Monday, December 14, 2009

Dimensional Toboggan Tag (à la Mo!)

This wee tutorial (heh heh) is for an oh so simple & speedy tag fold
(that measures 2 3/4" wide by 5" tall, when finished) and a lil' bit of embossing:

Mo's Digital Pencil Toboggan Tag mel stampz
It's made from standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch cardstock
(and you can get 3 tags per sheet of paper.)

The fold takes just two score marks, but has dimension to it:

Here's the inside:

(You could fold it like a matchbook, if ya like.)

OR it can stand up on it's own:

1...The image. Yay for MO!
2...speedy embossed digi on PT paper; embossing copic marker & snow embossing
3...the stitched toboggan rope
4...Cheap Tricks with patterned paper
5...the fold/tag base & finishing touches


I love digital images, because I'm a naughty instant gratification kind of
crafter & they are oh so nice for last minute projects. :o)

This image is fittingly called Toboggan
(from Mo's Digital Pencil here:)

I am ever so delighted that there is MO in the world!!!...
...With her talented digital pencil and her magical mind!


(speedy embossed digi on PT paper
& copic and snow embossing)

Mo's Digital Pencil Toboggan Tag mel stampz CLOSE

This lil' tag has five kinds of fun embossing:

1--From the printer--for Mo's artful image--black printer ink & clear embossing
2--Clear embossing on wet Copic Markers
.................and three varieties of embossing for the snow:
3--Sprinkling on white e.p. & melting from underneath the paper
4--Drawing on snow with a Souffle gel pen & covering with white e.p.
5--Drawing on snow with a Quickie glue pen & covering with glitter e.p.

Step 1a) Print the image--Toboggan from Mo's Digital Pencil--on Candido Incandescent paper from Paper Temptress & emboss with clear embossing powder. This incandescent paper is the ultimate! It lets you emboss out of the ink jet printer with no fuss no muss. Just print, sprinkle on clear embossing powder asap & heat. (Working quickly means the ink stays wet long enough to emboss it.) ;o)

Step 1b) Colour the image with Copic markers. (the paper needs a colouring medium with a little staying power like alcohol markers.) This PT Incandescent paper works so snifty with Copic markers. It makes regular alcohol markers look all metallic! :-D GRIN!

Step 2) Emboss a bit of the Copic colouring in clear. The incandescent paper also allows you to emboss Copics (see that clear bit on the front bottom of the toboggan?) A few brush strokes of a well-inked copic marker will stay wet because of the semi non-porous metallic finish, so you can add clear embossing powder. (if you work quickly in batches it's a breeze.)

the Iridescent paper has a gorgeous texture like watercolour paper...

...but the texture doesn't interfer with stamping or printing.

Step 3) Add three kinds of snow embossing:

3a) Sprinkle freely with white embossing powder & heat from underneath the paper (There's a full tutorial for that weirdness here.) ;o)

white embossing reacts with the clear on the sled copy

The sprinkled embossing can give you some really nifty effects.
If you have clear embossing (like the stuff up above using Copics to hold the clear embossing powder), then you can get neat effects when the white & clear embossing powder combine with each other.

It's fun to experiment with how hot you let the embossing powder get by going slowly with the heat gun. You can get solid snow flakes like the ones at the bottom of the image up there, but heating very little.

3b) Gel pen embossing (draw snow bumps on with white Souffle pen) , cover with white embossing while Souffle/gel pen is still wet. I like to work in stages, so the gel pen doesn't dry.

3c) Glue pen & glitter embossing: Draw snow on with Quickie glue pen, cover with clear glittery embossing powder & heat it to melt.


(the stitched rope)

The rope
sew, this is a rope, eh.... ;o)

A) Thread a needle & Tie a nice big knot in the end of the thread. (I used kraft coloured quilting thread, doubled up.)

B) Pierce a hole & stick the needle through the image so the thread knot looks like rope on the toboggan & sticks up.

C) Pierce holes along the rope part of the image & stitch it.

If this sewing business sounds like utter madness to you, you might be surprised how speedy but fun a little stitched detail can be... (If you give it a go....) Stuff like this rope, gives me the giggles teeheehee

The secret is in the piercing. (Pierce holes first, then stitch. Makes it SEW easy, harhar.) I like to use this my beloved paper piercer:

(i could kiss it & marry it. I love it the most!!!)

(I have tried SIX different piercers and they are all ploppy but this one, ROFL.) That MakingMemories piercer is the love of my stitchy life! It even has a secret compartment for needles! AND a needle threader which I broke, cause how do you use that thinger, anyhow?)

(embellishing patterned paper)

....i call these cheap tricks 'cause they're free
(and probably really really obvious) ;0)

To add a little bling...

...Glitter paper with gel pens
(whole sheets of paper or cut pieces like this.)

Cut little bits out of images in the paper....

...and stick them over top of the paper for a 3D chipboard kind of effect:

(this is the bottom of the tag)


the fold/tag base
(and finishing touches)

To make the tag card base (etc):

Step 1) Cut the cardstock, score & fold:

Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 11 x 2 3/4 inches. (This green is Kiwi Kiss)
1b)Score it in two spots at the 1 inch mark & six inch mark & fold.

Step 2) Glue ribbon on top of the outside of the tag.

Step 3) Cut a piece of paper for the background (and to cover the ribbon loop end.) This patterned paper is from My Mind's Eye (Be Merry.) I added cardstock under it to strengthen it.

Step 4) Loop the ribbon down & adhere the piece of patterned paper to hold it on.

Step 5) Cut the image out. Reinforce it if you'd like it to be dimensional.

I used the text weight of the Incandescent cardstock. It's thin, so it's light & REALLY easy to cut, but I wanted more weight (to be able to use foam tape for dimension) so it's stuck on Neehah white cardstock here.

Step 6) Adhere the image to the front of the card:

Step 7) add wee white paper snowflakes & dots of white souffle pen

Step 8) Decorate the inside:

(and th-th-th-th-that's all folks!) ;-)

Thanks for visitin'!
Hope your days are cheerful!

P.S. Dear lovely subscribers, SO sorry for the random ol' repeat in your emails. I had to take "commentability" off of that post, due to a persistent spammer--I was tired of our daily communications. LOL. And I hit save as a draft by accident...Buttah fingahs me! ;o)


IRIS said...

Hello, Mel! Beautiful!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!
Hugs, Irene

Barbara said...

This fold tag is sweet :)

Karen W said...

Wow, thank you so much for all that work for the tutorial, it's awesome. the tag is just adorable!!

Moniqui said...

Thanks for putting great effort in these tutorials! I love your blog even though i "dont do" cute stamping lol! You might just give me that push :)

Dawn said...

ok... do you ever get tired of hearing how AMAZING you are? hope not, cause honey, you keep putting out schtuff like this and you're gonna hear it FOREVAH!!!

again...Mel, totally ADORABLE!!! love every single inch of it (or cm since you're up north!)

and guess what?!! because of you, I had to go looking on Mo's blog... she has a LLAMA image now!!! woohooo!! I'm goin' shoppin'!!

hugs kiddo!

Holly said...

I just keep going back to look at it again and again. I love the sewn rope - such a tiny little detail that really adds so much! The two kinds of snow embossing is a cool touch too, and I adore how you've colored the dog; well the whole thing is colored brilliantly, but the dog would be difficult for me and so it captures my attention. Love it Mel!

Becky said...

What a fabulous looking fold tag.

Kendra said...

What a gorgeous tag! I love your colouring and all the little details you always put into your creations. I LOVE this one :) Thanks for sharing as usual!

Cathy at Paper Garden Projects said...

This is a wonderful project Mel! I love all those snowy details.

Sigh.... if only I could draw like Mo. Or even have ideas like Mo.... But alas, all I can muster is a pumpkin or an odd flower or 2. Lucky for me we can get her stuff!!

LauraB said...

Mel-Your artwork and all the details leave me speechless! You add a whole new class to papercrafting and I bow before you!
Have a blessed Christmas and PLEASE keep sharing!

TT said...

Okay! I love, love your teachings. I will never have to leave your "home" page to do any other projects. I want to try everything that you are teaching but will I live long enough. You seem so upbeat and talented I would love to meet you. I have made a couple of purses and then my printer ran out of ink. While I am waiting for the ink to arrive I am going to work with coloring crayons. Good thing that I never got around to getting rid of them. Hugs Tricia