Monday, February 22, 2010

Caardvarks SRM sticker tutorial & Squigglefly pears

Another card for the Caardvarks SRM sticker challenge...

Caardvarks SRM stickers mel stampz

I'm calling this a technique a "vellum sticker-sentiment collage" (since you could collage all kinds of phrases & things under the vellum image...and/or stamp...) but secretly I think I just like to say the big fancy word "collage." ;O) It's really just sticking some sentiment stickers on cardstock & adding a reverse-coloured vellum image over it. LOL.

The Squigglefly Pears image is heat embossed on vellum cardstock, out of an inkjet printer (just print, sprinkle on clear embossing powder, & heat set with a heat gun):


and the SRM sentiment stickers show through the vellum.

1... Caardvarks sticker Challenge & SRM stickers links
2...Image used here (Squigglefly Pears!)
3...How to make a vellum sticker collage with a speedily embossed digital image


Have you seen the crew cards & the entries for the
latest Caardvarks Challenge? Gorgeous stuff!

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When I saw this image I knew i hadda buy it.

Am I completely crazy, or do the two pears on the left look like a couple of smoochy
people in love? (I think the pair of pears on the right might be jealous--or just married for a long time. hehehe) ;O)

Squigglefly Pears (digital image)

I've always wanted to colour me some bright green pears.
Pears are oddly nostalgic for me. We had pear trees growing up. I used to stash some pears I'd picked under my pillow & in my embroidery basket--for some weird reason. It wasn't pretty when I forgot them there (as you can well imagine.) I really love pears. Unripe ones especially. Do you like pears? Got any unusual fruit memories?

...make a vellum sticker collage
(with a speedily embossed digital image)

You can click these photos for a closer look, if you like:

Step 1) Heat emboss the digital image from an inkjet printer. Print Squigglefly Pears digital image on vellum cardstock. Sprinkle clear e.p. on wet inkjet printer in & use heat-gun to melt it.

Step 2) Trim the image, flip it over & colour on the back unembossed side of the vellum with Copic markers (or your choice of colouring medium for vellum.)

Copic colours used here: YG11 Mignonette, YG23 New Leaf, Yellowish Green YG06, YG67 Moss, and to make the bride & groom pair of pears blush: R35 Coral (Here comes the Blushing Bride Blushing Bartlet, giggle giggle)

For the brownish-gray base, I used Warm Gray W-7 allover, with shadows of Black 100, & cool gray C-7

Step 3) Tape the image to a window or light box--in order to add the stickers under the image--vellum side facing you--for the collage look (and get them placed just so...)

Step 4) Next tape up your cardstock over it (this layer will end up under the vellum image when it's all put onto your card.) While the cardstock is on the window, atop the vellum, adhere the stickers to the cardstock--in the places where you want them to show through the vellum.

I've used white cardstock to try and make the colours pop, but you could use any colour or pattern you like, of course.

Step 5) Line the image & sentiments up: Place the vellum image over the SRM sticker sentiment "collage" (no adhesive yet at this point) & trim or mark it according to how you want it to sit.

Step 6) Adhere the embossed vellum image over top of the SRM stickers (embossed side up with the colouring on the back.) I like a VERY thin application of tombow monomulti, mostly because it's what I have on hand & it seems to disappear fairly well under the vellum.

Step 7) Pierce around the image to make holes for easy hand sewing (or faux sewing) (As an afterthought, I decided to add more piercing to this later for a more distressed stitching look, as you can see in the next photo...)

Step 8) Stitch the image with black thread (extra distressed style) ;o)

Step 9) Distress the cardstock edges (using the edge of your scissors, your fingernails, or a distressing tool.

Step 10) Add inky distressing with a Copic marker. This is Warm Gray no 1 (very lightly applied.)

Step 11) Adhere a strip of green satin may arts ribbon to a black standard A2 sized card & then stick the sticker collage pear image on.

Step 12) Create an SRM sticker sentiment frame. This one is very distressed (on purpose) ;o) The SRM "mr. & mrs." sticker is trimmed to fit-then pasted on paper (stamped with words & acrylic painted.) Sticker corners roughed up like crazy & a little bit of stazon ink (a very very little bit of black Stazon ink on a finger tip) is rubbed here & there.

Step 13) Stitch black crystal beads to cover the holes of the hardware frame & embellish it. (This was a cream metal frame-but now it's covered with black stazon & silver zigpainty pen)

Step 14) Finally, Make a bow & add it to the card with the sticker sentiment frame:

(click-able Blogger photo)

Last but not least, the bow was made with a tool called a Bow Easy. Thanks to my fantabulously sweet & generous friend Dawn. She surprised me & sent me one with this stunning creation---and I'm in bow heaven now! Thank You Dawn!!! You sure are a darlin'! Mwah!

Thanks for stopping in!

P.S. Moving & Blogging....All the packing is a tad nerve-wracking, but we're so excited to be moving to our new place in Port Moody. ;O) Posts will sadly continue to be a little sparse, since I have to pack up my crafting goodies... BUT starting on the 27th I'll have a few days of MFT projects to share with ya. Thanks for your continued patience! :o)


Ms. Jen said...

This is VERY cool Mel! I'm gonna have to give it a shot myself. Love how your card turned out.

Mary Rose Gurica said...

pear heaven must have been a nice break from packing it's late waiting for drew to arrive safely in bad weather,snow,ttysoon love Lady

Anke said...

WOW Mel what a wonderful card.


Mari said...

Yay Mel! Gorgeous work (as always) and I totally dig the pears! My only 'fruit' memory would be the first time I tasted Elderberry jam - it was like HEAVEN! Unfortunately, I only had it the one time. :(

Maggie said...

I love pears too. I had a pear tree growing up too. pears at the best when you can barely bite into them they are so hard
we-share-more-than-genes Auntie

Dawn said...

love it...hahaha you and C on the left, me and L on the right!

yum...pears! we used to have 3 pear trees, but sadly we're down to one. come any time and eat to your heart's content!!! teehee

xoxo...........missing you

ps... the bow looks fab!! =)

mekei said...

we is crazy the same - i thought the same thing about those 2 pears on the left (unfortunately i am a pear on the right - married a looooong time). it was like far left pair was snuggling on next pair's chest. ha, ha. pears are real people too, right?

Christy Farneth-Kerr said...

Really great tut:) The card is amazing and pares are my personal fav
Thank You for sharing you ROCK!!

Shantaie said...

Great sticker tips mel!!!It always seems as if you are having so much fun when you stamp!!!

Holly said...

wow Mel, I really love the look of the stickers showing through the vellum - and your coloring on the pears just blows me away! Super! Now I want to CASE this very badly!

Deb Neerman said...

Fabulousness, Mel-a-Licious!

CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Tutorials category today (look for timestamp: [23 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

Sharon said...

I just love how you used the wet ink from the printer to your advantage! And all the little touches to complete this card, it just so wonderful! TFS. From your tutorial, you made this card seem so effortless, that I will give it a try! Thanks again for the beautiful card (for inspiration) and the tutorial (for creating).

Shirley said...

Who knew pears could look this good on paper. I cannot wait to try the embossing trick with the printer ink. Thanks for such a wonderful explanation of techniques.

Kim Etherington said...

Stunning. I LOVE the black and green together. Your colouring is perfect on your pears.. makes me want to bite into one. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Can I buy this off of you to give to my friend who's getting married in May? :o)

Elena said...

Wow! What a cool techique! It creates a very nice overlay! Thank you so much for sharing it, Mel!

calendula said...

This is awesome!!!
But as a Russian I assure you - it's not a Babushka it's Matryoshka :o)
Thank you!