Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Art Happens (teehee) (a kid's sketch book--à la Mo!)

art is at it's
purest & most pleasurable
in serendipitous accident

This is what that Sam in Trouble (heat-embossed digital image) turned into:

Mo's Digital Pencil Sam in Trouble sketchbook <span class=

A little gifty--for that budding young artiste. It's a kid's sketch book. It was as fast as a card to put together (well as fast as I can seem to go with cards at least, LOL).

These sketch books are really affordable (often under $1o.00 for artist's quality books at your local art supply.) I can't ever get enough of colouring Mo's art at any time--add an excuse to scribble with crayons...and I just giggle myself silly! ;o)

Did you ever art-ify something that was a no-no when you were a kid? I carved into my Mom's good cedar chest with a fork. I remember being fascinated with the fact that the line I gouged would repeat itself with each of the fork tines. I think I got in a little bit of trouble, but my Mom was always letting us use any of her finest art supplies. Our family shared a sketchbook & she even let us oil paint! Crazy huh? I just love you Mommymur!!!

1...Love note to my Readers
2...Caardvarks Microchallenge
igi Stuff with Mo's Sam in Trouble & a 2peas freebie
4...Art Happens
! (how to make a mess with Crayons, beads, inky-ness
and cut & paste)
5...Making mini crayon-resist blackboard drawings



Dear FABulous Readers,

Did you guys know you make me cry with happiness on a regular basis?

You'd think I was ultra emotional or something (well, um, Yeah!) but really it's just that you are all astoundingly kind & generous. You put up with my sicky scheduling, and my hairbrainedness and then the lovely things you say! BLUSH. How did you get so SWEET!?! ;o)

There aren't words enough to thank you, but Thank You
from the bottom of my heart!


This project is for the newest 'Varks challenge....

It's a micro challenge &
You can read all about it at

Click if you'd like to visit the Challenge Sponsor:

There are some super sweet creations on their blog here
They have a blog hop coming up on Dec. 10th--all the info is here.

and it's a colour challenge:

Don't these colours make you drool? hehehe


(how I got Sam in a circle with no crayon drawings):

  1. Start with digital frame freebie from 2 peas "Thrilling October kit" by Cherie Mask here (You need to log in, but membership is free & they share many free kits.)
  2. Erase owl from Thrilling frame (Bad me, sorry sweet little owl)
  3. Save a copy of Mo's Digital Pencil [Sam in trouble] to resize how you like (to fit in the frame.)
  4. Copy Sam from it & paste Sam in the middle of the circle frame
  5. Erase crayon drawings (Sorry Mo's cuties--by permission of Mo) :o)
Don't want to use software?
If you like the look of the round frame--but you you don't want to play about digitally--you could just print/emboss it separately, cut it out & paste it over the image. :o)

(If you missed the mini tutorial & would like to read about
heat-embossing embossing digital images please click here):

This image is from Mo's Digital Pencil.

"Art Happens"

...make a mess with Crayons, beads, inky-ness
and cut & paste:

Next, I scribbled allover the walls with my crayons. I love crayons! Do You?

Then...coloured Sam. (I used Copic markers on a blender pen to get pastel shades, because I'm too cheap to buy the pastel markers!)

Tinting embossing with Copic markers makes me giddy!

I wanted to have more tinting fun,
by making custom coloured beads in a nice apple green:

It worked really well with a mix of:
Copic reinker, blending solution, and alcohol ink
(these used to be clear white beads)

A) Inks up beads (in a baggie)
B) Smoosh the ink around
C) Dry in a container in an airy place

It did take a little while to dry, but no problem until I noticed that.....because I didn't tidy up before I went crazy with ink, I had made this big mucky booboo on my image (by splashing ink on it!)...Then, it grew enormous when I tried to fix it--(like a big pukey crayon monster behind Sam's head!):

BARF!!! (the look on his face was exactly the look on mine when
I created that crayon barf monster!)

SOoooh, I cut it out with an exacto knife...
and pasted in a little banner in the background:

(it says-Art Happens!--You bet it does!)

the beads did make it onto the frame & they were happy:

make mini crayon-resist blackboard drawings

These are like little chipboard blackboard art. They were silly fun to make! :-D

Step 1) Draw some pictures in crayon

Step 2) Smoosh black ink all over them & wipe off the excess

Step 3) punch them out with a circle punch (this is a 1 and 1/4" circle)

Step 4) print circular frames (scaled down to fit & printed on matte paper to emboss them)

Step 5) Make frame rings & adhere everything:

A) Punch around the inside of the frames with a small circle punch (1 and 1/4" circle)
B) Then Punch around the outside of the frames with a larger circle punch (1 and 3/4" circle)
C) Make plain white rings the exact same way (to layer underneath the frames for dimension)
D) Colour the white around the black frames with a crayon
E) Tint the embossing on the frames (same as with the big one)
F) Mount the punched art behind the layered rings on a white 1 and 3/4" circle)
G) Glue your mini blackboard art onto a piece of cardstock (the black scallop)

Step 6) Add wee "nails" and picture wire.

The picture wire is silver thread, and the nail heads are the tips of snaps poked through holes made with a paper piercer. The snaps are glued on (so the art doesn't fall of the wall.) ;o)

Put it all together on a sketch book:

Mo's Digital Pencil Sam in Trouble Kid's sketchbook mel stampz

Hope there was an idea or two for you in
all this silliness,


Anonymous said...

what a lot of work dear, you gave the chest character but i never knew i was helping create a creative monster,love your mom aka lady

Anonymous said...

You really are brilliant! Hope you are busy working on that book because your creations are amazing! Mary

Dawn said...

too cute too cute too cute too cute too cute too cute too cute too cute too cute too cute too cute tooooooooooooocute!!!

coloring beads! brilliant!! only YOU!!! love it!!


Tracy Durcan said...

This is soooo cute!!!!

Sue a/k/a MOUSEMOM40 said...

How adorable! You are so creative you do need to write a book! Your work is amazing!

Maryellen said...

Oh Mel you never cease to amaze and
thrill me with your ultra creative
ideas. I love(ed) crayons too and
was always cutting and glueing
stuff together as a little girl.
You really ought to sell your art
and share it with the rest of us
mortal wanna be papercrafters!
Hugs to you,

Danni said...

I read your blog on a regular basis but always am intimidated to leave a comment! You are truly so creative and inspiring!
I love this project today!! Gave me the most brilliant idea for my daughter who loves to color anything but lately stamped images, she's 5. I am going to make her a little stamped image coloring book of sorts. Thanks for the inspiration!

Candy said...

I just love YOU, your ideas and your pretty little mind! I LOVE YOUR BOOK - can I buy it PLEASE!!!!!
It is out of this world with ideas and cuteness. You do what I always want to do but my insides won't let me. Your ideas are brilliant.
Much Love and hugs to YOU - Candy

deepazartz said...

You are Amazing Mel!!!
This is gr8(as always!)

SO intricate work and the result is just Fab. Would love to make something like this. And yes, I love crayons too:)

Happy Day!

Sue from Oregon said...

All the elements of this card are PERFECTO Mel!!!

Juls said...

this is just stunning!! what great tecniques you have used, and such stunning results! love it!!

Tricia said...

What an adorable project!!!! The recipient will be thrilled!!

Cariena said...

i have said it before - you are a genius!! everything you do is so detailed and gorgeous! THANK you for creating like this so that you can inspire and TEACH us at the other end of the world! Here's to the next 30 years!!!

Jeff & Janet Hopper said... that cute or what??!!! I am going to try that tomorrow when we have our stamp night. yippee....can't wait.

nurturedheartgal said...

Mel, I've fallen in love with this cutie and it's the answer to a search I've been doing for our grandson's upcoming birthday! Thanks for sharing and blessing us with your creativity!


sunghee said...

wow!!! u r soooooo talented! love your creations and inspirations!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!! WHat a fun card! Your tutorial rocks too! Happy Friday.