Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FINALLY, I can write to You!

Finally, I can post a post again!

Hello, my friends from the land of unpacked boxes.
I've missed You ever so much & have been agonizing
about not being able to write to You.
(It's been like living in an isolation chamber!)

We've been doing a lot of this:

Cat napping to get well.
(This is our new furry family member "Mouse")

So what on earth could have happened to keep me away from you so long?
Here's the long & short of it...

The "short" version:

Where was I? We were living without internet for much longer than expected. It's still not working properly at all, but at least I can drop you all a note now! I've been way too sick with some mystery bug to go out to get to a computer & keep in touch.

Blog-schedule in the near future: I'll be getting back to blogging again now (with around 3 or 4 posts a week.) I'm so sorry for the prolonged wait & for being out of touch and behind on email. I'm more thankful than I can say for your continued patience and your kind kind thoughts.

Here's what's been happening with us in the last little while, in case you're curious... we moved on March the 7th. We had hoped for mid-month to have the extra week, but our old landlords were on vacation then & wanted to get their condo listed (that's why we had to move suddenly.) They offered for us to stay & help them sell, but we're just not feeling well enough to be up to that again. We've done that before...So anyhow, we cleaned the old place a lot on the 8th & touched up paint etc on the 9th ...and so on... ...and so on...

Looking at the calendar (and sighing) I realize I've been missing here for so very long now, but it feels like yesterday because both Charles & I have been out cold with some nasty long-lasting bug.

C missed a week's worth of work (budget says "ouch!") and I've missed more commitments here on the blog than I can think about without crying. Whatever this shared bug we have is, Charles & I concur: it feels worse than H1N1 did, and can you get that twice? We've been seeing double with fever & our lungs feel like they're in a vice... sore constricted throat, difficulty breathing, body aches, sinus etc... strange bug. It tested negatively for strep throat & for mono (whew for the no mono!), so we'll see...

The long version:

I can honestly say this has been one of the hardest months of my life. The unexpected move was brutal. Mostly I suppose because of these things:

(This is such a miserable little list that it makes me giggle--at least in hindsight!)

A) Being ill for so long and being so out of shape that my muscles are nothing short of goo-like. (And needing to push myself well beyond my limits to do my fair share of all the work.)

B) Underestimating the sheer amount of stuff I have (hoarding is in my genes, and I battle it tooth and nail!)

C) Being a pair of bibliophiles with a double plethora of books (one of whom cannot give up any book at all no matter how strange it is--ummmm yes, that'd be moi.) It would not be exaggerating at all to say we have in the 2000 range: 2 lit majors(1 horadosaurus) =1000's of books

D) Not wanting to give up the 7/8 large boxes of "scrap" paper (Can you believe it? It's true. How do you bring yourself to waste all that good paper?) Granted, the scrap bits are mixed in with a few important personal papers or during the move they would have been fed to the paper recycling bin in a moment of weakness.

E) Not having time to sort the recycling from the "treasures" & having to lug it all to sort later.

F) Being WAY too broke to hire movers (and having to rely on the world's best friends & family) We are beyond blessed that they came to our rescue. Mid-move they were, however, heard to solemnly swear that if we move again anytime soon they are changing their phone numbers! (Can't blame 'em!)

G) Making 5/6 of our movers sick/injuring them: not sure if it was the air quality at our old place (very poor so I have my suspicions conspiracy theories...) but...
  • One moving buddy got the most severe migraine she's ever had in her life (things that make you go hmmm, hey?)
  • Another moving buddy was sick to his stomach and couldn't budge for several hours.
  • One buddy had put out his back the day before & had a case of strep throat.
  • Charles smashed his knee brutally & could barely walk (the pull-out couch bites!)
  • and I had hurt my wrist in a major way (looks like carpal tunnel flared up from a lot of painting etc. but seems to be improving with rest.)
Luckily, Charles's amazing sister called in reinforcements and saved our hides. (Love you guys!!!)

H) Having only 2 hours to move into our new building (they charge $100.00 for the use of the elevator and you have to get it all in & up 20 0dd flights in an hour.) We were 5 minutes over.

I) Having a new kitty named mouse (YAY!) who is an angel--seriously perfect in every way imaginable--excepting only that she makes me feel like a Feline version of Florence Nightingale. (We've been nursing her non-stop!) Her Mom was a pregnant stray whom Charles's sister rescued. Mouse was the runt of the litter & C's sister saved her from Infanticide (Mom cat tried to sit on her to smother her & then wouldn't feed her. Denise taught Mouse to walk with kitty physiotherapy.) So... little Mouse has required many a trip to the vet already. She had lots of various Worms etc. (I could share some creepy worm stories, but I'll spare you...) ;o)

C snuggling our stretched-out Mouse:

Mouse also has a hypersensitivity to medicines: to her vaccines & to wormer. They sent her into anaphylaxis and made for several sleepless nights. Her lip swelled up, she had fever, and her breathing was raspy. Children's Liquid Benadryl & a shot of prednisone saved the day. (I still check her sometimes to make sure she's still breathing.)

Then there was the severely swollen paw & the abscess in her jaw. All of which are clearing up beautifully. (Clearly this kitten fur baby is in the right family! ;o) Now we just need to take her to the Naturopath & have food allergy testing done! (just kiddin') LOL

Well, after all this rambling or TMI (too much information)...

the extra positive notes...

The air is so clean and fresh here!
Our new place is lovely!
Our balcony is 4 times the size of our old teeny one!

We have an "ocean view" (the eastern-most tip of the Burrard Inlet
which is the North Pacific Ocean.) :o)

Here's a photo from our balcony with the tide mostly in:

and we can see the mountains:

and lots of trees and sky:

(Sure beats our old view which was a 6-lane
highway right outside our window)

We get to cook with a gas stove/oven for the first time too! And now we each have a room for a workspace. (C loves his new office that we "made" by sleeping in the living room.) The 2 bedrooms (turned offices) are about 8 foot by 8 foot, so we got rid of our king-sized bed & went for futons. Despite being a rather expensive replacement for our old king-sized bed (that got eaten by the evil mold) the mattress was not so hot, anyhow. :o)

Needless to say, my studio/stamproom is not set up yet. We're trying to find our pots & pans, clothes and toiletries etc. first. But as soon as it's set up I'll post photos for you to see.

Hope you are all doing very very well &
I can't wait to get back in touch with you all.

P.S. Sorry, it may be a while until I'm caught up on email. We need to fix the internet still and are still so ill.


Nic said...

Wow Mel, what a palarva! I'm so glad you're now settled in your new pad. I can't believe they made you pay to use the lift, that's just crazy!!! I'm lovin Mouse. He's sooo cute.
I hope that your mystery bug goes soon. Looking forward to seeing some more of your beautiful creations.

cpeep said...

They CHARGE you to use the ELEVATOR?

There's a borough near me that charges you to move. Yup, you have to get a permit and pay a fee to move. In or out, doesn't matter. I think I would just disappear into the night.

Sanny´s-Bastel- Creationen said...

Na, da habt ihr aber einen stressigen Umzug gehabt.
Aber dafür werdet ihr jetzt belohnt mit einem wunderbaren Ausblick und die kleine Mouse ist ja zuckersüß.
Ich wünsche euch noch ganz viel Energie um die restlichen Sachen zu schaffen und euch rundum wohl in eurem neuen Heim zu fühlen.
Alles Gute und schön zu lesen, dass es wieder online geht.
Liebe Grüße aus Germany sendest

Sue from Oregon said...

Welcome back Mel!!!

The Monster & Me said...

oh my your kitty is so adorable! ahhh


Dealbaida said...

Missed you! Welcome back Mel, and an especially big "Welcome to Mouse". What an absolute little charmer!

Looking forward to more of Mouse in the coming weeks.


Dawn said...

A MEL POST!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!! I love Mouse!! I love your views!!! We've got tons to yackity yack about! Ooooh, I'm pickled tink that you're "somewhat" back...LOL

Noreen said...

That's unbelievable - that you have to pay to use the elevator to move in. That would certainly deter me from WANTING to move in!! Hope you're getting settled and you will be feeling much better in your new digs.

Kim said...

You poor thing, my heart goes out to you! Being sick for so long can wear one out so much and moving just sucks! Hope everything is back to normal soon for you.

Holly said...

Hey ya Mel! I'm so glad your move is done and I love your new little family member! I'm sorry that you were both so ill - ugh! what a time you've had! Your view is incredible though, and I hope you'll all be very happy in your new digs!

Baukje said...

Very happy to see you back Mel, but boy oh boy what a month you've had.
I cannot believe that they charge to use an elevator to move your belongings. I love, love your little fur baby. Now get yourselves well and unpacked properly and we will wait patiently to see more of your clever and beautiful creations.

Eva said... glad you back...what a month this has been for you!!!! Sending you some good vibes...hugs, Eva

Axes DesigNs said...

Thanks God. you are Ok now!!! I been thinking what happen to you because no more posts from you.. so now knowing this short-long story.. I'm happy again.. I can wait ;)

Get well soon.. mmm I'll make you a card :)

Barb said...

Holy cow... you busy woman! Be sure to rest up that wrist so we can see some crafty goodness soon, and Congrats on the new addition :)

Rene said...

Mel, I think since you have moved out of that mouldy place your health will improve, mould can really make you sick short or long term. You are sooo talented and are very generous with your ideas. Thanks for everything.
Rene from OZ xo

Mary Dawn said...


Beth Norman said...

Welcome back. I truly have missed you--you've been on my mind. Isn't internet friendships the best? LOL.

Okay. There is something seriously spooky with all your illnesses, your husbands, and now your movers. I say call that guy who does ghost busting on TV. It can't all be coincidental. Maybe Sylvia Brown can shed some light on things for you. I hear she is working in Vegas these days though.

Your view looks nice. I wish you the best of health and spirits as you continue a new journey in a healthier setting.



More like....etc. said...

HUGE HUGS!!!! man alive... first hope you are feeling better quick!

you are AMAZING! can't wait to see your new digs ;)

Christine said...

Mel! So glad to see you back, even for a quick(quite lengthy) update. You've had quite a time of it lady and now you should rest up just like your gorgeous Kitty.

Don'y worry about us, just get yourself fit and back to good health before blogging again.

Christine x

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Hoping for better health for all of you and that your new home will be just what you need. Mold can kill you I have heard. Good that you are are out of that place. Take your time as we will be here waiting on you to return.

Neasa said...

Wow, what a month you've had! I hope you are both feeling better real soon and I just adore Mouse! What a cute name.
And can I just echo the rest for a minute.....YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE LIFT???????WTF?????

Dotty Jo said...

Goodness Mel! Here's a cyber hug ((()))- you sound as if you need one, Jo x

patty said...

i have 4 from this cutie cats, but your mouse, i want ist, she is so cute!!!!
wonderful you are back!!!
best wishes to you, patty

Sophia said...

I looked at your name on my Google reader list the other day and realized I hadn't seen a post from you in awhile. I wondered what was up! I'm glad it's nothing life-threatening (although you probably doubted that a few times)!

As for the new kitty, I had one like that, too. She was the lone survivor of her stray (and now a beloved family pet) mother, but she was sick with everything in the book from day one. When I asked the vet, he said that he's seen several animals like that and they're just born that way. So, look on the bright side - there's plenty of vet visits in your future! :)

Seriously, though, I'm glad to see you're back and I hope you quickly recover from that nasty mystery bug!

akagreenhouse said...

I'm so glad you are back! Missed you terribly! I was afraid that you'd given up stamping all together! Whew, that was a very scary thought!

nerllybird said...

Wow, that's some serious list of difficulties! Your new view looks lovely, made me feel like crying cos I so love seeing places halfway round the world, real places where real people live! Happy for you that your new place suits you, hope you both feel much better soon!

Priscilla said...

So glad to hear you are all moved out and liking you new place. Can't believe they charge to use the elevator for extra time. Whatever will they think of next!Mouse is just toooooo cute.
Rest up with your little fur face and get well before you come back. We can hod on, your health is more important and you've has a hectic month.

Amy said...

So glad to see you back Mel!! What a month you have had!! I think I caught that nasty bug right after the birth of my little girl about a year and a half ago.....I have never been that sick....EVER. I hope that you can fully recover soon. Your new place looks like it has an awesome view and such a cute little fur baby that lives inside.

Amy ♥

Becky said...

wow Mel what a time you have had. Love the view, and sure do hope you all get better.

cristinoel said...

So glad you are back to posting; I was very worried. But when you don't fell well and have a bunch of other problems all stacked up, it is understandable. That's terrible they charge you for the elevator. Glad you have a family that cares and helps when you need it. I just love cooking with gas but if you have been cooking with electricity then you will have to get used to it. Not hard though and has so many side benefits (like sticking things into the oven to dry with just the pilot light)
Love Mouse! Sooooo cute!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

OMG, my eyes are glazing over, going into panic mode and realize that it is not me, oh Thank you lord!!!

Glad you are getting better, moved (pretty pictures) and have a new if somewhat now needy BEAUTIFUL kitty. Welcome back to blogland!! Hugs, Jane

Willow said...

WOW!! It is so good to hear from you Mel!! Now you 3 get well!! I know I for one am very patient!! Because I know the wait will be worth it!!! Bet you all are breathing better!!!

Lenoria said...

Glad you are on the mend! Your kitty baby is beautiful. I had the "whatever" back in the winter and felt like I had been ran over by a truck and even my hair hurt and my muscles felt like jelly even after I started feeling better. You are definitely a strong person to be able to move while being so sick! Take care and will be checking in with you.

Tanis said...

WOW!!! So glad to hear you're ok!!
Sorry you've been so sick...and with moving?? I can't even imagine! Hope everything starts getting back to "normal" soon!!

kksb said...

I have sooo missed you and your beautiful posts. I was quite concerned, but didn't have a clue how to check on you.
I am delighted you are still alive and kicking.
Please take all the time you need to get well and your life in order.
Hugs to you, hubby and Mouse.
PLEASE post your new address and phone number, so that we(all of us that love you from afar) can send care packages or check on you, if you drop off the web for an extended period of time again.

Rufus said...

1)GLAD that you're "partially" back
2)OMG what a month you've had!
3)Sure hope that both of you are MUCH better soon, getting rid of all that mold should help!
4)Mouse is adorable! Thank all the kitty Gods that he found you!
5)they CHARGE you to use the elevator???? That's LOW!
6)You're view is awesome! That alone would be worth the aggravation of moving! Which by the way, I've sworn NEVER to do again! I've got WAY to much stuff!
7)Yahooooo on you both having your own stamp/office whatever space!!
8)take care of that wrist
9)take your time and get really, really well. Other wise you'll just relapse!
10)Missed you!

Donna said...

wow, you have been through a LOT, I feel for you (I had a rough few months before SEVERAL times with life altering things/health related/moving/traumatic stuff). Your new view is beautiful, so glad you're away from that 'sick' house and hope you both heal completely/quickly! Mouse is adorable! we also got our baby Elsie (at about 8 wks old) when she ran across 4 lanes of rush hour traffic to go between the 2 front tires of a van in a convenience store parking lot (got her out after about 15 mins of trying!) then we took her home and the 3 animals we already had did NOT want to share us or their home with her so then we decided to take her to the animal shelter the next day but then DH was sad when he took her, so we adopted her but she came home with a cold and then got worms and then she became a scaredy cat from the trauma of running across traffic (it's kind of funny actually) and then last year she got clogged anal glands. BTW she is almost 9 yrs old. that was the short story.

Shelley said...

Welcome back Mel. I've been following your blog forever and so it's soooo great to know you'll be back at it soon. Love the kitten! And I had to laugh when I saw the pics of your view - another inch to the left and you'd have a pic of my house. LOL. Take care and welcome to the neighborhood!

Maria said...

Awww, Mel. . .I'm sorry that you've going been going through some rough times with being sick and your move. I can relate to moving. . moved 4x in 7 years. Sounds like your new place is a much better place. . .I love the view. . .lots of trees. . it's so pretty!

Mouse is ADORABLE! My cat Dori is a rescued cat too, a stray that found us. She is my best bud! I think Mouse looks like she's you're little baby too!

Well, we're still here! We miss you but take care of yourself first! We won't go anywhere. . .:)

Take care and be sure to take photos of your new scrap room when it's all set up!!!


Catrick said...

First, I am glad you are staying in the lower mainland....we must get together for coffee one day.

Second, "Murphy" is my guardian angel...I am so sorry a relative of his is visiting you right now!

Get your health back up and we will be here when you are done.


DeeAnn said...


I am so happy to see you posting again. We all sure missed you but I hate hearing you have been sick. No posting until you feel better.

I am madly in love with Mouse and you must post your new baby pictures all the time.

I am Bibliophile too. I have been there done that and decluttered over 6,000 book recently. You know what is sad about this? I miss them. :( I am buying more books.

I love the futon idea and using your living room as a bedroom. I want to see pictures.

I am glad your back. Please take care of yourself.

Meda said...

Wel Mel, I can only say... OH MY!!!!
LOve your cat and your new place, sorry for all your negative experiences and may God give you all that you need to make it better.
I really missed you my friend.

Candy said...

Oh Mel!!
Gosh I feel so bad for everything that is happening to you and Charles and Mouse! Boy is Mouse ever cute - so happy you could save her!!!
Sounds like you both still need a lot of rest and care. No hurry getting back to us - now we know you are alive we can wait!
You aren't the first couple I have heard of to use the rooms in their home for different things. One couple I know changed their living room into craft and office space. Use the largest bedroom for a living room and the smallest one for a bedroom!! What ever works for you LOL - I do hope you are well soon. It will take a lot of time and effort to set up your craft room and the rest of your place. - Wonderful views :o)
Thinking of you both - Candy

cre8ivecrafter said...

Welcome back to the land of the living...sort of ;-) Happy for you that you have a better home - and *LOVE* that you went through the trouble to save mouse (having rescued many a fur baby in the last 10 years and currently working on 3 more - I *know* how expensive that can be!) and I am sure the extra expense "right now" was a big stretch for you!. (((hugs))) sending prayers and good thoughts for fast and full recoveries - all around the family!!

Anesha said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough time lately. Love your furry baby!! Reminds me of my little Eva she has an autoimmune disease and was allergic to so many things and had many vets visits. Enjoy your time with Mouse!!! Anesha :)

Elisa said...

Wow,that view from your balcony has got to be worth all the hassle!!!

Vina said...

Hi Mel,
Glad to see your post! Hope you conquer your illness & start feeling better soon! Your kitty is adorable & your new views are stunning!!
Take care

E.T said...

glad u r back! missed u loads! hugs!

Deborah Young said...

Wow! What a plethora of trials and tribulations. I cannot imagine y'all moving all those books and scraps and things on your own - they are sooo heavy! But it sounds like it's all worked out well. Now just to get everyone healed. I would also sleep in the living room to have an office - although I think yours should be your 'studio'! tee hee. Mouse is adorable. I am so glad you are back!

Maryellen W said...

Holy cow, I can't believe they
charged you for the use of the
elevator. That's criminal!!!!
I love your new fur baby, she's
so cute. I'm sorry you all had so
many health issues. I hope this new
home brings you good health, happiness, you all deserve it after
what you have been through.

angelnathalie said...

OMG!!!! Thank God your ok. I was starting to worry. Rest and get better so we can see your wonderful work again.

Suzana said...

Hi Mel, i am so glad you are back to posting. Hoping for better health for all of you!

Tatanky said...

It's so great to read you again ! The new place has very nice views. Oh and Mouse is adorable !

MagnoliaMarmalady said...

Your new baby is precious, and I hope she continues to improve with nothing "new"! I'm looking forward to seeing your work when you're better! Take care, enjoy your lovely scenery, and get better! Blessings...

Suzi said...

So glad to see you back! Loved reading every word, although wish your travails weren't so plentiful! It's a good thing you have a sense of humor!

Heidi Van Laar said...

OMGoodness, no wonder you went missing! Glad you are back! Rest up, get better, we'll wait for you!

(-: Heidi

Libby Hickson said...

Oh Mel! I was wondering where you were!! The move sounds awful, but WOW your new place sounds GREAT!!! What amazing views!! I had no idea you lived in that gorgeous part of the world. Lucky duck! And awwww your new fur baby is so precious, and I love the good care you are giving her. And Mouse is the coolest name EVAH! Take care!!

Tejal said...

This is the first that I've heard about charging to use an elevator! What is the world coming to?

And is it okay if I find it hilarious that your cat is called MOUSE? Every time I read mouse, I had to tell myself, mouse is a cat..mouse is a cat..!!

I love the new view..hope you get better soon..the clean air should do its wonders!

Elaine L. said...

Mouse! I had a little female that I named Mouse! She was my constant companion and the light of my life for 16 years. She's been gone for years now, but I still miss her sweet ways. Good luck in your new place and, of course, with your mouse.

Chantell said...

Welcome back Mel, I was wondering what happened to you. Sorry to hear that you are sick but hope you and hubby and Mouse will get better very soon. It is good that you are out of the old place, my previous place was also the same and the past month I have been staying somewhere else and I am feeling much better now. Take your time and get well and then you can start again with all your beautiful creations. Have a great weekend.

Chantell - South Africa

Kathlene said...

Omigoodness sweetie, you've been through it and back again. Like a lot of other posters, I've been very worried about y'all. So glad you're settled in your new and improved digs (beautiful views btw) with a sweet little new furball. Now, just take it easy. I promise the world won't cease to spin if you take the time to fully recover before launching back into full Mel-speed. We've missed you! xoxo Kathy

Cathy at Paper Garden Projects said...

Hooray!!! A Mel post. So good to hear from you again. Mouse if just too cute :) Hope the fresh air heals everyone up in a hurry.

Shantaie said...

Mel, you have certainly been given a few hurdles to jump over!!
Mouse is adorable, I'm sure he loves his new home, as much as you do!!
Hope you are feeling better soon, and you can get back to creating, but take it easy!!

Sparkster said...

Happy move. Holy smokes that's a tall apartment building! We have a "Mouse" too, who was also the runt of her litter, and is my lil bed buddy. 12 years and going, adore her to death. Just be glad that your dear other half loves books as much as you do. Trying to convince one who isn't why you need all those books when moving can get quite uhmmm loud.. lol Glad you're back and congrats on the new place and new family member. :)

Gabriele said...

Welcome back :)
I am so happy to read that you`re back again... and I love the photos of your "surroundings": looks sooo beautiful :)

leslie (crook) said...

OMG, that's some BUSY. I hate moving. If I had to move now, I don't know WHAT I'd do.

That Mouse is the cutest fur-baby I've ever seen - EVAH! The runts are THE BEST, too. I think his mom knew something was wrong - that whole survival of the fittest dealio, but I'm glad you've taken him on as your little project. I'm sure he will be DE-LIGHT-ful, and very lovey. xo

Welcome back!