Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Caardvarks Sketchfest TUESday (+ Glassy Cuttlebug technique)

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Don't you love how a sketch can take you out of your "everyday" ways?
These Caardvarks Sketchfest sketches are mojo helpers BIG time--
especially since I'm what you might call "layout challenged!"

1...The Challenge: Caardvarks Sketchfest
2...how to get glassy Cuttlebug embossing


Today is day 3 of Caardvarks Sketchfest with Studio Calico!

All of the crews cards were made with the contents of
Studio Calico's gorgeous "Director's Cut" kit.
Their September kit is HOT too! & this add-on has me a droolin'


...get glassy Cuttlebug embossing

The crow in me likes shiny raised texture on patterned paper SO much:

Not sure if this is a new Cuttlebug technique-Who knows anymore in the fabulous free-for-all that is crafting? Who cares, right? LOL. But maybe this will be new to you & you can have some fun with it.

It couldn't be simpler:
just add clear embossing to an embossed piece of patterned paper.

  • All of these papers & embellishments are from the Studio Calico "Director's Cut" kit. I don't know how they pack so many nifty goodies in one kit, but I'm mighty thankful!
  • Versamark (or other clear embossing ink)
  • Paint brush
  • Provo Craft (or other embossing folder)
  • Cuttlebug (or other machine)
  • U.T.E.E. (Ultra Thick Embossing Powder) or regular clear e.p.
  • Heat gun
  • Paper piercer, needle, green & red thread, & black seed beads
  • Black cardstock
  • Corner rounder punch (for scallops) & exacto blade

Step 1)
Apply a thick coat of Versamark (or other clear embossing ink) onto a Cuttlebug embossing folder (I like painting it on from the refill bottle, since that protects my Versamark pad from wear & gets lotsa juicy Versamark on the folder.) ;O)

If you don't like messing up your folders, you could just emboss the paper in an ink free folder (like you normally do) and then apply the Versamark to the embossed paper instead of the folder. I think I just need to make a mess to feel like I'm crafting & I wanted lots of Versamark colouration soaked in the paper.

Step 2)
Cut your patterned paper to size & lay it in the Versamark area of your folder. (The sticky Versamark holds it in place quite nicely.)

Step 3) Dry emboss the paper by running the folder through the Cuttlebug.

Step 4) Add U.T.E.E. (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) to the dry embossed (and now Versamark covered) paper.

Step 5) Melt the U.T.E.E. with a heat gun.

Step 6)
If you'd like the glassiness to be nice & thick, add more Versamark...

Step 7) ...and add more U.T.E.E.

Step 8)
Heat it with the heat gun again. You may get a bit of curling but a bit of strong adhesive will fix that (or you can set it under a stack of books for a while to un-curl)

Optional, stick your glassy embossing in the freezer & crack the clear embossing glaze if you like. You can ink the cracks too.

Step 9) To make the mat, I stitched on some of the "Little Yellow Bicycle" Journal tablet Everyday labels from the Studio Calico kit & one of the stickers too...with green & red thread. Those labels are such nifty card elements. I'm hooked on those puppies!

Step 10) The glassy Cuttlebug piece is mounted on black cardstock & then a circle (cut from the same patterned paper in the Studio Calico kit.) Then, it's stitched with black seed beads and red thread.

Step 11) To make the Decorative strip, I did this stuff:

A) Stuck a piece of the MakingMemories Great Escape masking tape onto black cardstock
B) Trimmed it & then used a corner punch to scallop it.
C) I used an exacto blade to cut a slit (to keep the word "memorable" from being covered up.)

You can colour this masking tape with Copic markers too, to get any colour you like.

Step 12) Stick it all on a black card:

Of course, you could also use plain cardstock to do the glassy Cuttlebug thing--or stamped paper, or whatever your heart desires! If you don't have a Cuttlebug, but you'd like to try it, you could buy pre-embossed paper & add clear embossing to it.

Thank You sooooooh much for taking time out
of your busy day.
Hope you find time to play!

P.S. my Sunday & Monday Sketchfest cards are here:


Anonymous said...

I need some UTEE now :) You are quite the enabler with your beautiful creations!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi,Mel..Love your work you sure don't shirk lol Lady

froebelsternchen said...

Your wonderful ideas are great!
Love your blog Mel!
hugs from Vienna, Austria


Nichole said...

Mel, I can always count on you! I've been sitting here for days looking at my Christmas card knowing that it is in DESPERATE need of something. Lo and behold, you came to the rescue again. This is going to make my card look great! Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Kim Etherington said...

Very nice layout. Cool card and nice to not have to use a stamp or digi image for a card and see it still look amazing with the pp as the centerpiece. These ladies sure are lucky to have you on their design teams.

CFLanger said...

Girl, you are amazing! I get so excited when I see you made a post because I know I'm going to see something awesome. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Erin said...

You are AMAZING. I can't believe how outstanding each and every post you do is. You need a book deal Mel! Seriously.

Elena said...

Wow! You have the best ideas, Mel! Thank you so much for sharing it!

csroyal said...

Oh man, Mel! Can't wait to try this technique!! Awesome!

Michelle said...

hi mel i am a huge fan of UTEE-ing embossed paper for that wonderful glassy look! (thus the king kong sized jars of utee in my supply stash!) ...and yours here is gorgeous! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your tutorials! I am new to cardmaking and haven't started using embossing powder yet, but this sure makes me want to try!