Friday, September 18, 2009

Beaded Faux Window P.O.D. Card

POD purse by melstampz - Copy (2)

Here's an unblogged faux window card (with no tutorial-GASP!) I'm the broken-headed, broken-record version of myself still, so no details, but if you'd like any please just ask.

The sweet purse stamp is from Purple Onion Designs'
"Girlfriends" set. You can find it HERE.

the sentiment is from that set too. It says
"A girl can never have..." then inside:
"...too many fabulous handbags,
too many stylish shoes,
or too many incredible girlfriends!"

Craftin' Hugs,

P.S. If you suffer from migraines--or another chronic illness--you may find this NY Times article interesting. And I'm going to be trying Saffron as soon as I can find a local grocers that stocks it. I hear it's a good Ayurvedic remedy.


Lisa Foster said...

Oh WOW! This is just gorgeous!!! You are so amazing!
I hope the Saffron works for you!!!
Migraines are horrible! Beware tho, it's super expensive!

Maryellen said...

Hi Mel, So sorry you can't find
relief for your migraines. I hope
more research can be done to find a cure because there's just no quick cure all for this condition.
Love this card, I am a handbag fanatic, shoes not so much ( I have
wide feet) :( I follow your blog daily and know when I don't see a new post I understand what's keeping you away. Take care of yourself.
Maryellen aka: Mel :)

Dawn said...

beautiful GF! you have waaaaay too much time on your hands (but I'm glad! teehee!)

hope you get some help with those M's!

lilscrappers said...

Try Epicure's a home order company, but they carry it.

Sue from Oregon said...

I love the design on this! Simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing your cards!!!! That window is so cute and don't you just love purple onion designs stamps!!!?

Sue Daly said...

Take care of yourself Mel!!
Love ya

Cindy said...

Beautiful, Mel!! Love the colors and design!

Appreciate seeing your posts even more, knowing your 'head isn't into it'!!! Wish you well in treating your migraines.

Randi said...

So pretty. I love it.

Adela said...

Beautiful card, Mel! Your creations are always so beautiful!

I will definitely look at that site you linked. I have headaches every day and migraines at least once a week. This one I have now is on its 4th day. I've had tests after tests, meds after meds... last month I ended up in ER because it was so unbelievably unbearable. Hope you find the saffron.

April said...

Love this design. It's gorgeous. Maybe when your feeling better you'll share the how-to.

Take care.

Joan B said...

Gorgeous. STunning in fact. Hope the saffron works. It is very expensive!