Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blogiversary Candy Winner: Suzi! (and Sturdy Circle punch Scallop)

The random generator picked Suzi. Congrats Suzi!
I've emailed you for your address and Cathy will send out the goodies!

Thank you all for making my blogiversary a blast! I just can't say how much your kind words meant to me--and a million thanks Cathy for the blog candy (and your sweetness!) I would've let the occasion slip by out of shyness. By the by, Have you seen the stunning things Cathy has been making lately? Gorgeous!

fer today, a mini tutorial....

...make a sturdy scalloped edge
(with a circle punch)

Do you find you use your punches enough? I neglect mine & am always looking for ways to get a new look with what I already have, instead of shopping!

I like big fat scallop edges made with circles (they're fast and fun) but they can get wrecked with one layer of flimsy cardstock... Sooooh, lately I'm liking sturdy scallops made with a thick 100lb cardstock and jazzed up with patterned paper. It's a great way to make use of those squigillion scraps of paper.

  • Heavy weight cardstock (100lb) or whatever you have
  • Patterned paper
  • Circle punch
  • Adhesive of your choice
  • Optional paper piercer & needle and thread to stitch it.

Step 1) Punch circles out of patterned paper. To get a bold sized scallop--for a five and a half inch card--it required 5 circles (1 and 1/4 inch) with trimming the two end scallops. For a double-sided pattern on your scallop just punch 10.

OR if you have a digital cutter you could speed this up some...

Step 2) Punch more circles out of sturdy cardstock--in the same size. (This is 100lb paper nice & thick for strength.)

Step 3) Glue patterned paper on to both sides of the circles.

Step 4) Place circles on a strip of strong cardstock (I used one 2.5 inches high + the card width--in this case, 5 1/2 inches.) To get them arranged evenly, start in the middle.

Embellish if you likePierce it & stitch it,

Step 5) Add your scallop to a card.

If you use this thick scallop, you may find you want to add enough layers to match the thickness of the sturdy scallop. That way, your card is not all bumpy wumpy. I added two layers of cardstock: one in 100lb to match the scallop and another in watercolour paper. (This card is no lightweight; it could survive a tornado!) ;o)

(affordable high quality cardstock)

Ever tried pads of art papers?
When you break down the cost, they're AWEsome!

What? I got pad of 100lb artist's quality "vellum" with Michael's coupons--which I thought would be clear but it's really just like acid free 100lb cardstock. Top notch quality & so nice to have that weight, especially for boxes (though you might want to consider the grain when scoring.)

Why? With coupons or sales it ends up being surprisingly affordable.

Where? Art stores that stock for students (like Opus in Canada) have great prices & it's all usually archival quality.

What else? I love bristol and watercolour paper too (which comes in all kinds of gorgeous textures.) Some of the weightier versions of art papers are fantastic for homemade chipboard. (If you have a digital cutter you can go to town, but it also cuts nicely with good sharp scissors.)

Who? Something to add to your Christmas lists, maybe? (Giving or receiving lists.) ;O) I got lots of my special paper from the world's best M.I.L. Who is a coupon Queen extraordinaire! (Love Ya Esther!!! oxo)

and a sneak peek at the what the scallop matches:

(It's for one of the Hero Arts digital projects)

Have you seen the digi gorgeousness the 'Varks are dishin' up?:

(new stuff every day, man!) :o)

Thanks for stopping in. You're da BEST!

Edited to add: Wanna make a quicker, big freehand cut scallop all in one piece? There's a template here.


Dawn said...

Congrats Suzi!!!

great tips kiddo!!! thanx=)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, it looks like you were having fun, Love Lady

Suzi said...

Is there more than one Suzi? Is it really moi?! I was just coming to "play" at your house/blog and there was my name! TY! for everything!

Elena said...

Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial, Mel!

Laura B said...

Great tutorial, I'm hoping Santa will bring me a circle punch. I have been very good this year :)

Jenea said...

It's really so cool and awesome!! I want on Christmas one of this!!!
Have a nice day!!! :)

Allison said...

Super fab tip...TFS! I noticed you can only get two blog posts a page...hmm, maybe you're writing too much? Ha ha!