Thursday, September 6, 2007

Everything Blue & Some Metal Too: BLOG CANDY!

All Done!Thanks for Posting! :0) Mel

If you like blue, this is for you:

I've been inspired "Princess Matilda" (who came up with this question on her blog--with the colour red). I hope she doesn't mind! Though my contest is not so original, it is in honour of the colour I personally obsess about: blue (and all its monochromatic hues).

This blog candy includes:
Two super-soft reams of fiber, some double-stitched ribbon in the new S.U. "in colour" blues: Soft Sky and Blue Bayou... A mix of silk flowers died in those colours...some photo corners, punched tags, & scalloped circles (also in those two blues)...Some homemade primas (watercoloured cardstock)...One of my cards--with loads of blue...A dozen Cool Caribbean cards (blank), half a dozen book marks & some vials of blue beads...a little blue notebook...and a tin (for altering?) with a dozen soft sky gemstones (circle), some metal frames, vellum metal-edged tags, and finally, two bobbins of Blue Bayou thread. [fine print: tray not included, lol.]

So what do I want you to do? Please leave a comment about your favourite blue thing(s) with a link to something blue you've made or something blue that thrills you. (Your odds of winning are high, since I've just starting to get my blog out there.) :0)

[Please, be sure to include your first name & contact info (blog or email) so I can email the winner for a mailing address. Don't worry, I don't share eddresses or send unsolicited emails.]



~* Tracy *~ said...

Thank you so much for your kind words on my lil blog :)
Here's a link to something blue that comes to visit me, and something blue that I made (for Princess Matilda no less!)
I'm all the way down in Australia, so I really understand if you don't want to post stuff overseas :) I just wanted to comment and share and to say thank you for visiting my little blog :)

Melissa M. M. McCarthy said...

No Idea how much it costs to send stuff to Australia, but if I pull your name, I'm game [as long as it's under 30 bucks ;0) lol]. I cannot believe that beautiful creature was in your garden (though I recall they make funny noises! I do a mean imitation, haha). Your son is adorable and so sweet to pose for you. Thanks for posting on my blog too! *Grins* Mel

Donna said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. My something blue is on my Sept.5 entry in my blog:


Anonymous said...

hi mel, saw the link on facebook & had to come check out you're goodies! i don't actually have a blog (far too technical for me) so can't link you a pic, however my favourite blue thing has to be the gorgeous eyes of my two boys! not really sure if that counts anyway, but i did help to make them!
leann x

Melissa M. M. McCarthy said...

Hi Leann,

OF COURSE that counts! Brilliant and sweet and more complicated than anything I've ever made,lol. :0) Mel

Libby said...

What amazing blog candy!!!! Even though it will decrease my chance of winning (boo!) I'm going to link to you on my blog. :-) Here's something blue I love - gorgeous blue Lake Huron! Michigan is the Beautiful Blue water State. :-)

my Lake Huron blog post

Princess Matilda said...

Do I mind that you used the idea I did? Heck no! I loved seeing everyone's favorite red thing. I am going to keep coming and watching for all the favorite blue things from this post! I make lots of blue things, but my favorite blue thing was not made by me, but was given to me by Tracy Dening ( and I see she already linked it to. Gorgeous blanket!! Here is the blanket I made for her, which was a blue/green.

Tracy's blanket

Cindy Stewart said...

My hubby is in the US Coast Guard and their working uniforms are blue... there's no better sight then to see his ship coming over the horizon after a long deployment and see all the crew standing on deck in their "working blues" looking for their families standing on the pier! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blues! I don't have a blog yet, but will be working on one tonight... though I'm no where near as talented as you... so there won't be much on mine. I was going to pick a picture of the ocean as my favourite thing blue, but then I came across a Wdg card I made with the new blues.. they are my favourite thing blue right now. I will email you my blog with that picture on it as soon as I have one!!!


Your blog is great!

Allison said... Hmm...let me look. OK... I am back and I just made a card this week that would fit (duh!):

Cheers to you!

ikkinlala said...

I love blue... I can't pick a favourite (at least not one I can link to), but I think thie quilt on this website is gorgeous:

CAKVD said...

Hello! My favorite blue thing is the Carribbean Ocean!! Here is a link to my banner shows the blue ocean that I love!!
Your giveaway is awesome! I love to do monochromatic layouts!
Cheryl KVD

Ijsbeer said...

Oh blue used to be my favorite colour but then black and red took over. I still have so much blue and still love the colour.

I bought these blue seed beads: on etsy a month ago but the seller got delayed in sending things out. Now she has and I can not wait to recieve them. I also bought these blueish seed beads: and I plan on combining the two into a dragonfly brouch for my mum:) (I saw the tutorial on She loves loves loves blue and if she could choose everything would be blue so I am excitited about getting this and making her something! Its going to be my first beading project of this type:)

Have a great weekend! :)

Pat S. said...

Hi Mel!
What beautiful, gorgeous candy!
Thank you so much for offering us a chance to!

I was just reading your post about photo corners...I don't think that's cheap at all...I would call it "thrifty" :)
Thanks for sharing Libby's she said, why didn't I think of that!

Oh favorite think in blue...are the blue Christmas cards that I am seeing this year.
For example, this stunning card by Michele Boyer:

Pat S. said...

oops...forgot to leave my contact info...sorry :(

Pat S.

Laura W said...

Something blue that I love is a little dressy outfit of my daughter's. She is outgrowing it, but it's so cute on her! She's darling in blue, even if people do think she's a boy. lol And the only blue thing I can think to share is our Christmas card from last year. It's not my fav, but here ya go! :)

Betty said...

I love blue!! Here a blue lo I made. Thanks for a chance to wine some awesome candy.

stamp and scrape said...

I adore blue, but particularly the greener hues, such as teal. They match the colours in my eyes. I wear a lot of these colours. Very nice candy here - thanks for offering!

Jan Scholl said...

I am not a blue person-mine is red-but the sky being blue in summer is the best. I dont have a photo on my blog but just go outside and look-its free! I dont like winter blue sky tho-its cold. I like hot blue.

Plain and Simple said...

Wow, what awesome blog candy! And, welcome to the bloggy world. I am looking forward to seeing more of your cards. I like to stamp as a hobby but don't get as much time as I would like to to do it.

As for my favorite blue thing, it would have to be the picture on my blog page.

jodene said...

Congrats on starting your on blog. I wish you great success. Here is a blue card I made recently www.splitcoaststampers/gallery/showphoto/php?photo=660911&cat=500&ppuser=118582 My favorite blue thing would have to be the sky. Thanks for the chance! (

Deb said...

blue has always been my fave colour, from being a small girl, but my fave blue thing at the moment is when we get a beautiful clear blue sky which sets a backdrop to our beautiful Scottish mountains, it never fails to life my spirits! My blue card is here

Cindy Vernon said...

I love blue- especially the ocean! Here is my blue card :

Angel Wilde said...

I love blue and my favorite blue thing is my daughter's blue eyes. Sometimes they just sparkle so pretty. Here is a link to my favorite blue card:
Thank you for offering such yummy candy!

scfranson said...
Here is a photo of my favorite blue thing, Lake Superior. You have a wonderful blog.

scfranson said...

forgot to add a contact:

Anonymous said...

Blue reminds me of my mother. it's her favorite color and I guess it will always be a reminder of her whenever I see something that's blue.
I really like blue too and it's my 2nd favorite color..purple is my favorite.

Pattyjo said...

I love your blog and blue is a favorite color for me. In our first home, we had a blue bathroom, even the shower tiles were blue. I never changed it, because it was so beautiful. I made this one card and blue was my main color, not turquoise as it looks in the scan, but very pretty blues. Here is the link:
Oh yes and my name is Pattyjo and my email address is

Elaine said...

favorite blue things:

soft sky double stitched ribbon by SU, blue bayou double stitched ribbon by SU, any SU ribbon that is blue! LOL

dasimonds said...

I am sorry that I don't have a link.
But from the sky to the Ocean..
and part of our American Flag..
gotta love the BLUE.
I love my grandchildren's BLUE eyes and I love my BLUE Jeans. lol
Nice blog..enjoying my visit.
Thanks for a chance to WIN your BLUE blog candy.

rebecca said...

I'm without a blog, too, but I do love blue. One of my cars was Cadet Blue, which is about the color of my favorite police uniform worn by a very handsome blue-eyed wonder. Thanks for letting me play along. Loving the answers!

Kathi B said...

That is such a great idea. Here's a blue card I made recently. It's one of my favorite creations.

Pat S. said...

Hi Mel!
What beautiful, gorgeous candy!
Thank you so much for offering us a chance to!

Make my own stamps? I don't think so :) But your birds are great!

I am liking blue Christmas cards this year. Lynda created this one with Basic Grey's yummy!

I am

Roni said...

Well, I posted a minute ago and it didn't show, so I will try again.
Welcome to the blog world, you will meet so many kind and creative folk. My blue inspiration would be the nursery set I am getting my grandson.
Enjoy blogging!

Wife2TJ said...

Such wonderful blog candy!!!

My favorite blue card I have made has to be this one!

I love how this card came out I made it for a friend for her b-day. Thanks for sharing blog candy with us! :-)