Monday, January 4, 2010

my new email (switching from gmail & a wee rant on why) ;o)

Edited to add: YAY! gmx is quite nice!

Getting organized in the new year....

After much deliberation, I'm switching emails, again. ;o)
Here's where I hang out now:


If you've had trouble contacting me, please know it is not because I don't read or reply to my email. (I really love every email message I receive & I spend many happy hours answering them in a week. I get such a kick out of chatting with you all.) Unfortunately, I'm sure I've missed out on some great chats, because I just learned that the gmail account I have had is pure evil.

I have tried loving gmail. I still want to love gmail,
but I can't help detesting it!

Why? gmail keeps having all these conversations behind my back & it hides my new email from me. Hording it in the dark recesses of the inbox! (No, really!)

The "heart of gmail"--the conversation thread function--gathers emails with the same heading together, which would be great if it worked as intended and new replies in those emails showed up as new--where you could see them and read them--BUT it doesn't work! Unfortunately, it is not an optional function of gmail--there's no way to shut it off.

Many many people have voiced dissatisfaction with gmails conversation thread function & now I know why! I've recently discovered that new replies to emails from people (and even some altogether new emails) end up buried pages and pages back in my inbox, and since I can get a couple hundreds of emails in a day--many of them spam--things get crowded. Hence, I never end up seeing many off my new emails. You can imagine the troubles this causes in communication & keeping organized...


Long story short. Buh-bye gmail. Thanks for the heartache, LOL.
I have high hopes that gmx is a good email service...

I am so sorry if you've tried to reach me & have been thwarted by gmail.
I aim to be more easily reached & better organized now!

Hope to hear from you! ;o)


kathy s said...

good luck- it is stories like this that make me glad i don't have a blog- I'm just plain chicken of losing all this info into never never land.

dani said...

ooo wow that bites...i know for a while there yahoo was acting stupid

Dawn said...

hope it works for ya kiddo!

vicki said...

thank you for sharing that info. After a gazillion years of sticking with AOL for my email, I have to make a change. AOL just plain stinks!! It's marking my emails as read before I even open them. It deletes everything after an arbitrary amount of time - and nothing you do can change that. I was about to try gmail but now perhaps will look elsewhere! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hi Melissa thanks for the info god luck with your new email,love lady

Tonniece said...

Good luck Mel. Hope this one wks. for you.

Wow, where to begin? it's been so long since I have been here that I am totally speechless. It seems you are still outdoing yourself. Each project is more inventive and beautiful then the last. I know I will never get caught up, but am going to give it a valliant try.

Hope you had an awesome christmas and New year.

Big Hugs

Elena said...

Sorry to hear about some troubles you had with gmail...
Hope this one will work much better for you and all your friends!

Cat said...

oooh. so sorry you're giving up gmail. i've used it for several years, and just love it. but, i have to say my daughter taught me a few tricks which i think have made the difference... archving (WHOLE new concept in email that i didn't really get) and labels.

my inbox is always down to fewer messages than what displays on a single page, and it's much easier to manage that way.

hugs to you!

sunghee said...

So true! I hated that about gmail. It took me a long time to figure out how to read threaded emails. Now I download gmail emails to Outlook, but I still use another email system for my regular emails.