Saturday, April 17, 2010

Millie Mouse High-Backed 3x3 Box (pictorial) :o)

MFT 3x3 Box Pure

Here's that pictorial for the 3x3 box with the high back & Millie. :-D

Something about that little Millie the Mouse's smiling fur face just makes ya grin!
(..but I am biased, because I have quite the thing for "Mouse" critters):

Sorry, more Mouse the kitty photos. ;o)
We didn't get too many of these "baby" pics, so they're precious. lol

Make a high backed 3x3 Box
(with the MFT templates)

All the templates used to make this high-backed 3x3 box, with a divider, come in the MFT 3x3 Baby Bump template set ($3.95 here)

Step 1) Make the box bottom with a digital pattern on it:

A) Print the template for the box bottom template on one side of a piece of heavy cardstock & the MFT Summer digital paper on the other. (Please print the lid instead if you'd like to turn this into a business card holder: it's slightly larger & fits business cards perfectly.) :o)

1B) Score, cut, & assemble the box.

Step 2) Line the box bottom with another pattern:

A) Print the liner template on one side of text weight paper. Flip that paper & print the pink MFT digi paper on the other side

2B) Score along the dotted lines of the liner template, Cut on the solid lines, & then crease the folds

2C) Fit the pink patterned liner into the box & adhere it there.

Step 3) Add the insert (box divider):

3A) Print the inserts for the MFT 3x3 box on one side (of heavy weight cardstock) and print the digi paper on the other side.

3B) Cut out the single insert (box divider) score it & fold it mountain, valley, mountain. This photo (above) shows the underside; the other side is pink & patterned.

3C) Add adhesive to the two middle sections (the valley) of the divider.

3D) Press those sides together to make the divider (now would be a good time to dry fit to see be sure it fits perfectly or trim if need be.

3E) To affix the divider in the box, simple expose the remaining white sides & apply adhesive on them...

3F) Then, simply put the divide, adhesive side down, into the bottom of the box & press to secure it.

Step 4) Build the high back to the box:
[using the remnants of the "insert" template you printed in step 6]

4A) Cut the 2 gift card inserts out (along the solid lines) but do not score them anywhere.

4B) Apply Adhesive to half of the insert piece.

4C) Affix that first gift card holder piece to the back of the box (on the inside.)

4D) Apply adhesive to the entire back of the second gift card holder piece.

4E) Stick that other half of the gift card piece to the back of the first one (on the outside at the very back of the box.)

Step 5) Add the image (and a mat for it):

This happy little cutie pie is Millie Mouse from My Favorite Things...

Millie was made by doing this schtuff....

5A) Apply gesso to cardstock
5B) Once dry, stamp Millie on it Black Brilliance ink.
5C) Emboss her in clear embossing powder & heat it to melt it (heat gun.)
5D) Scratch her fur texture using a paper piercing tool.
5E) Colour her with Copic markers.

{The texture on Millie & the background comes from applying Gesso (an artist's primer) --it was applied roughly with a piece of cardstock. More info about the "gesso, scratching, & copic" technique here.} :o)

5E) Trim around Millie Mouse & round the corners. (For this project, she ended up cut to measure 2 2/8" wide by 3" tall.)

Step 6) Make a mat for Millie:

6A) Cut a mat (from a piece of the MFT Summer digital paper) This mat measures 3" wide by 3 and 3/4" tall.

6B) Round the corners of the mat & add faux stitching to the mat with a black multiliner

Step 7)
Give Millie a little knotted embroidery thread nose:

7A) Adhere Millie to the mat. Pierce a hole in her nose.

7A) Get the thread started:
  • Thread a needle with embroidery thread. (I used coral coloured thread--all 6 strands).
  • Put the needle through the hole you pierced in Millie's nose (from the back of the image) and pull the needle up through to the front of the image.
  • Adhere the thread end at the back.

7B) Tie a basic knot.

7C) Go back down through the hole in Millie's nose (beside the knot). Adhere the thread end at the back of the image & cut the thread to trim it off of the needle.

Step 8) Pierce around the outside of the image & stitch on beads (if you like) ;0)

Step 9)
Cut slits & add the ribbon:

9A) To create a more stable path for the cuts, drag a paper piercing tool to score a line where you want to cut...

9B) Cut a slit on either side of the image...about an inch long 2/3 up.

9C) Thread black ribbon through the slits & tie it in little bows (May Arts silk ribbon.)

Step 10) Stamp the sentiment (also from the Millie Mouse set); cut it into a free-hand flag shape, and add pink stitches with a copic marker.

Step 11) Adhere the image to the back of the box.

Step 12) Add black faux stitches to the box with a black multiliner. (My "lysdexia" is kicking in again: this would've been easier to do before assembling the box, hey?)

and there she is:

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day!


E.T said...

oooooh love your kitty... *hugs*
and thanks thanks thanks for the pictorial... i gotta go through this again... i can never make really neat, tidy boxes :( this one looks fab! hope u r doing well!

julietk said...

Milly is just adorable and so is Kitty. Beautifully done tut.

Barb said...

This is so cute... the tutorial AND the kitty ;)

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [17 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Dawn said...

adorable as can be...both Mouse and Millie!!

big hugzzz to ya!!

g said...

just so sweet!! my daughter & i are lovin' the photos of Mouse!! thanks for another great box tutorial- i can't wait to give this one a try! LOVE it!

Beth said...

OMG GF this is such a cute little box and sure put a smile on my face and what a adorable little one you have there just precious.
Hope your birthday was the best.

Betty Benton said...

Such a fun box but the picture of Mouse just pulls at my heart strings!! Keep on posting her photos;she's a precious kitty!

Kellie Winnell said...

Naaaaw gorgeous kitty. And WOW what an amazing creation and thank you for sharing it with us! Your work is always amazing and always blows me away!

Hugs Kel xx

Holly said...

What a darling box! Thanks for the tutorial and template. I love that pink knot for a nose, and fab idea for scoring before cutting!
Share those kitty pics any time - they are so precious!

Renée said...

Aahhh how totally adorable. Both the kitty and also the box. Great tutorial. Thankx for that.

Linda Beeson said...

An FYI for you, I used one of your templates for a project that I posted at Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker blog today. I just wanted you to know that I put a link to the template. THANKS for your inspiration.

Allison said...

This is so the stitching and doodling.

Amy said...

Love your blog! I've got something for you over on my blog. Come and get it.

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Love that french knot nose on the cute mouse!! AND, your little kitty mouse is adorable.. ah, the good old days when they were little cute kitties! I have two BIG kitties now! Of course they're still cute.. but not like when they were tiny!

Whimcees said...

This is a fantastic project and the cutest stamp I have seen in a long time! I am inspired to purchase it so I can make a high-backed box just like yours! :<)

Thank you for the great 'pictorial' - you are so talented!

Wishing you a great week!

Barbara Diane

Vicky said...

wow! amazingly creative!

Dragonlady said...

Oh this is soooo cute Mel and so is your baby kitty.

HUgs Ali x