Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Caardvarks & Just Rite: take-out tea cup turned gift box

caardvarks just rite coffee cup mel stampz

A couple of my New Year's resolutions:
  • Recycle my brains out-every scrap of paper & packaging I use
  • Quit coffee (for tea... eventually drinking only decaf)
  • Give more little giftie things to friends & family
This project pretty much fits all of the above... ;o)

1...A Caardvarks sketch Challenge--sponsored by Just Rite to wrap the cup & the Materials list to make your tea Just Rite :-D


This was made for the latest Caardvarks Challenge.

You can still play along here...

(...until January 15th at Midnight, PST

It's sponsored by Just Rite Stampers:


...wrap the cup:

I used a Starbucks take-out cup for this. You can buy a clean one if you like,
but I just washed one out (Gotta love recycling!) :o)

Step 1) Wrap patterned paper (12x12 sheet) around the coffee cup & mark just past where it meets. This is Basic Grey

Step 2) With the paper still wrapped around, mark the inside of the cup (top & bottom)

Step 3) Adhere the patterned paper to the cup & trim the bottom if needed (I used Tombow Monomulti adhesive.)

Step 4) Stick double-sided tape around the top & bottom of the cup (This is Oh So Sticky Tape--which is oh so sticky hehehe)

Step 5) Add ribbon onto the double-sided tape (hides any gaps in the patterned paper at the top & bottom of the cup)

...make your tea Just Rite:
(the sleeve & medallion) :o)

caardvarks just rite coffee cup CLOSE mel stampz

I definitely want to make a coffee version of this with some chocolate covered coffee beans inside, because I'm crazy for the wee coffee cup in that Just a Little Caffeine set.

Step 1) Trace the sleeve onto cardstock. The side with the pencil marks will be the side that shows (depending on the shape of your sleeve, of course.)

Step 2) Cut along the traced lines & lay the sleeve over it to score the paper where it folds.

Step 3) Score the other side of the sleeve.

Step 4) Stamp the cardstock, if you like & adhere it to the original sleeve.

This is stamped with Purple Onion Designs script background stamp in white ink. I used strong adhesive, but it's also stitched at the back so it was extra strong.

Step 5) To make the teeny glassy tea cup I did this schtuff:

A) Stamp the Just Rite tea cup using the Just Rite Stampers set Just a Little Caffeine Borders & Centers (2" round) & stamping on patterned paper (in Brown pigment ink.)
B) Emboss the outline in clear embossing powder
C) Shade the cup with Copic markers
D) Cover it with Versamarker to
E) Emboss a couple of times with clear embossing powder... then...

Step 6) Cut out the little handle bit out (the embossing makes it hold up to the cutting nicely.)

Step 7) Stamp the Just Rite border & the cup (to get the steam above the cup.) Colour it & then pierce & stitch beads around the image.

Step 8) Pierce & stitch silver thread for the steam (just random swirlies.)

Step 9) Adhere the medallion to the sleeve front.

Step 10) Slide the sleeve onto the cup.

Step 11) Cut a circle for the top of the cup (hides the writing etc...)

Step 12) Make a tea tag:

A) Punch patterned paper with a tag punch.
B) Stamp for & from (I used a Just Rite Times New Roman alphabet.)
C) Pierce & stitch around the outside edge.
D) Colour the outer border with Copic (Frost blue B-00 for faux mat)
E) Punch an extra tag out of cardstock
F) Stick it on the back (sandwiching thread to hang the tag with)

and there you have it...

...a funny little take-out tea cup "gift box"
I'll be filling this one with special tea samplers as a gift. :o)

Here's hoping your day is an energized one!


Dawn said...

oh...I KNOW I have a cup in my *don't throw that away* stash! this is just too fun. love every little detail. another AWEsome MelShowsUsHowIt'sDone tutorial!!

Maggie said...

so cool. love that Basic Grey paper.
love Auntie who throws out too many timmy's cups.
PS parcel is in the mail!!!!!!!

Dotty Jo said...

Wonderful project Mel! I gave up coffee and tea about three years ago - never felt so calm in all my life! Jo x

Jane Wetzel said...

this is so cool..gotta try it..btw..I gave up my cherished lattes for tea..feeling so much better! thanks for all the great inspirations..I dont comment all the time but keep up with you! Happy 2010! :)

Jamie said...

Adorable!! I don't think I could ever drink out of it, I would just stare at it.

Katie Cotton said...

i love this!!! Fantastic job!

sunghee said...

I always enjoy your tutorial and love this project. I especially like the tea bag tag!

Elaine A said...

Mel -

This is fantastic! Thank you for the great tutorial. Now I know what to do with my Starbuck cups!

Elaine Allen

Creative Momma said...

This quite a fabulous little cup...I love making these as giftcard holder (for Starbucks)
I love your paper choice and that cup is just to cute

Corie said...

Yummy -- this is stunning!!

Happy 2010!!

Suzanne said...

Totally cute Mel! Your idea is fun and the execution of the tutorial is fantabulous! All that's missing is a link to get O'So Sticky! Ü


Allison said...

Oh my...don't know that I would have the patience for this one. I figure I will just come here, look, sigh and then go back to my boring little creations (heh heh!).

Kim Etherington said...

Wow, this is incredibly fun and so creative and brilliant. Love the idea of a sampler of teas in it. Too cool! Hopefully, going off the coffee will help ya hon!