Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Speedy round gift bag (Challenge 2 for the Palooza!)

Challenge two for the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog Birthday Palooza is to make a gift bag & card. This one uses some recycling (anybody have empty ribbon spools?) :-D It actually goes together surprisingly quickly too!

It's round. :o) Depending on the diameter of your ribbon spool
this type of round bag fits a bottle of wine perfectly:

(Woofy photo, sorry but you get the idea...You could
leave the paper full size for a taller gift bag...)

1...Cuttlebug Challenge Blog Birthday Palooza challenge (Gift bag & card)
2...make a round gift bag (from an old ribbon spool)

Cuttlebug Challenge Blog
Be Inspired Wednesday #48 (Gift Bag & Card)


...make a round gift bag
(from a cardboard ribbon spool)

For supplies used to make the leaves please see this post.

Step 1) Trim the top & bottom rims off of a ribbon spool so that it is a squat cylinder.

Step 2) Trace it to cut 2 circles of cardstock to cover the hole & the writing on the ribbon spool.

:o) For a fun kids bag you could turn it into a shaker:
  • Add one circle on the bottom of the spool
  • Fill the spool (assuming it has a hole) with beans/whatever
  • Add the second paper round to seal it
  • Finish constructing the bag....

Step 3) Cut a piece of Core'dinations Whitewash cardstock (This ribbon spool is fairly large in diameter (3-1/2 inches) so it required the full length of the Core'dinations paper. I trimmed it to be 8-1/2 inches high, though, & covered the words with an extra strip of Core'dinations.

Step 4) Cover the sides of the ribbon spool in a strong double-sided tape & wrap the Core'dinations cardstock around it.

Step 5) Adhere the end of the cardstock down to finish the assembly.

Step 6)
Emboss & sand strips of Core'dinations White wash to trim the bottom & top of the bag.

Step 7) Finish embellishing:

Since this is for a stampin' party, I'm gonna fill it up with stamping treats as a gift for the Bday gal (Hey, it would fit some rolls of ribbon perfectly, LOL.)

Thanks so much for visiting!

P.S. Here's the matching invitation
(& a pictorial on how the leaves were made)


Karen said...

Loving your projects Mel! WOW! Gorgeous colors and great ideas and cool tutorial!!


Heidi Van Laar said...

Gorgeous Mel, and what an awesome way to use leftover ribbon spools!

I just love the over all design of you party BTW!

(-: Heidi

Kim Etherington said...

Beautiful once again! Love the colour combo, soft, cool and crisp. Can I come to your partay? ;o)

Meda said...

Wow, Mel. this is totally amazing! I really love the elegance of this set and oh, you got me with the recycling!

Mari said...

Ok, I was thinking to myself - 'How is she going to cut the center out of that spool? And how many did she have to glue together?' right up intil I got to that part of the instructions! LOL See, just goes to show you - you're BRILLIANT! :)

Judi M said...

What a great way to recycle those empty ribbon spools. Love the idea of the round shape.

SJDWolf said...

Stunning! Thanks for the great tutorial too, tfs.

Sue a/k/a MOUSEMOM40 said...

Beautiful as always! You're so creative - I'm always excited to see what you've made!

Beth said...

Well Mel you never disappoint me another over the top creation and I love the fact it is done recycling.

Karen said...

What a fantastic project!! You just gave me a use for the empty ribbon spools that I thought I was foolishly holding on to. Thank you so much! Really love the colors you've never fail to amaze! :>

Maria said...

Hey Mel!!! How ya' doing? Did you have a chance to take a few walks last week? I've been really good. . .it's not helping my crafting but that's okay. I need to get more fit and healthier.. .:)

Oooh, what a fantastic way to use the ribbon spools. I have a bunch of them!!! Thanks for the great idea! Your gift bag turned out gorgeous! I love your stuff!

Sorry, I haven't been around . . .trying to get fit and blurfing don't really go hand in hand. .:) gotta sit to blurf. .can't really do it when you're walking around unless you're really talented!

Hope all is well!


Michelle said...

mel your projects....including this one ...have been fantastic!

Shantaie said...

A big "pat on the back" for being a green stamper! Mel, your round box is out of this world!!

Anonymous said...

Mel your creations are absolutly `stunningly` you are super duper talented for sure TFS
Hope your well...
Have a lovely weekend:)xxx

Tricia said...

you say speedy? Never! everything you do looks so darn elaborate ! I love it

Dawn said...

thumbs up!

E.T said...

Great work Mel! Totally love the new cylindrical box/bag!

Allison said...

How very pretty! And those leaves again with those colors...gush!

P.S. I guess I should stop chucking all those ribbon spools!

Amber said...

Love your creations Mel! You are the best at tutorials, just amazing:)

Anonymous said... this is speaking my language!!! You mentioned "wine"! LOL! I love it and I will SURELY use it for the HOlidays!

June Houck said...

Mel these turned out beautifully! I appreciate your tutorials so much. You have so much talent and creativity :)