??!! hehe!

Stampinsilvia said...

Wow what a great card! A lot of work, but definately worth it!

Julie said...

WOWSERS, Mel! This is awesome! I absolutely love that guitar!

Jessica Diedrich said...

This is GORGEOUS, Mel and I love how you used the guitar! You are awesome, lady!

Cindy Haffner said...

Cool your card rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

You are incredible!

Elena said...

Wow! Fabulous job on this sketch by Allison! I love the guitar!!! Looks like a real one!

Rose Ann said...

Wow...what a rockin', fun card!! Allison is sure to love it!! What great colors, and a most fabulous tutorial too!!

Kim Etherington said...

Love the blue guitar!! Ultra cool!

Anonymous said...

WOWZER!! This project really rocks!! I love it!! TFS! :)