Friday, September 28, 2007

All Christmased Out: a springy kinda card

I need to distract myself by blogging. Charles and I have some kind of bug: food-poisoning or the flu... He's asleep on the bathroom floor, poor angel. I don't have it nearly as bad. It's frustrating to not be able to help him feel better.

This card is to protest Winter. Heehee. Actually, I really enjoy Winter(and Fall too.) I don't even mind the copious amount of rain we get here in the Lower Mainland of BC. We don't get enough thunderstorms for my liking, though. We did get one a couple of weeks back (complete with some mild flash flooding at B.C.I.T.) Funniest thing happened during that storm. I was working at the computer, Charles was watching t.v. and I heard some heavy panting (like a dog.) Only we don't have a dog. It sounded like it was on the t.v., so I asked Charles... Nope, no dog on t.v. Then I went and opened the door (Big bad wolf, is that you?)

In comes a beautiful, but very wet and stinky retriever. She was so afraid of the thunder that she was hiding in our little stairwell under our Bar.B.Q. shelf! Our entrance is all the way around the back of the house, so she had to work to find that spot!

Long story short I just dried her off and went to the neighbour's to ask about her. Our next-door-neighbour told me where she lives, so I left a note for them (nobody was home.) So, I had a dog for the day; I gave her water and petted her for a couple of hours; she wouldn't let me stop, lol. She even let me brush some of the knots out of her tummy and clean her little ears (I suspect that she doesn't get much of this at home. Apparently--the neighbours tell me--she's an under-walked outdoor dog) :0( Made me miss my "Mog" my dog (or first-born, lol) whom I lost in the divorce (he needed a yard, sigh...)

Anywho, rant over. The dog (named Whiskey, after her colouring I take it) went home, and the owners were happy to have her home (Lucky for them Charles didn't fall for the "Can we keep her?" line.) ;0)

Ingredients for this card. (A whack of retired stuff.) "The World Over" hostess set. (Retired) "Delight in Life" set. (Retired) "Cool Caribbean" card stock. Also some current stuff: "Tempting Turquoise" and "Certain Celery" mats with a "Ruby Red" embossed and washed flower. The other flowers are embossed on "Naturals White" cardstock with "Not Quite Navy" craft ink and clear e.p. then they're coloured with "Tempting Turquoise," "Ruby Red," "Certain Celery," and "YoYo Yellow" reinkers on a blender pen. (and why is it that I made ten images, but picked the one with the painting slip up to photograph? lol.) The two sizes of S.U. circle punches made it easy to punch the circle mats out of the rectangular ones. The background is current S.U. "Print Pattern" with white Signo Gel Pen dots drawn in. The beads in the center of the flower are from Michael's and have a nice little sparkle to them.

Well, Charles is tucked back into bed with a bowl (too much info, sorry!) ;0)

Thanks for looking,


Maggie said...

my man is tucked in on the couch sniffling away but he is happy. he is watching his beloved Liverpool playing on TV

Anonymous said...

i don't have a man except for the occasional sat nght when he visits and he doesn't do that if he's ill
your card is quite fresh looking M.R.G.

Princess Matilda said...

I love your spring card - the flowers are beautiful. I'm so glad the dog didn't show up at our house. We tend to keep strays. We now have a pet garter snake that the boys found in the basement. Sigh... Thanks for sharing your sunny card!

shea-shea said...

Absolutely LOVE it!!