Thursday, October 6, 2011

6-petal Ornate Flower template

Thought I'd finally share that
new flower template that I doodled.

Edited to Add: there are SVGs/cutting files added now.
Thanks Ladies!

If anyone would like to make it into an SVG or other cut file
to share for free with everybody, I'd be ever so thankful.
Wish I could figure out how to do that, already! :o)

Good thing I like the meditative task of cutting by hand,
Do you use a cutting machine or good old scissors?

You might recall these shabby chic examples
of the template all made up:

elaborate flower template

the white one:
white flower

the black one:
black ornate flower

the fringed white one:
white fringe flower

The white flowers have a soft flocked texture because they're
made with cardstock that I covered with Golden's Light Molding Paste
and then texturized with a wooden Batik block.
The black flower is made from Core-dinations cardstock.

And here is the template...

6-petal Ornate Flower:

(There are 15 graduated flower sizes.
The circles are all sized for matching flower centers, in case you
would like to use them as a guide for circle punches or cut by hand)

Download the PDF version here
Download the PNG version here
Download the JPEG version here

Note: How to save these (at

1) Click the PDF links (in large letters above)

2) It will take you to the particular file in my account on (It may need a minute to load so that you can see the file).

3) Click the little download button (left, top of the screen).

4) Pick the location that you would like to save it to & hit save.

SVG files:
Here are a variety of cutting files
for you to choose from:

A huge shout out to Tracy, Lisa, Michelle, Sally, and Teri
who made these cutting files to share with all of us.
I'm overwhelmed by your generosity, Ladies & can't thank you enough!

MELSTAMPZ- 6 Petal Ornate Flower.svg
MELSTAMPZ-Single 6 Petal Ornate Flower.svg
Thank You, Tracy!

6 petal ornate flower templateSVGFILE.svg
6 Petal Ornate Flower BY Mel Stampz.scut2
Thank You, Lisa!

Thank You, Sally!

Thank You, Michelle!

For Silhouette & Pazzle:
MELSTAMPZ- 6 Petal Ornate
MELSTAMPZ- 6 Petal Ornate Flower.WPC
Thank You, Teri!

How to save them:

When you click the cut file links, you will be
taken to where you will see a grey screen
with a message (explaining the lack of preview image):

It will say this:

Just click the download button at the top left: order to save whichever file you want.

Here's a closer view of that download button:

It will ask you to choose a location, then you can simply hit "save"

Hope they work for you.
If you make one,
I'd love to see it!

Please let me know if you have any trouble at all;
I'd be delighted to send any of them to you in an email.

Hope you like it, and that you're
having a great week,

P.S. This template is especially fun made up out of crepe or tissue paper, since it has more lovely fluffiness that way, but there's been little sunlight in these grey Vancouver-y parts to take new photos & I've loaned out my lighting set-up. :o)


Baukje said...

Gosh Mel you are so clever, creative and oh so generous.
THANK YOU so much for your 6 petal Ornate flower template.
I love anything with flowers.
Hope you are well.

CraftyLoops said...

Mel thank you so much, these are just beautiful flowers. I dont know whether you have ever seen my blog but flowers tend to be something I make a lot fact my blog is pretty much flowers, flowers and more flowers since I started it 3 months ago. Thank you for this wonderful template, I cant wait to try these. I will of course link back to you. Lee xx

DeeAnn said...

Mel, I love them. Thank you for sharing. You always make the most beautiful templates.

I have a BossKut Gazelle & Cricut. I love, love, love to hand cut. I find it so relaxing. I enjoy my cutters too for specific things. Hand me a pair of scissors and I am content.

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Wow beautiful. Love this.


Bee and Dee said...

Thank you for the beautiful template Hugs Bee

Laura said...

Thank you these are lovely, I especially like the fringed one. Laura

Lisa R. said...

Fabulous flowers! i must be dumb, i can't figure out where the templates are. I made an acct. with acrobat. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

YOU are one crazy woman!! give me a machine!!! they're BEAUTIFUL!!!

beautiful weather here, still canning tomatoes! HUGS!!!!

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

Gorgeous flowers, Mel!

I can make you a SVG template. I'll Fred-Ex it to you sometime today :)

Anonymous said...

when I go to download template it goes to adobe, I do have account but dont know how to download the template, how do you use adobe

Leslie Hanna said...

LOOOOOVE these, and I do hand-cut. Thinking about the sanity of that with the detail of these GOR-JUS flowers. :)

Glennis said...

Thanks so much - these are gorgeous flowers

Lisa R. said...

Hi Mel, I just sent a reply email to you. I created a scal and svg file for you to post for anyone who uses the cutting machines. ;o) Thanks again for sharing!

Shaz said...

They look fabulous, thank you very much I can not wait to find some time to give them a go.

Lesley said...

Wow Mel these are gorgeous. Thank you so much for the PDF, I cut most things by hand if it doesn't work in the CB. I like cutting so it will be quite relaxing in front of the TV. Love your blog and thanks for always sharing.
PS these flowers remind me of snowflakes, you should call them snowflake forals.

Holly said...

wow, just wow! spectacular!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for explaining how to download for adobe, I so much appreciate it. thank you thank you

Faith Maupin said...

These are ever so gorgeous - thanks to you for the creation and to the women that jumped right in to share their svg files of these beautiful flowers! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Rufus said...

I thought these were gorgeous when you posted them, thrilled that you've done a template! Don't have an electronic cutting machine, so I'll be cutting these by hand. They are so pretty it will be worth it! Wow that was sure a speedy response to getting you cutting files for them!
Thank you!,

evlin95 said...

magnifique ! je lis vos news avec beaucoup de plaisir et j'apprends toujours des tas d'astuces, pour tout cela : merci

Kelly G said...

I don't get the box for downloading when it goes to Adobe. I just get the gray screen. These are great flowers and I would love to have them!

JEROSHA said...

Thank you very much for your kindness =)

Karen said...

Just made an SVG but so there was already a few. Great flowers cannot wait to try out the svg
Thanks and have a happy crafty day!!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Dear Kelly G, I'm not sure if you will see this, but I hope so. You're blogger account is no reply, so I have no way of contacting you. If you would like I can email you any of these. Just drop me a line at to let me know which ones. hugs, mel

Debbie said...

I think it'sa great project. But after waiting 5 minutesfor the download to open so I could click save, all I had was a blank screen. can you email me the PDF file?

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Hi Debbie, I hope you see this. I tried to email you the PDF file but your blogger account is no reply. If you want to send me an email at I'll send the PDF back to you. :o) mel

Beate said...

Your flowers and the cards you made with them look gorgeous!
Hugs and smiles

Clare D. said...

I just found your blog via Pinterest and love your flower! Gonna have to take a look around at all of your work! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the flowers. I'll be cutting mine with scissors but they'll be worth every snip. Beautiful. Thanks again.
Lilla in AL

sunghee said...

thank you thank you! gorgeous!!!

Amma // Beyond Beyond said...

Oh my I die over these, absolutely stunning! I love it!

Patricia said...

thank you very much for this fabulous flowers... I want to make this!

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Mel, These are such beautiful flowers! Thanks for such a great tutorial.

zehra said...

thank you, these are awesome

Ann said...

Really beautiful! I love the petal shapes and the bit of center bling. Thanks for sharing your talents.

E.T. said...

Super fabulous!
Used it here

Anonymous said...

Wow...this is one of THE most beautiful paper flowers ever! I love, love, love them! Thank you sooo much for always taking the time & energy to share your creations & templates with us! Hugs, Vina

CTgirl said...

Wow, these flowers are stunning! Thank you SO much!
I use a scissors. Very therapeutic like you said.

Tine said...

Just found your blog. Stunning creations. Thanks so much for sharing the templates with us.
Tine :)

Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

I love these! Does anyone know how to use them with a Silhouette?

9a0cf6e6-ff3a-11e0-9af7-000bcdcb5194 said...

Love Love your flowers and your generosity is overwhelming!!! Thanks so much!

scraphappy4067 said...

I used your beautiful flowers for a card and shared your blog address on my blog!!

You do beautiful things with paper!!...always an inspiration!!

Thanks for sharing!!


Shelly said...

What gorgeous flowers!!! Thank you so much for the template, Mel. I'm still a hand cutter. xxx

The Little Red Shop said...

Beautiful, thank you!

: )

Julie M.

Crafty Texas Chick said...

I have to say cutting with scissors is like therapy for me..... I make a LOT of paper roses.... Cutting circles is meditative, and then quilling them is even better... :) Love your blog!!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Mel

These are gorgeous - and just the thing for me as I'm constantly looking for new cut files for my Cameo. I am attempting to design my own stuff - infact I was looking for a 6 petal flower shape so I can make the roses that I used to make by hand. These are definately a bonus to find though.

Paula x x x

KC said...

Those are great looking flowers. I do not have the patience to hand cut flowers with that much detail. I certainly admire people who do. The files that people are talking about which machines do they work with?

Zosia said...

Just come across your site. What a beautiful flower template. Thank you so much for your generousity.

Marietta said...

Thank you so very much!

Omega said...

These are so pretty, I'm just now seeing the on Pinterest. I can't wait to try them. Thanks for sharing!

Lainie said...

Thanku so very much for the template. These flowers are GORGEOUS!

Misty Morgan said...

Simply Beautiful flowers, Mel! Thank you so much for sharing your creation. Thanks for the svg files!

Kelly-Ann Brown said...


Love your designs! However, there is no material like the ones you use readily available in my home country. Is it possible to use felt fabric?
All comments are appreciated.


Trish said...

Thanks so much for these beautiful flowers!

rkramadh said...

Oh so gorgeous flowers! I LOVE the white ones. You say you texturized it with a stamp on top of paste? Pls clarify, I have similar stamps but may be I misunderstood. PS: Adobe work space is going away in Jan 2015, just wanted to let you know so your loyal readers don't lose those gorgeous cut files.

Crazy Bird said...

Hi Mel, could you please e mail the svg file to me? I'm having HUGE difficulty with trying to download the svg file, I've struggled with it for ages and can't get past the Adobe screen. I love your flowers and have spent all afternoon reading your blog. My e mail address is

Thank you!

Rebecca Buchanan said...

The links all take you to a page where you have to pay a monthly fee to download these files:(

Susie Jefferson said...


Just thought I'd better let you know that your Adobe links aren't working - I just go to a 'Buy Adobe Acrobat' page. I would have loved to download the png or jpg files, but unfortunately this doesn't seem to be possible. So disappointed.

Sandra Beaudway said...

hi there love your patterns they are super awesome :)
I cant seem to download the svg files , could you help me out :) please

Nanny said...

Hi Mel, Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful talent. I love the flowers but am having trouble downloading the svg file. The link doesn't take me to the page that you have described. Could you email me the svg file at Would really appreciate it, am anxious to try making the flowers. Thank you so much.

Snickers said...

Would you please email me the PDF as Adobe does not want to do anything but sell me Adobe products. Can't get past the sales pitch.


colleen smith said...

I would really love to have this to use on my silhouette but it doesn't let me down load with out requiring me to download an Adobe program that you have to pay for . Its not a program that i would need or use . Is there another way to get this file ? thanks.

Natalie P said...

Hi Mel, omg this is the most beautiful paper flower I have seen, absolutely gorgeouseeee,...
I have a dumb question though. sorry Im not a very crafty person.. what are the circles for, do u please them between each layer ?

Julesb said...

Hi Mel can you do the same for me also. getting married in 2017 and just fell in love with paper flowers especially this one and hope to include in my wedding. I would like the pdf and SVG files please. is my email.

DieGartenFrau said...

The download link must be broken because when I click on it all I get is this Adobe page!&d=5eE6UKbprC9JggxDaUrS-A
I found out that chrome does not work with Adobe anymore so I tried it with firefox but it doesn't matter which browser I use I can't get the grey screen as you describe. Adobe probably broke it with their newest updates.
The flowers look just beautiful, wished I could make some. I thought making them out of fabric to put into my hair. Just lovely :)

Chris P's Minis and More said...

can't get the link I get this!&d=5eE6UKbprC9JggxDaUrS-A
anyother way I can get the awesome svg flower ??