Friday, September 7, 2007

Blog Candy: PLEASE make sure I have your contact info!!!

I am having so much fun reading everyone's comments, but I have two dilemmas:

First, some people have left great responses with no contact information (I clicked on your names and no blog is listed--WEEP!) :0(
Second, for some weird reason the links in comments get cut off by some formatting and don't work. I'm not sure how to fix this in the comments section, but I think I thought of a way to circumvent frustration for anyone who is curious to see the neat things people have shared.

Here's a list of the links people have left so far:

Tracy's gorgeous garden visitor & sumptuous wrap.
(you gotta see this!)

Donna's blue ribbon card:
Love the pearlized paper.

Libby's Lake Huron post:
Lovely! Makes me miss the lakes of Ontario where I was born.

Allison's beauty of a blue card:
Love the scallops and the doodled dots.

Michelle's blue blanket:
(gorgeous and cuddly)

Carol's blog:
with a beauteous blue ocean banner

ikkinlala loves this awesome quilt:
Me too!

beautiful blue beads

Kim's blue bath bella:
Gotta love how she sparkles (especially when she's squeaky clean!)

Pat's inspiration from Michele's blue Christmas card

Laura's christmas card:
makes me want to pull out that 'Flaky Friends' set!

Ros's blog (stamp and scrape):
I picked a subtly blue card that's just stunning

Betty's blue project:
Too adorable. Love it!

Thanks for all the awesome posts! Hope I did miss anyone's link. I'll add more to the list when I'm not so bagged. I figure I'll hit 30 posts, then call it done, draw for a winner, and mail out the candy :0). So, who says you shouldn't take candy from "strangers"?!?


P.S. don't forget to check out the comments section for posts that are sans links (there's some really good ones! With baby makin' and men in uniform; who can resist?)
P.S.S. Leave contact info please! :0) Mel


~* Tracy *~ said...

Hi Mel :) So exciting to see all the visitors you've had here :) I just read through the comments and read Princess Matilda's comment and was just so touched that she loves the wrap I made for her :) I'm having fun looking at all the links people have left for you. Thanks for letting me share in the fun :)

Princess Matilda said...

Wow, this is so cool, all the stuff people have posted! I LOVE that denim quilt. WOW!! How much fun is this?

Corie said...

Love all the links -- it is always fun to meet new ladies. I love your site -- everything is so gorgeous!!