Friday, February 26, 2010

Babushka-Doll-shaped Swing Card

This Babushka doll has some news for her husband...

Squigglefly Babushka Matrushka Momma melstampz

...She's expecting a...

Squigglefly OPEN Babushka Matrushka Baby melstampz Babushka!
(and no, Honey, this is not my way of trying to tell you something...heeheehee) ;o)

the Babushka Doll is a digital image

(from Squigglefly

...make this Babushka Swing card:

making the basic shape & colouring her head:

A) Erase the flower--digitally--from the apron of the Squigglefly Olga Babushka Doll. (I used Photoshop to erase it.)

B) Print & emboss the doll 2 times on White cardstock (Once, for the face & the main shape & once for the apron bit.) To emboss it, I treated the paper with Matte Medium (Embossing note: this does change the way the paper takes Copic markers; it's quite different feel, but I like the digital embossing so much.

C) Colour the face & hair & cut the doll & the apron bit out.

a note on cutting (in other words, what I messed up here) ;o): In the photo above I cut out the apron & set it aside for later (to save paper) but in hindsight I would have just printed two of the dolls (with the flowers erased) and used one as a solid background (not cut) and one as the plain apron piece--since that would make it easier to work with. Clear as mud? ;o)

To make her look like a happy pregnant lady, I added a bit of Copic multiliner to her mouth (the aim was to make the corners of her mouth seem like they were going up in a bit of a Mona Lisa smile):

Mommy Matrushka Smile Squigglefly digi mel_stampz

I coloured her hair with these 3 Copic markers: E71Champagne, E44 Clay, & Warm Gray No-7 and her skin with E50 Eggshell, E00 Skin White, & Sugared almond pink RV02.

making the apron:

A) Print one of the the Babushka Dolls (I chose Olga) onto vellum cardstock, emboss the wet inkjet printer ink with clear embossing powder & heat gun it gently to melt the powder. Adhere the embossed vellum to book paper & cut it out.

Adhere it to black cardstock & cut it out (leaving a bit of a black border)

C) Pierce around the scallop of the apron with a paper piercer, colour the vellum & stitch it with embroidery thread. Pierce a hole in the knot of the Babushka's scarf (for a brad later.)

Paper piecing

This is super easy since the shapes of this doll are so nice & simple, but of course you'll
just be sure to print your pieces using the same scale for all the pieces. :o)

A) Print the doll again to get the dotted patterned bottom--the dotted paper used here is from the GCD Party it Up collection. Like, vellum it lets you emboss from the printer because of the non-porous (metallic) finish.

B) Print the scarf (on patterned paper & cut it out) Cheap Trick: Want your paper bits another colour? Copic markers will do the trick. I used two Copic colours to match the BasicGrey brad: YG23 New Leaf & Aqua BG15.

(Sorry, can't for the life of me find the name of this paper. It has colourful orange/blue/green leaves on the other side.)

Adding the swinging apron
(and a baby Babushka):

Step 1) Colour the scallops on the dotted apron.

Step 2) Print & colour a teeny version of the doll (as a wee baby to match Mommy.) Cut the baby image out.

Step 3) Adhere baby the white cardstock apron bit (with the scallops cut off) Stick some SRM sentiment stickers onto it. (These are from SRM's Quick Cards Baby Girl #52002)

Step 4) Adhere baby in the Matrushka-Babushka Mommy's Tummy--so it will show from under the swinging apron.

Step 5) Cut the scarf into three pieces & Adhere the two scarf ends to the vellum apron section. If you don't have a matching brad, you can make one by gluing the paper-pieced center knot of the scarf onto any brad you have. I just discarded it, since the BasicGrey brad matched.

Step 6) Use a brad to attach the apron... that it swings open...

and you can see the itty bitty baby Babushka in her tummy!

Step 7) Add an extra 3D flower:

(this one is embossed on vellum & coloured with Copics)

Making the card base:

Make a Babushka shaped card:

A) Fold a piece of cardstock (I used a standard piece of black cardstock folded on the diagonal to get it long enough.)

B) Trace the Babushka shape onto it (making sure it overlaps a little to keep a fold intact in the card (at the top, or wherever you prefer.)

C) Cut it out and...

...then mount the Babushka on the front of the card:

...and there she is...

these are click-able Blogger photos (to enlarge)

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hope you
have an amazing day!

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Monica said...

:-) What a lovely card! And what a lovely surprise hihihi :-) Thanks for sharing!
Hugs Monica

Gayatri said...

Very very cute. Love the doll and the little one inside too.

Limonchik said...

Lovely )))) Hi hi ) Better not to call her Babushka )))) Babushka means old woman in Russia. Who is waiting not for a children, but already has grandchildren. This girls with smth inside them are called MATRYOSHKA. Thank you for explaining how to make this card!

Anonymous said...

I just love these dolls! You are so talented... it does stir up the creativity! Thank you for sharing your techniques.

Dotty Jo said...

Another fabulous creation Mel!!!! I love these dolls too, Jo x

Neasa said...

I think the paper is from My Minds Eye, Bloom and Grow. Quite apt don't you think?!!! Beautiful as always Mel.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Wow! Excellent idea! Thank you.
In Russian it is called Matryoshka =)

Flowers said...

WOW!!!! This is stunning! Thank you so much for the tutorial! will try to create one as explained.

Jane said...

How flippin CREATIVE!!! I just LOVE LOVE this card!!! FYI I know that these dolls are Matryoshka but I am CROATIAN and some of us like to say Babushka's fun to say don't ya think. Yes BABA means Grandma (even in Croatian) but I'm sticking to Babushka! ;)

Lisa Fedo said...


Mary Rose Gurica said...

hi Mel. nice work babushka dolls bring back childhood memories,loveLady

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing as always!! I just love to see what you can come up with using a stamp! You're just so creative!! Love it.
Beth Greco

Dawn said...

hahahah...oh man, got me all excited there for a minute! snort

too cute!

how's the packing coming? miss you!

Donna said...

You never cease to amaze me. I think this is adorable. Thanks for all the instructions. I so appreciate you!

Tiffany said...

How creative are you??!!! You're the best!!

Margreet said...

Hi Mel, this tutorial came just in time. My mother has next wednesday her birthday and she adores babushka-dolls. So I have ordered immediately the digi stamps, so this weekend I will be busy!!!!
Thank you very much!!!!
xxx Margreet

Virginia L. said...

This is INCREDIBLE! So inspiring!

mekei said...

so cute. thanks for sharing the how to's

CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Tutorials category today (look for timestamp: [26 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

Kim Etherington said...

Cute cute. You did these dolls justice!

Holly said...

Melissa you've done it again. Just magnificent work. I really love the look of the book page behind the vellum, and the vellum flower is sooo pretty! I'm still chuckling over the fact your hubby might have had his heart skip a beat! Thank you so much for being Squigglefly's guest designer this month.

Cazzy said...

Mel that is fabulous.

Cazzy x

Noreen said...

Very cute card idea... I loved it! The colors are nice, too.

cal8007 said...

Mel, what a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

Love coming here :)

Carmen L

Suzi said...

Adorable! How do come up with such clever ideas! You rock!

Nancy said...

Your doll card is terrific! So creative and fun! Thank you for the great tutorial too!

Beth said...

I wish I had your imagination and talent GF you just never cease to amaze me this is so sweet and pretty

Nancy said...

Amazing!! I'm so impressed with your creative genius, this is such a clever card! I wandered over here from Jane's blog and I'm so glad I did.

Jana Weaver said...

WOW! That is just adorable, and yes, perfect for letting one's honey know she's expecting!

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute!!! Love those nesting dolls! mary

Maria said...

Oh my gosh, that baby babushka card is so darn cute! You come up with such awesome stuff. . .I always smile when I look at your cards and projects! Thank you for being such an inspiration, Mel!!


Domna said...

Hi,Mel! I always read your tutorials to the end. And it's a great idea to do a card MATRYOSHKA!
Limonchik +1 :)))))
I'm from Russia too, and soon we'll celebrate a woman's i'll do a card based on your tutorial and spread the world about it and your blog one more time!
Thanks a lot!
LOVE your creations!

Tonniece said...

This si ADORABLE Mel. Love it.


Olga said...

Beautiful card and lovely tutorial. Thank you.

Lori (THCEO) said...

LOVE your projects, LOVE you are so inspiring! I've given you a blog can get it by heading over to my blog. Thanks for the great projects and how-tos!!! :)

Leesa Maree said...

I absolutly love this!
I want to do these as invites for my little girls 1st Birthday.
The only problem is, the whole Squigglefly site no longer exists :(
Can some please help me with the image?!
If you could please email
Thankyou SO much

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Hi Leesa, I've emailed you, so I hope you get it. Thanks so much for liking my Babushka card (or MATRYOSHKA) :O) Isn't that the sweetest image? You'll be delighted to know that Squigglefly is alive and well. I just did some digi shopping the other day, so you should be able to find it. If not, please let me know (and/or Holly who manages Sqigglefly) I'm sure she'd love to fix any problems with the site asap. (She ROCKs!)

Thanks again! :O) Mel