Friday, November 20, 2009

P.O.D. Thankfulness Trees (and some news!)

It's so wonderful that the American Thanksgiving is so much later in the year (than our Canadian one), so I can stretch out being Thankful! :o)

This project is a Thanksgiving Thank You tote decorated all in Purple Onion Design stamps. (Another thing I have to be grateful for. Thanks to Michele, I get to play along with her & her amazing Design Team for the Holidays!)

It's a large tote:
4.5 inches high
8 inches wide
2 inches deep
(front to back)

Purple Onion Designs thankfulness tote <span class=

It has side loop-ies:

and it has a pocket inside:

1... some stamp faves: Purple Onion Designs
2... making a Large quilted forest tote bag
3... making the 4.5 x 8 inch tote bag-(12x12 paper)


from Purple Onion Design
(used on this tote bag)

Tree trunk from Celebitties doodles:

Autumn definition from the 4 Seasons Definition set:

"Season" from the 4 seasons words:


...make a quilted (beaded) forest :o)

thankfulness Tote Purple Onion Designs <span class=

I can't get enough of punching this little tree in shapes (it's so sweet with scallop circles/squares...cut free-hand into rectangles/triangles.) I've gone over the top with beading on this, but you can make a lovely little tree--or a whole forest--in minutes. :o)

  • Stamps from POD: Celebitties, 4 Seasons Definition set, 4 seasons words
  • Paper Temptress Cream Velvet Touch cardstock (main image & pocket)
  • Patterned Paper is all Cosmo Cricket catalogue-summer 2009
  • Black Archival ink & Clear embossing powder (+heat gun)
  • Dark Bark Copic marker E49
  • Pencil & eraser
  • 1 1/4" circle punch (Paper Shapers)
  • Word Window punch (Paper Shapers)
  • Vellum cardstock
  • Paper piercer & needle
  • Brown thread, cream embroidery thread
  • Double sided tape, Tombow monomulti,
  • Dew Drops & Crystal Lacquer
  • Scallop template (available free here, if you need one)
  • GCD Studios Paris Nights collection ( cardstock for box & handle)
Please click the photo for the JPG:

click here if you prefer PDF

Step 1) Stamp tree trunk tops on any paper you like. This is that tree from Celebitties doodles & The paper is scavenged from the Cosmo Cricket catalogue-summer 2009.) I embossed the trees in black pigment ink & clear embossing powder, then coloured them in with a Dark Bark Copic marker E49.

Step 2) Punch out the tree tree tops. (You can use any punch shape or size, of course. I like the way the a 1 and 1-4 inch circle punch fits the tree.)

Step 3) Stamp some trunks on neutral paper & cut them out (You can stamp with or without the wee teeny leaves at the bottom--love those) I used the punch remainder to draw a circle at the bottom of each tree & cut them out.) A sturdy paper is nice.

Step 4) Create a quilted scallop piece by punching squares, gluing them on side by each, tracing a scallop onto them & cutting

Step 5) Pierce & stitch the scallop edge, if you like.

Step 6) Make custom baubles by gluing dewdrops to paper & cutting them out. (Crystal Lacquer works well for this.)

Step 7) Stamp & emboss the Autumn definition onto paper. I embossed with white pigment ink & clear embossing powder on Paper Temptress Cream Velvet Touch cardstock. I love the texture of it-(like a cross between fabric & paper.)

Step 8)
Glue the tree tops onto the trunks & line them up along the embossed background paper.

Step 9) Pierce around the outside of the trees (if you'd like to stitch or bead them.)

Step 10) Stitch & bead the trees. Takes a bit of time, but I'm unnaturally obsessed with the feel of seed beads all sewn in a row. hehehe ;o)

Step 11) Finishing touches:

A) Emboss the word Season onto the quilted scallop piece.
B) Emboss of Thankfulness on vellum (from the printer)-punch it & stitch on.
C) Adhere the baubles (on punched paper dots)


...make an open-topped gift bag:
(using 12x12 paper)

The finished box measures:

4.5 inches high
8 inches wide
2" deep (front to back)

to make the main box:

Step 1) Start with a piece of 12x12 cardstock
Step 2) Score at 2 spots: the 2 inch and 10 inch marks
Step 3) Turn & score at 3 spots: the 4.5 inch, 6.5 inch, and 11 inch marks.
Step 4) Trim of the smallest bit to the right of that last (11 inch) score mark.
Step 5) Cut 4 slits (2 in each side) to create the flaps & assemble.

to make the pocket:
(5" wide & 3" high)

Step 1) Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 7" x 4"
Step 2) With the piece on the horizontal (so it looks short) score at these marks: .5" and 1" then 6" and 6.5"
Step 3) Turn the cardstock on the vertical (so it looks tall) and score at .5 and 1"
Step 4) Snip two slits at the bottom to get tabs for folding & trim the top
Step 5) Adhere it to the inside of the tote

to make the side loops:

Step 1) Cut two pieces of paper to measure 1 inch by 3 inches (this is more Cosmo Cricket Catalogue)
Step 2) Pierce them & stitch 'em, if you like
Step 3) Adhere to the sides under your main image (shown above)
Step 4) Loop them around the back & stick them on with some really sticky tape.

To get a curvy handle...I just traced a dinner plate 2 times & cut it out. (If you'd like the template, please just let me know & I'll add one.)

Same goes for if you'd like a visual of the box building. (The size is so handy that I think I have to make more of these for Christmas gifts,--sooooh I'll likely make a PDF of how-to...) :o)

and that's it...

I'm so thankful that You popped by!
Hope you have the loveliest of days,


The Art of Being Kelcified said...

Mel, this tote is beautiful! Great job!

Suzeq4500 said...

I love the detail you put into your projects. This is fantastic, it always amazes me what talented people can do with paper. TFS

Anonymous said...

this blog hopping is fun ! i didn't know you were out there and such beautiful work ! this is soooo great. thank you elizabeth

Shari said...

Awesome have such a unique way with details. Love it.

Elizabeth's Craft Creations said...

This is so detailed and beautiful ! I just found your blog and you have some fantastic ideas . . THANK YOU !!

Dawn said...

oh c'mon!!! you're killin' me....

I would love to have the talent you possess in your little toenail! sheesh... fabulous!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful. I'm learning so much. Thanks

lavendarrose29 said...

This is a fabulous project. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Shirley N said...

It is always so amazing to see how much work (and love) you put into all your projects. Beautiful tote!

Unknown said...

Really neat idea. Thank you for letting me comment. So many of the sites in these contests will only let you comment if you give them other peoples emails. Not really fair. I don't have any friends that share my particular hobby, and I wouldn't give their emails anyway. Your tote is really cute. Thanks again.

Kim Etherington said...

MAN.... you are so darn talented! It is amazing! It's such a soft and beautiful tote!

Jessie said...

Wow, Amazing!

Unknown said...

I apologize for the rant. Someone just showed me how to leave a comment without leaving someones email.

Candie said...

Real Cute i Love It.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. what intricate design.

CFLanger said...

Oh my goodness - you have outdone yourself AGAIN! This is gorgeous! I aspire to have ideas like you someday. :o) Hugs!

Nancy Curtis said...

This is tote-ally awesome, Mel. I would love more details and pictures, please. Just love all the details-the tote is too fabulous!

KimCreate said...

WOW, WOW, gorgoeous work. Love the stamps and paper you chose.

Dee said...

this is beautiful, I'm in awe of what we can create using PAPER!!!


mekei said...

omg, Omg, OMg, OMG. and now i see who the famous Mel is of Mel Stampz (not Mel's Stamps'). I have to go see this diaroma i heard about on the hop.

pcrusberg said...

What a lovely project! It looks so pretty. Thanks! Pam

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Debbie said...

What a great project and beautiful execution. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Turnedgypsy said...

the tote is beautiful mel.


Turnedgypsy said...

beautiful tote, mel. love it thanks for sharing with this old newbie. i need to learn to make beautiful things.


berg4 said...

So beautiful - wonderful work! TFS!

Anonymous said...

What a great project!!! such detail and creativity!!

Ann said...

Absolutely beautiful Mel - you put so much detail into your projects. I'm definitely going to try the little trees myself - love them!

pooja tripathi said...

Very nice.....and you explain it so well!

Beth Norman said...

My God, you're brilliant. Mel, you are such an inspiration, and a pure joy in my card making life. Keep them coming. You must be feeling a bit better with regular posts. I'm happy for you.


Whimcees said...

Wow! Perfection!

Barbara Diane

Lauretta See said...

WOW this is so beautiful... MEL !!???!!!?????!!!?? DO YOU EVER SLEEP??? there is so much detail on all your projects.. where do you get the time to create them.. hehehe I admire you ;)) xx

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Absolutly Stunning. I would love to be the receiver on your creations.

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You constantly amaze and inspire me! This is another beautiful creation! :-)Traci

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This is awesome.

Cazzy x

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