Sunday, September 23, 2007

Storing Stamps for Temporary Mounting

EDITED TO ADD: Not to be critical, but now that I know better I would never ever recommend the Alene's for mounting stamps. It was a pain. Alene's is an amazing product for lots of uses, but in my humble opinion, NOT for this. EZmount is amazing!!!

I have bought loads of stamps that were unmounted. I love the cost savings and some great stamps are only available unmounted. However, it took me a while to figure out how to best mount them. I decided on a system that involves acrylic blocks (love that this saves trees.) The stamps themselves are adhered to foam with rubber cement; then, the back of the foam has 'Alene's Tack it Over and Over' on it, so they'll stick to the acrylic block--"over and over"--;0P Then they can be removed, so I only need a few acrylic blocks. (I got a wicked sweet collection from Esther & Jay for Christmas, but be wary where you buy them from, 'cuz Esther got badly ripped off by an online company!)

My major difficulty though was how to store these sticky little devils; I didn't want to buy a million dollars worth of plastic containers (as nice as that would be.) So, I was racking my brains until I remembered these Ikea office organizers that I had:

I put the stamps on overhead sheets, since I had a lot of them--but they're floppy so I need to stick 'em to cardboard. I read a great pointer about using heavy-duty page protectors with cardboard inside; the stamps get stuck on the outside of the protectors. Handy because you can print the jpeg of sets (off of the site you buy them from) to use as registration. I might invest in those later!

If anyone wants a tutorial on mounting your own stamps, just let me know and I'll happily put one together; I took some pics of the process when I mounted about 200 hundred stamps. (Man that was an ordeal!)

:0) Mel

I used to use foam & Alene's Tack it Over & Over, but thanks to Tracy I'm switching to EZ mount.


~* Tracy *~ said...

I have just discovered EZ Mount foam thanks to my sweet friend in Florida :) It works a treat with the acrylic blocks.
Love your idea for storing all these guys :)

Maggie said...

very cool storage.
what is that b&w photo on your board?