Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter B-day Basket (à la Mo) + a wee CATastrophe

a playful image....

detail bronte wants it now

....printed and embossed on a basket:

Mo's Digital Pencil Bronte Wants it Now basket by mel stampz
(to wrap a winter birthday gift)

...and a little perty on the inside:

Bronte Wants it Now basket INSIDE

The full-view picture of this basket up there is kind of botched,
but I have a good excuse, I swear! ;o) Can you guess what it is?...


1...the image add images to a 3D box template a word, catastrophe template for a BIG Basket (an oldie)

Mo's Digital Pencil Bronte Wants it Now
(A flexible image since it's adorable for Christmas or birthdays.)

It was fun to cut the gift stack out digitally and use it as an element
for the tag & inside of the basket too. (Bonus!) ;o)


Print a digital image on a 3D template
& build this basket

This cheap trick of printing your image at the same time as
you print a 3D template might be a fun way to do several
treat-bags for a child's birthday party. Faster than stamping!

Step 1) Add the image to the template file:

1A) Open the digital image of your choice (You could use free clip art or colouring pages. Your own doodle or a child's drawing would be so special for this!)

1B)You could paste the image sized as it is, or you could turn the image into a photoshop brush to have control over the size. (I always like to make sure I label photoshop brushes that are made this way with the artist's name so I can always make sure to follow copyright and give due credit) :o)

Front & back: I used Photoshop, and rotated the image to get it printed right-side-up on the front & back of the basket.

Step 2) Print the image & emboss it, if you like. This Candido Incandescent cardstock from Paper Temptress is embossable straight out of the printer [using clear embossing powder and a heat gun (just print in an inkjet printer (the high quality setting is usually perfect); then, sprinkle the embossing powder quickly when it comes out of the printer & heat set with the heat gun.]

Step 3) Score, and cut out the the basket. The blue lines, in the photo above, indicate the score lines.

Step 4) Print, score, cut & assemble a liner out of patterned paper. (To get a liner, for any box, I just print it again at 98.5%)

Step 5) Colour the image with Copic markers (or whatever you prefer).

If you are using the
Candido Incandescent cardstock from Paper Temptress to emboss, you will want a marker with some permanence, since it is glossy and water-based markers might not set well on it.

work wonderfully on it, since they float and are very forgiving. (You can even go back and fix colouring "mistakes" days later)

AND the incandescent cardstock gives your
copic colours a pretty sparkle:

(The watercolour paper texture of it is nice too.)

Step 6) Assemble the basket and its bits:

6A) Fold & adhere the basket.

6B) Add the liner to the inside of it.

6C) Create 4 side pieces for the basket (The sides aren't included on the template in order to get a BIG basket in the printer on a 8.5" wide paper, but they're just plain rectangular pieces that are easy to cut).

To make the sides, cut 4 pieces of cardstock to measure:
2 and 6-8 inches by
just a hair under 2 and 1-2 inches

I also added images inside of the basket by using photoshop:

A) Cut the stack of gifts from the image digitally.
B) Make a copy of it reversed for the other side of the basket (inside)
C) Print & cut the 4 ide pieces (2 patterned 2 plain)
D) Attach the 4 side pieces to the basket

(P.S. Can you see the "foreshadowing of imminent catastrophe" in the photo above? HINT: Furry Mouse shadow.... giggle giggle)

Step 7) Make a matching tag:

8A) Print 2 of the gift stack image on more Incandescent cardstock, emboss them, & colour them in.

8B) Adhere the two images to a piece of cardstock (sandwiching silver thread inside to make a string for the tag)

And then, you have a gift basket & tag:

with that cute image on the front & back:

perfect for a little someone to sabotage...


decided to crawl right into this basket:

and she went straight through!:

(no kitties were harmed in the mauling of this basket)

She even got the tag in her mouth & sat in the basket
for a second
; man, I wish I got a shot of that!

Do you think Mouse may have a thing against dogs?:



I printed this one with no dotted lines right
onto the cardstock & patterned paper for this project:

When finished, the basket measures:
  • width: 6" (at the basket top) and 4 2/8" at the basket bottom
  • height: 2 6/8" (for the basket height) and (7" high, with the handle)
  • depth: 2 1/2" (from basket front to basket back)
To make sides cut 4 pieces to measure:
2 and 6-8 inches by
just a hair under 2 and 1-2 inches

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. Thank you so much for your kind well wishing,
C is still in relative agony but healing more & more each day!

P.P.S. This post is unsolicited, but I was formerly on the
design team for Mo's Digital Pencil & Paper Temptress, two fabulous ladies!


E.T said...

gorgeous basket Mel! I know how cats are... they really get interested when you are taking pics of your cards!

Becky said...

Gorgeous basket Mel! Such awesome details and thanks for the great instructions.
cute cat :)
Happy New Year!

Ruth said...

This is a fantastic tutorial!! Thanks a million! Your cat is so cute,too!!
Happy New Year, Ruth x

Juls said...

OH MY WORD!!! WOW!!!!!! This is gorgeous!!! and thank you for the tutorial too!!! Hugs Juls

Dawn said...

fabulous Mel style basket! sooo cute! and soooo funny with MM too!
Happy New Year my's good to see you "back"!

Dorcas said...

wOW!! How awesome is this!! And your cat just cracks me up! ROFL Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and talent with us all. :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! 2 days in a row and such a fabulous project at that.

You need a water bottle like my S-I-L has. It was probably the most entertainment my kids had over the holidays. They have 2 cats and when they misbehave she grabs the water bottle and doses them with a spray of water. As soon as those kitties hear her shake the bottle they take off full tilt! My kids were more amused by that than any movie we watched!

Fabulous basket. Your creativity is so astounding. Makes me want to go back and review your whole blog. I just love Mo Mannings work too.

Here's hoping that DH recovers very quickly and isn't in so much pain!

Happy New Year!
Beth Greco

Chris Pethers said...

good to see you posting again Mel.
Love the basket and Mo's image . Must say as soon as I saw the cardstock - even tho I didnt recognise the name - I just knew it had to be 'paper temptress'. Her cardstock is so scrummy.
love Chris ( UK )

liannallama said...

what a wonderful project! Kitties just can't resist a box or basket no matter how small it is!

CM2 said...

Great basket and there's no doubt you're cat wanted to get in the act! LOL Happy New Year CM2

Brenda said...

I have just spent so much time browsing through your blog, reading your entries, seeing your tutorials, how very talented you are. I read about your battle with Migraines and am so sorry to read the struggle, mine come here and there, I could not even imagine, daily and prayers are with you.

Kim said...

This is amazing! Your cat's cyber sister lives here....she chews all the ribbon off my projects if I make the mistake and leave them out! You have to love them!!

Mari said...

Have I told you that you rock? Cause you DO! :)
Thanks for sharing with us Mel!

Paula Gale said...

This is fab Mel. Your colouring is awesome. I love this basket and the way you make your tutorials so easy to follow... however, the best bit by far is the cat sitting in it and then crawling though it. I have two cats, but only one sits on ANYTHING you put out. We have a laugh and two of us put something on the floor on purpose and have a bet on which one she will sit on - could make it into a party game really LOL...

Hope you are well. Happy New Year.

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [01 Jan 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Holly saveur said...

Mel this is STUNNING!!
Love it to pieces like your cat....the coloring is so beautiful
love the softness... gorgeous..thanks so much for your tutorial!

leslie (crookedstamper) said...

What fun! I see kitteh is very interested in your work. Mine likes to sit in the middle of my "photo studio" and knock over the cards. ;/

lilscrappers said...

Oh Mel....good to have you back :)and love kitty's help. That basket is scrumptious and somehow you always make me want to try it. However do you get the digi's in the right spot for the basket?? I'm sure that's beyond me! HAPPY NEW YEAR To you and yours!

Crafty Carrie said...

Love love you blog
I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award because I think you are stylish and fabulous!!

Check it out:

Merry said...

Stunning creation and brilliant tutorial...thanks so much for taking the time to share it all.

Anonymous said...

my goodness, if this is the wrapping the present must be unbelieveable!

Lean said...

O my cats are every where but you made a stunning basket.

Lori said...

That is incredibly beautiful!!

You're so talented

Ildiko said...

Oh my this is gorgeous